And then there were three…. ;)

We have some news!

We are SO excited to introduce to you the latest little member of our family.

King Alfred the 7th.

AKA; Alfie.


I will tell  y’all what happen, but first we have to back it up a bit and start a few months ago.

Seth has been wanting to get a dog for a while. We had been going back and forth about it for some time, done a few trips to the humane society but found nothing. We had talked about breeds, and I had laid down a few ground rules starting with; No puppies, no dogs that have to be inside only, no loud ones. I had thought I had set the bar high enough..

Then last Saturday he had the day off and we were planning what to do, he suggested going to the humane society. So off we went.

And within a few minutes he had seen Alfie, who’s name was Jerry then, and fallen in love. We got him out in the interaction pen and for Seth, that was it.

I, on the other hand, was less excited and a little unsure. We we put our name down for them ti call if he became available to adopt and left.

For the next few hours Seth proceeded to name every quality of this dog and sing his praises, while asking repeatedly if I was sure I didn’t want him.

The next morning we were making breakfast before church and there was silence, till a voice came down the hallway..

“But Babe, ARE YOU SURE?!”

Cue the eye roll and the mutter “for the love Seth, shut about this dang dog..”

Then a miracle happened.

After church finished Seth had no jobs to go to, which left us without anything to do and a few more hours in which to adopt the dog, before he went to someone else.

I relented and said we could go back to “See him again” and of we trotted. After we got him out again he ran right up to us and snuggled in *i’m positive Seth sent him some kind of telepathic message..* and five minutes later we were totting this dog home.

He has been an absolute dream of a dog. He’s house trained, doesn’t bark, LOVES to cuddle and chill out. He’s SO excited when we come home and he loves being outside, which is good since thats were he is going.

The only thing is we have NO idea what breed he really is! We have been told everything from King Charles to Corgi to Terrier.

We do know one thing though; he’s pretty stinking cute.



So fellow dog owners, any tips and tricks to give me? And anyone know what breed he is?!


New Little *Dog-Owning* Wife.






So. I hacked off all my hair. Well, I didn’t.. and it wasn’t quite like that….

The story begins with my lovely Sister (Sister-In-Law really, but she’s a babe, and I claim her as my sister;)

She’s studying at Paul Mitchell the school. The hair & beauty place. She’s been there almost two years.. And she’s VERY good at what she does..

She’s into hair.

I am not.

My hair would be lucky to see a brush once a week. Don’t even ask about my washing habits.

Since she started, she has had this dream of cutting off all my hair. She kept telling me how cute it would look, and how I would do it more and how it would shape my face.

I pointed to my mattered bun and said nothing.. And thats what happened..

Until last night..

Last night I called and told her, In honour of her 21st birthday next week.. and to motivate her to graduate with a bang.. And to make her happy..

Well.. I told her she could go crazy…

And I let her at my locks..

I started with this.. photo-38 (1)

And then she cut off this….

photo-49 (1)

And twelve inches later… She did this..

I told you she was good!!

It feels AMAZING. I LOVE it already. Its SO light. And easy to do. I still have to get used to it a little bit.. But right now IM IN LOVE. 

photo-46 (1)


So. She’s happy. And Im happy. And the little kid who gets the wig made out of my hairs will be happy too. We all win.

Happy 21st Babyyyy. Love ya millions. 

photo-36 (1)


New Little *Chopped* Wife


You Know You’re Home

You Know you’re home when this is your view from the back deck.


You know you’re home when you go to the little brick Church in Acacia Road.

You know you’re home when these are your cuddles buddies.

photo-24 copy

You know you’re home when its 90 by 8am and you can hear the cicadas singing.

You know you’re home when it loud, laughing and filled with love.


New Little *Home* Wife


Life Lately; November 2015.

Hello Lovers!

These past few weeks have been a pretty wild, you might have guessed that, due to my  by my lack of posting;)
Working two jobs, doing some fun stuff with our youth group, keeping up, wellllllllll *trying to keep up* my house and all that jazz had me beaaaattttt.
And I ended the week last week down and out with a virus. Joys.

But I am up and at ’em today, and trying like mad to catch up on everything before I leave for my trip next week.

You read that right.


Its crept up on me, for sure. But I’m SO excited. Mainly because I get to squeeze these DELICIOUS little people…

And also be in the STUNNERS wedding..

Gosh. Crazy FUN times ahead people!!

I better fill you in a little more about whats been going on in our lives lately, instead of posting crazy cute pictures of these babes. *this is the last one I promise ;)*

photo-23 copy 3

Seth has a new job. Today was his first day at his new company, He’s still doing plumbing and piping, just with another company. We are so super excited, and so blessed that God has given him this opportunity with this amazing company. It really was such a blessing!

Talking about jobs, I had my last day at Carls Jrn. Ill be talking about that later, but I just had to share a little story share…

It was 5:30am. I was freezing, and sick, and still had three hours to go on my all night shift. I was SO hungry. And tired.
Well, as I was going about cleaning and stocking, someone came up to my DT speaker. And ordered. They were muffled and I couldn’t really hear. As the little truck pulled to the window, I saw it was Seth. With a jacket, a hot water bottle and some food. Looking a little sleepy, but SO cute.
SO many points to him. What a move. BABE.
Made my shift go a lot better. And I had this smile on my face for the rest of the morning.

photo-23 copy 4.JPG

We also have some SUPER fun things coming up next year, so stay tuned;) Its gonna be one AWESOME year. Crazy to think we are planning 2016 already!!

Anyway, Thats a quick update of life the last few weeks!! Hope your month is going well so far!!

Until next time,


New Little *Life-Latley* Wife

P.S Im in search of a good day planner for 2016. I like day to a page, and not a million $$. If you know of one, give me a holler Girl!

Happy Birthday!

Well people, something that happened.


I just wanna take some time to say a massive THANKS to everyone who reads my crazy rambles! I love writing it and am so thankful for all of you who have followed along. And to those of you who comment and share your stories and tips, I love it!!! It so nice!!

So, In honour of this little celebration, Im going to do another GIVEAWAY!

Yep, thats right!! And the winner will win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card! Or if you live in AUS, A gift card too your local coffee shop! Im doing coffee shop gift cards because this is were I do most of my writing! Ha. Plus, its so nice to just go and take a small break somewhere to relax and refresh. Even if its only for a few moments.

Ill tell you how to enter below:

First, if you are on Facebook, head over to my page, like and share it! *You can find the link to it here!*

Then, please comment on the bottom of this post and tell me:

+what your FAVOURITE thing to do at a coffee shop is

+ And your favourite thing to order!

The winner will be choose in the usual way -pulled out of a hat!- And will be announced  Sep 30th!

Good luck to you all!! And Happy Birthday to the Blog!


New Little *Blog-Turns-ONE!* Wife

Homeward bound!

Yep, you read right…. Im heading home!!! Whoop Whoop. *Don’t stress, those of you in the USA, we aren’t moving. Just going to visit!*

But, come Nov 26th, I will be on home ground. Its crazy, this is the longest time, in the last 5 years, that I haven’t been on a plan travelling between countries. Its been, or will have been by that time, 17 months since our last visit. I know, crazy right!! I can’t believe it. Time flies!

Im doing a bigger trip this time *HORRAY* and going for a total of 6 weeks! Unfortunately, The hubs can only come for two and a half, but we are taking an actual holiday down the south of Perth, which should be splendid!! I can’t wait. And I’m so happy, because it means ill get two summers!! WIN!

It will be pretty jam packed, with catch ups, wedding craziness and of course much cuddling of the newest munchy nephew.. and the older babes too!!

Now we have to get into planning, and saving mode! Anyone have any good tips to keep everything organised while on holidays?!


New Little *Homeward-bound* Wife

Gardening: The Report.

So. I told you I would update you on the garden. And I am going to do that. Right now.

I killed them.


In my defence, it has been stupidly hot & dry here is SoCal. And we are in drought, so there is not a lot of water around. But, that being said, even if there was, I would still have to remember to water them more than twice.. a month. Oops.

I will try again! Im not giving up! My herbs are still going strong. Some stronger than other. Although who new chives flowered?! Not me! *Some one who’s a green thumb please tell me if that good or not!*
I am hoping my thumb is just slower getting it’s “green” spirit. And that my memory gets a tad better.

I would post a picture, but I am utterly ashamed. And truth be told, there is naught but a small withered vine left.

Maybe next time I will pick something a little more.. Hardy. Any ideas? Carrots maybe?


New Little *Garden-Killing* Wife

Cootie House.

Well, its been an interesting week here at The *Cootie* House. I have been sick with the flu.
Well, actually, thats a lie. Im not sure how, or that it was even possible *I know am KEENLY aware that it is* to get so many infections at once.

This last week I have had a sinus, throat & ear infection, a general cold and vertigo all at the same time. Its easier to just say the flu tho.. Or also, you could simply call it  DEATH.
Its been.. pretty… rubbish. And left me rather.. blah. But Im on the tail end of it now (Thanks be to God) And ready to get back into it.. after laying in bed for 5 days.
It sounds nice and relaxing. In reality it horrible, and sweaty and filled with far to much nasty stuff & too many tissues.
*Apologises to the 57 tress who’s lives a took this week via my 100,000 tissues. My sinuses thank you. Immensely*. Crazy how tired you get just from doing the laundry, or walking to the letterbox when you’re  sick. I literally took a nap after I got back from my rather adventurous excursion to the dumpster. Ha. Gosh.
Anyway, today will be spent cleaning the house and napping, as well as having several cups of tea. And finishing my book. Going to try and get back into it, slowly. Any suggestions on how to ease back into things? I normally just jump right in and go, but that never really ends well. Ever.
So if you have a special trick on how to get back on your feet, I would love to know!

With Love from The *Cootie* House,

New Little *Cooties* Wife

News: Jobs

I thought I had gotten rid of them. I really did.

I grew up in a house COVERED in..

Bathroom Parts.

Little seal, valves, hinges, seats, whole toilets. You name it, we had it all.. In our living room.
And while it was handy, it wasn’t the mostly.. sightly.. decor.

Well, Ive got it all back. And more.
Yep, Seth’s become a plumber.
So far he loves it, and its been super good. Im proud of him for taking such a massive step!! He wanted a change, and thought pluming would be good.. Just a TAD different from Pets. Haha.

Although, I have restricted the bathroom accessories to the patio. And it has stayed like that.. For now.


New Little *Plumbers* Wife

He’s Gone.

I know, I have been TERRIBLY lax about posting. Im sorry. I promise Ill make it up to you. Forgive me?

Well, Jake left. *Sniff* We had an awesome time, filled with crazy adventures. Cause you know, that how we do 😉

We went bowling, to the beach several times {for those of you in Aus reading this, Its been a cool 30 all week.. Not bad 😉 }

photo-19 copy 11

I got my toes done one day and told him he could choose the colour. He choose YELLOW. BRIGHT yellow. Man. Bad move on my part. Although, I have had compliments! Ha. Who woulda thought?! We went to the markets, downtown and the mall. Plus, the boys made a fire in my little backyard and we roasted marshmallows. Fun times.

photo-19 copy 12

Sad to see him go, But as we were driving us, he informed us that he’s actually coming back, in January. And he’d looked at tickets.

Guess thats more notice than this time;)

Thanks for coming out Bud! Loved it. Come back.. Real soon.


New Little *He’s-Gone* Wife