A surprise day with the ‘Rents. HURRAH.

So, my lovely parents had been in North America & Canada for a few weeks but I was not going to be able to see them.

We tried to make it happen, a few times and a few ways, but it wasn’t working out.

I was pretty bummed, and so were they.

And then I got this text late saturday.



By some amazingness, there were HUGE storms in Canada that cancelled all their flights and delayed travel.

Which made them have to re route their flights home.

Which made them end up in LA.

Which made them just TWO HOURS from my house, for a day.


*Cue excited face and happy times*

We raced up to LAX early sunday morning and got them and headed out to Santa Monica for lunch and a walk along the beach before dropping them back off for the flight home.

And it was JUST the best.

It was so so super special.



I know you all living up in Canada might not have loved the storms, but I sure did.

Yay for surprise visits, mumma hugs and strolls with ya dad. They made this little heart happy.



New Little *Thanks-For-The-Storms-God* Wife

Thankfulness + Bad weeks + The body of Christ.


This week I have been thankful.

Not that things have been going super well for us.

In all honesty, It’s been a rough two weeks;

The car broke down. Twice.

I lost my wedding rings.

Seth broke two toes.

My phone started dyeing.

I got a stomach virus.

The list could go on. It’s been a busy, crazy kinda fornight.

I’m not saying this all so you can join in misery with me. *Altho losing those rings is still a little raw!*

I’m saying this beacuse thankfulness was not at all what I was thinking I would be feeling at this time.

But somehow, last night, laying in bed, I just was happy and thankful.

Thankful because when our car broke down, we had some many people stop and help us.

Thankful that we have a loving family who helps fix things, takes us round town when we need it and dosent mind us lounging around their house.

Thankful for a Husband and marriage that is strong and loving, even when life is crazy.

Thankful for a body that is learning how to fight well.

Thankful for friends who offer up cars and houses and help.

Thankful for food and a house, knowing that most people don’t even have that, let alone cars and rings and phones.

I always used to think how amazing it would be to live in the time of the Acts. 

To have all things in common, to be together and in community.

And last night it hit me; We still live like that.

Ok, maybe not in each others houses 24/7.

But how many times has someone loaned you their car or helped you out with something?

How many times has someone sent a card or dropped a meal around?

Offered to take you shopping or look after you kids?

What about times people have prayed and prayed for you?

Or just simply dropped by for a chat and time together?

It’s not the same, and it busier and more spread out, but the body of Christ is still moving and working. And I for one am so so thankful.

That list is mostly things.

Rings and cars and phones and the like, and it’s funny that this should be happening this month, while doing my August Simplicity Challenge, because one thing I am really really learning is that possessions don’t matter. 

At all.

People do.

People are what matter most.

Above jobs and cars and money and things.

People are what stay. All the rest is temporary.

So love your people. Love them well. 

Grow and love and help people. Be active in your community.

I’m so amazed, although I shouldn’t be, at this brilliant body.

There are hands that reach out and feet that move, hearts that love and tongues that speak words of love, help and honesty.

And a Head that is beautiful. That leads and loves and is like no other.

I’m so thankful for this wonderful community, that loves oh so well, and A Head that I hope to meet soon. 

In the mean time, lets keep loving, keeping moving, keep shinning the light, and keep helping people broken down on the road;)


New Little *Thankful* Wife

The hotel….

My Dad reminded me the other day That I promised I would tell you all about THE hotel at phoenix, the one we stayed at when we went traveling in  Jan 2015.

And so I shall.

Lets begin.

We had been driving all day, and everywhere I googled was full.. Sounding familiar;)                            We passed a place which was, at best, a run down shack. And by the looks of it better known for other, more illegal, things rather than a hotel.

Having driven around, we found a road with a few hotels, and passing down pulled into a driveway of one. We should have driven away as soon as we pulled up, but we didn’t, and I went into the lobby. It was only for one night and we were all tired, so we booked it.

Well. Upon opening the door to the rooms we were almost flattened by the smell we faced. It was awful. It mixture of mouldy musty sweaty stale air knocked us over. The bathroom was cleaned possibly earlier that year, and maybe the carpet too.

There was a chair in the corner that came off the ark, and one window in the wall which gave us enough light to squint and see the horrid wallpaper.

We all agreed it was not the best in the world. But had booked and paid. And our stomach told us that we better find something to eat. As we walked out of the hallway we ran into some people who quickly finished their business” transaction, and fled. In opposite directions.

We sought shelter in the loving arms of  an “islands” restaurant up few streets away, and there thought about all the ways we could possibly avoid going back to the hotel.

Perhaps we could sleep on the benches there? Or lock ourselves in the restrooms for the night?

But alas, with large bellies, and rather larger fears of what lay ahead of us, we retreated back to the hotel. And began our night.

We said goodbye.. I mean.. good night.. In the hallway. I gave my parents an extra big hug, thanked them for raising me, and with a tear, went inside.

We got ready for bed. I was positive there was bed lice. Seth told me it was fine. So I shuffled in.

We lay there. Me pondering how we were ever going to get home when its certain that the car would be stolen by the morning. Seth making jokes about the lingering smell.

Then began the noise. From next door.

Now, look. I understand couples have arguments, but my word, this was something else. So for the next 2 hours we listened to  whole conversation of who had said what and when and how and who cheated on who.. We both went in and out of sleep.. Waking when the woman reached the decibel of 1893.

Well apparently forgiveness much have ensued shortly after, because another loud noise came from behind our heads, complete with thuds and all.

Seth mumbled something about giving it a break, and we tried to get back to sleep… It was 3am. We had survived this far. 

The sleep was short-lived, when at 4am I heard two men, ridiculous drunk, tried to open out hotel door with their key.

I sat bolt up right it bed. Heart racing. They sounded like they were charging the door. I elbowed Seth, who woke up with a start. 

SOME ONE IS TRYING TO GET IT?! I silently yelled.

“What the HECK it that noise?!” He says.

It stops.

We wait. In the dark.

DUDE, Drunk one says. IS THIS EVEN OUR ROOM?!

I can assure you, sir, that it is not, said the voice in my head.

MAYBE NOT. Drunk man two replies.

They stop the terror attack on our door, and proceed to laugh all the way down the hallway, banging on every possible surface.

We turn and stare at each other.

4;30 am and still clinging to life. We lay back down.

By this stage, with little sleep had, and several heart attacks under my belt, I am tired and grumpy. I slowly drift off to sleep.

7am comes around and the ridiculous piece of TP they have hanging near the window, which I assume is meant to be a curtain, not only blocks NO light but in some magical way somehow creates more.

We awake. Me, to tiredness but overall relief, Seth to the sound of some kind of commotion under our window.

I turn to him. We are leaving. Pack up. I’m done.

He laughs. But agrees. 

Now, they had said something about providing a breakfast. So Seth comments that while I scramble around packing, he is going to eat. He goes down the hallway to the breakfast “room”.

I while later I hear a knock at the door.

Sweet mercy He’s been shot. My head voice says.

I open, and see my parents.

Sweet tears of joy fill my eyes.

We hug. The reunion is sweet.

We make comments about out nights and on earth was going on in the hall way. Dad says that they heard some kind of siren this morning.

Seth returns. Laughing. Informing us that the breakfast “room” is a corner in the lobby. And that it offers us the stunning choice of stale corn flakes, pre frozen muffins, canned orange juice and some kind of liquid he assumes is coffee.

Thinking that starvation is the better choice, we refrain from partaking. 

We pack and walk out to the car park to find two things;

One, much to our surprise, our car has remained in tack. I say a prayer of thanks.

Two; there is two police cars, three police man and some people hand cuffed on the ground.

We turn back to our car.

You have never in your life seen such speedy packing of a car and such an amazing car maneuvering as you did in that moment.

We left. Lives in tact. Laughter filling the car. 

If you want some thrill in your life, I can recommended a place;)



New Little *THAT-Hotel* Wife


Waiting for your mother?

It was a good day. Sunny. Bright.

I felt like I was doing well in my day, but one task loomed ahead.


Now, I love shopping there. But oh my stars its a workout for me.

I’m small…. and the carts & boxes are big.

And I live in an apartment.

Which means that after I have done several laps around the ware house, hauling the massive bags of rice and the box of 102 rolls of TP into my cart, I have to load it into my tiny Honda, and then, once home, haul it from my trunk to my house.. which is conveniently located at the BACK of the complex.

Im sweaty and tired and it takes me a while. 

I was pondering all this as I walked into the store. Forgetting to look for my card to show the lovely lady at the front.

So I pause.

She begins.

“Waiting for your mother?”

I look up, unsure if she was talking to the small child next to me.

She is starring straight at me.

“No”. I pause, a little surprised. “Sorry. Im just looking for my card.”

“Oh”. She is shocked. “You look so young”

She looks at my hands, as I hand her the card, which I have now found.

“Those are pretty rings. Are they special?”

She is staring at the three rings with diamonds in them, on my left hand, fourth finger. 

I look up. I little confused.

“I’m married”. I say, as I smile.

“Married! You look like your 12!”

I look at her. Not sure weather to take it as a compliment, or be offended that she clearly thinks that I haven’t even gone through puberty.


I smile. “Im 22.”

She makes a face like I have just told her she’s going to die.

“22. Really. Gosh. Well congratulations! How exciting for you!”

She makes a little comment about being newly wed.

“Oh,” I say… trying to not let my sass show. “I have been married over two years.”

She lifts her head with amazing speed to re asses me, looking at me as if surely this is impossible.

Then she looks around me.. Puzzled.

“Where are your children?”

I try to smile, smally annoyed at what she has implied. And confused at the fact that she gone from me being 12, to now meant to be having a plethora of children.

“Oh I don’t have any yet..” I say.

As I do my best good bye smile and walk into the store.

She watches me leave, still unsure, and shaking her head.

And I think to myself that I really need to stop wearing my hair in pigtails.


For those of you thinking about asking me when we plan to populate the earth with Tiny Tunnells, Here are my top responses:

*When people stop giving me the children’s menu. With crayons.

*Maybe one day I will, When I finally look like I have graduated from Elementary school.

*When people no longer comment on wether I “have my parents permission” to attend the activity.

*When people stop asking me if Im waiting for my mother. 


New Little *Young* Wife

I know so may other women who have/ have had this problem! Comment below with your funniest story!!


Me at a ridiculously young age.. and the face I still make when people ask if I’m in the fifth grade.. 

My Last Day at CJ’s.

So, I had my final day at Carls Jrn! No more burgers for me.

Crazy how time goes so quickly. Seems I just started there, but that was over 6 months ago! Insane.

I loved working there! Its filled with some of the funnest, nicest, most hardworking people you’ll find. Everyday was fun and different. Faced with new challenges but the same smiling faces.

I have so many fun memories from there:

Like the day I put flour all over my pants and turned them white, complete with full hand prints I gave myself on my butt! My co worker laughed SO hard.

Seeing theses stunning sunrises after an all night shift.

The time I got stuck in the dumpster on the one day it poured rain in SoCal.

The day I finally took someones order only in Spanish, and everyone cheered after I was done.
Or even the day we put on a party for my co worker.


photo-23 copy 6

All of us looking fine;)

Its been fun, crazy, and a good way to learn Spanish. Haha. Although I can only really talk about burgers, what comes on them.. and maybe a few numbers;)

Im so thankful for my lovely morning co workers, especially Deme & Victorio, who slowly taught me some Spanish words!
My manager, Pascy, for translating.. and laughing at my stupid jokes.
And of course my Little Salchicha for making my mornings oh so hilarious!
Im going to miss it for sure, and all those beautiful people. Ill be back annoying them when Im home from my travels. And whenever I feel the need to get some Crisscut fries… MmmMmm.

Its been awesome CJ’s.

 Muchas Gracias. Adios Amigos.


New Little *Carls-Jrn* Wife




What’s my name?

We have a cook at work, He’s super nice. And he teaches me Spanish… Useful words like mushroom, snot, chicken and the phrase “Its still cooking”. Well, of late, he has been calling me a name.

I first thought it was “girl”, but the more I listened, the more I knew it wasn’t… I googled it and didn’t find anything.. I asked my husband, who’s 9th grade spanish didnt seem to be able to translate it..
And finally just settled on the thought that it must not be toooo bad, since no one was telling him off.. Well today, He started calling me it again.. And I plucked up the courage to ask what he actually was saying..

He hasn’t got much english, and didn’t really know how to answer. Instead, he showed me.

Yes, He picked up a little sausage patty. “Pico” He says, and he points to the patty.

My name is “Little Sausage”


New Little *Little-Sausage* Wife


Well, this last week marks a crazy point in our lives… One that Seth & I were chatting about as we drove the rather windy trail to Idyllwild Bible School..

It was, this week, five year ago that we meet. There, amongst the pine trees and dirt, that we first chatted to each other. Although, Seth was actually a little rude the first time I met him! Haha! *Ill tell you about that later!* I guess at some point during the week we became kinda friends.. And now, five years on, we’re married! Guess I must have warmed up to him 😉

Here we are, way back when..

Seth and I

And now… All married and stuff.


Its been a crazy five years, and we have for sure had our highs and lows.. But I’m so glad I met him that week, and so glad he stuck with me;)

So heres to us, and our five years. May there be many MANY more to come.


New Little *Five-Years* Wife

It rained.

It rained today here is SoCal. Which is, really, a rare event. Man I love the rain. Well. Mostly. Today, for five minutes, I was not even CLOSE to loving it. Let me tell you why.

So as you all know, I’m working at a Carls Jr, And one of my afternoon duties is to take out the trash to the dumpster in the car park. This dumpster, well there is two, actually, is pretty massively big. And high. And surrounded by brick walls which make a box. You get in via a gate.

Anyway, the point is, its massive and tall. And Gated.

Before I heading out, I point out to my manger that its raining. He says its “only light” and that ill be back in 2 mins anyway.


The ” only light” rained turned to pouring pretty much AS SOON as I made it to the dumpster. I speedily took my first trash bin, unlocked the gate and went inside to heave it over into the dumpster. The rain got heavier. And the wind picked up. And blew. And locked the gate shut. Behind me. Swell.

I tried to squeeze my hand in to lift the latch, but couldn’t fit. I tried to shake it, it wouldn’t budge. I tried to slide it. Nope. Nothing.

Its then that I decided to climb the brick wall and get on top of the dumpster, hoping some poor soul would see me and rescue this *drenched* damsel in distress.

I succeed.

So here I am, covered in trash juices, standing on top of the dumpster, absolutely soaking wet, hollering for help.

I look over at the gas station, and see a man laughing. I yell out to a car passing by, who appears not to see me.

So. I wait for some one to come through our drive through. SURELY they would look up, straight ahead, and see me. In this bright red shirt.

Finally, after what feels like a age, a woman comes. I jump up. Arms flying everywhere, yelling and pointing. After a while, she gets my message. And, judging by my stellar lip reading skills, says something along the lines of ” I think one of your employees is stuck on top of the dumpster”. My manager pokes his head out the window. And laughs.

Moments later I see my co worker come out of the back door. He too looks up at me, this saturated small red blob on top of the trash. And laughs, probably for a full minute, before coming and unlocking the gate.

I scrabbled down, slipped and fell on my butt, which then drenched my pants further, and finally made it down and out.

He looks at me, helps me with the rest of the trash, and then says.

“You know there is a second unlocked gate on the side”.


New Little *Dumpster* Wife

A BIG mistake…

If you are learning another language, please, take note.

As I have said, I’m learning spanish, but up until last week my only spanish words were Hola, Graisas and si {Which is Hello, Thankyou and Yes!}

Well I had someone come in who tilted their head and asked SOMETHING in spanish. Now. Not wanting to be rude, and thinking I could get buy with hand signals I answered a happy Si!

People. NEVER say a blind “yes” to questions you don’t know about, ESPECIALLY IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE! {Im not even sure why I had to type that, it seems pretty simple!} I do NOT know what I was thinking.

What happened was a little intense. There was massive amounts of words, none of which I understood (Apart from ketchup!) some confusion and much laughter.

And thats when I was told what she actually asked me, which was…

“Do you speak spanish?”

The answer to that would be a definite no!


New Little *SI* Wife