Jolly June; Recaps.

Our June was simply insane.

I was (& am still) in recovery from all the “fun” I had in April & May with my insides, which meant I was tired and hungry most of the month.. with a few days of my body reminding me that I was meant to be “resting”.. Something I am horrid at.

So we kicked off June in in some what of a tired haze… And then quickly launched  to full steam.

I had some super fun beach days with this stunner..


This Hunk had a birthday..


And this kid graduated High School all the the one week..


This beauty was baptized.. We made us ALL give praise hands. Welcome Sista Chlo.


And this one had her Bridal night..


Which lead to her getting hitched to this guy a week later…


It was a super fun, love filled day and she looked simply STUNNING!


I mean. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.



After all these festivities, we wanted more of a chill week before we packed up and headed to Hawaii for the last week of June. 

Hawaii was awesome and relaxing and so so fun. So nice to spend some time with some of the people we love most!

Here are a few fun pictures of our time there:)













So July is off to a big start too!! But we are hopefully winding down and August is looking a little less crazy, which is sounding oh so nice.

Of course, while all this was going on, I also decided we needed to paint our house. Ha.

So look out for house reno posts in the near future;)


New Little *Jolly-June-Recaps* Wife

How was your june? Busy? Happy? Hope it was swell!!



March Madness.

This month has actually been mad. Mad with life, love and business…but I also spent a little of it frustrated and a little.. Mad. Ha.

We had some complications and a lot of “ARE YOU FOR REAL?!” moments. As many of you may know I’m going back to Aus for some medical treatment next week. And booking the treatment and getting the information has been LESS than smooth.

Its been horrid.

Hence the madness.

However, thats all behind us!

March started with both of us sick in bed. Hurrah. It was not swell. But it went up from there, thankfully.

One of Seth best friends got married which was so much fun! Don’t they look stunning!


We are so excited for them!! Marriage is awesome!
The wedding was super fun too! I have been to a fair few weddings, but never one that has had THE HABIT as the meal! It was awesome, not gonna lie. These are our feelings for the HABIT.



Seth’s speech had everyone teary.. I dunno how he does it.. But we all end up sniffling and teary eyed whenever he talks…

Hes a babe.


I managed to lose my voice.

Don’t worry, there were a lot of comments about that. I can assure you.

Someone has to take the place of my brother in law, and about 50 people deemed themselves up for the challenge.

Thankfully, or not so thankfully for some, it returned a few days later.

The rest of march was spent catching up with friends and planning away for the trip. Enter madness.

I was sad to miss one of my good friend’s baptisms this month, but am SO excited that ill be able to see her soon!

Its always so exciting when people make that commitment! Just so much joy & celebration!

And, as always, a massive shout out to my hub who has not only handled all this, 65+hour work weeks, but also a crabby wife. Ha.

He’s the best.

photo-24 copy 3

We are now in full swing planning for April. I fly out Monday night. Which  is coming quicker than Im ready for! Im so excited tho!
Cant WAIT to Hug the Family, Squeeze the Babes and get new insides!! Whoot!


Ok, I know I said something about this on Facebook this week, but incase you didn’t get it there will be some SUPER fun things happening here, on this blog, in April.

I am SO SO excited. You are going to love it.

We are running a “event” of sorts. Its going to be bigger than ANYTHING I have done here.. We will be kicking it of April 4rd, so MAKE SURE you come and check it out and enter!! 

It involves fun, prizes, the chance for fame and glory and its all free!! Im SO EXCITED.


New Little *March-Madness* Wife

How was your march?! Did you also get that horrid cold that seemed to be going around?!