March Madness.

This month has actually been mad. Mad with life, love and business…but I also spent a little of it frustrated and a little.. Mad. Ha.

We had some complications and a lot of “ARE YOU FOR REAL?!” moments. As many of you may know I’m going back to Aus for some medical treatment next week. And booking the treatment and getting the information has been LESS than smooth.

Its been horrid.

Hence the madness.

However, thats all behind us!

March started with both of us sick in bed. Hurrah. It was not swell. But it went up from there, thankfully.

One of Seth best friends got married which was so much fun! Don’t they look stunning!


We are so excited for them!! Marriage is awesome!
The wedding was super fun too! I have been to a fair few weddings, but never one that has had THE HABIT as the meal! It was awesome, not gonna lie. These are our feelings for the HABIT.



Seth’s speech had everyone teary.. I dunno how he does it.. But we all end up sniffling and teary eyed whenever he talks…

Hes a babe.


I managed to lose my voice.

Don’t worry, there were a lot of comments about that. I can assure you.

Someone has to take the place of my brother in law, and about 50 people deemed themselves up for the challenge.

Thankfully, or not so thankfully for some, it returned a few days later.

The rest of march was spent catching up with friends and planning away for the trip. Enter madness.

I was sad to miss one of my good friend’s baptisms this month, but am SO excited that ill be able to see her soon!

Its always so exciting when people make that commitment! Just so much joy & celebration!

And, as always, a massive shout out to my hub who has not only handled all this, 65+hour work weeks, but also a crabby wife. Ha.

He’s the best.

photo-24 copy 3

We are now in full swing planning for April. I fly out Monday night. Which  is coming quicker than Im ready for! Im so excited tho!
Cant WAIT to Hug the Family, Squeeze the Babes and get new insides!! Whoot!


Ok, I know I said something about this on Facebook this week, but incase you didn’t get it there will be some SUPER fun things happening here, on this blog, in April.

I am SO SO excited. You are going to love it.

We are running a “event” of sorts. Its going to be bigger than ANYTHING I have done here.. We will be kicking it of April 4rd, so MAKE SURE you come and check it out and enter!! 

It involves fun, prizes, the chance for fame and glory and its all free!! Im SO EXCITED.


New Little *March-Madness* Wife

How was your march?! Did you also get that horrid cold that seemed to be going around?!

For when I forget Who’s I am.

Its hard, sometimes, to remember who we are.

No. Im not talking about our names, ages or where we live.

I mean WHO we are.

I know I’m Sharniie. I’m Seth’s wife. Shane & Lyn’s daughter. Im 22 and blonde. I live now in the USA, altho i’ll always be an aussie at heart;)

But sometimes I forget WHO I am.

And there is ONE thing missing from that list..

I have been reading the book of phillipans. I love it. I love the whole bible, so there is SO much encouragement in that little book. I making a little sheet of encouraging verses from it. Ill post it when I’m done if you like.

Anyway. I was going along reading and I came across a “new” verse.

Well. Not NEW new.. That would be a little problem.. Haha.. but like, new as in.. new to me..  I-forgot-about-that-one-new.

Its 3v12.

Not that I have already obtained this, or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own. 

And I just stopped and thought about that.


That the Savior of the world, the King of creation, the SON OF GOD, would make me, little old me, HIS.

That’s Big.

And that makes me want to keep going.

Like Paul says, I press on to make it.

I wanna keep going.

I going to try and try and try…

Cause I am his..

And He is cheering me on.

He’s watching snd helping me to keep at it.

I hope I make him proud.

No. I’m GOING to make Him proud.

So for the times you don’t know who you are. Remember.

You are HIS. 


New Little *I-Am-His* Wife



 I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me…

John 10v14.

Farmers Markets

This year Seth & I are focusing on health, in all aspects. If you wanting to know more, check out this post, but today I’m going to be talking about our local famers markets.

We love are local farmers markets.


It makes me so happy to go.

And one of the things we are doing this year is trying to go there and get most, if not ALL of our food there.

Now of course there are some things that we might have to get at another store, like GF pasta or cleaning products I don’t make, but we are trying to shop mostly there. There are a few reasons why;

First. Im someone who likes people, incase you didn’t know;)

And I love chatting to them & making relationships. I love being able to chat to the people that have grown the food they are selling and can tell me when it was harvested, what the chicken ate or how come the carrots are so big.

It makes me try new things.

I find some of the crunchiest stuff at the famers markets. I do love it thought, because it makes me try new veggies and foods. Plus, they give me the BEST cooking tips and ideas. We recently have been eating the beet greens sauted in butter, lemon and a little salt. The farmer that sold me the beets told me to try it, and I’m SO glad he did! They are AMAZING. Really.

I love supporting small business. Its so important. I love seeing the families there selling there produce and hearing things from the kids about the vegetables they have and all.

All the produce is fresh, with no packaging or bagging. Most of what is there is organic with no sprays or anything, and if its not, it will say what it has been treated with so you know. Its super fresh and so SO colorful. I love it.

I find it helps me to stay on budget.

Not many vendors take cards at our markets, and i love it. I take my grocery money out in cash and to the markets, and thats ALL I have to spend. So I have to make sure that we have enough fruit, veggies, eggs ect for the whole week with whatever I have. I cant spend more, cause I don’t have it. And Im not tempted to get food I’m not meant to eat either. I find that since I can pick out whatever I want, and nothing it pre packaged, I can get exactly how much I want, with out wasting anything. And it usually ends up cheaper than stores!

It helps me to eat well.

We can only really eat seasonally when you shop at farmers markets, which at first i didn’t really like, but now I love it! Fist off, I might be nerdy, but I love seeing whats growing at what time of year and why. I find that I feel a little better when I’m eating that way. Plus, there are no sneaky packets of chips or chocolate bars in the next isle tempting me.

There is, however, delicious bright red strawberries and the most AMAZING apples.

I do most of my shopping in one trip. 

So i’ll get all my fresh stuff at the markets, all my pasta, any household stuff at trader joe’s every second week, and then Costco for the rest every second month. It means I only have to make the minimal amount of trips to get all my food! YAY.

I would, at some point, like to grow some of my own, just to see what farmers go through and that amazing way God has made creation to work.. but we all know how that went last time, so I’m holding off. Haha.

For now though, I’m so so happy with my markets.

Anyone else a farmers market lover?


New Little *Farmers-Markert* Wife

The month of February.. And a load of Photos.

Is it just me or has February FLOWN by. I can’t believe its this late in the month already. It seems insane.

I thought I should tell you a little about whats been going on over in “The House” Since we got back from our travels ect.

We had a few more lovely days with my parents before they flew home. Sniff.

It was such a lovely few days though. We meet up with plenty of people. Had a good laugh with some of their old friends and even went out for coffee. ACTUAL coffee. Which was awesome.

But all too soon we were at LAX again. *Honestly. We almost LIVE at that place.*

And they were heading home.


The day they left was valentines day, So Seth and I had a romantic date…

In our car. With In-N-Out.

Coming back from LA

At 9pm.

Classy and hot. I know.

We rock it.

After they left, we hit full speed ahead into real life again. I actually went and got some food.. See previous post.. And we were back into it.

We had wedding showers and ping pong days. Plus some bridesmaid dress shopping, and a fun night with this girl thrown in for good measure..


This comment is for my Dad. Relax. The car was NOT moving when this photo was taken;)

This week, I also got to catch up with one of my good friends from high school! I know. SO difficult for me, due to all that ocean and stuff, to see MY high school friends.. But she was over, and we got to catch up! Which was super fun! 

She’s been making me laugh since I was 12, and monday was no different! It was fun to spend a nice night out at disney. With fireworks and all!!

In other news, super proud of this hunky man who has been doing such an amazing job at his new workplace.. And is going places!! SO well deserved!


So, life’s been.. Life.. this month.. There has been tears, and smiles, and a few tricky bits, some busy parts, quiet moments and a whole lotta grace.

Hows your February? 


New Little *Feb-Is-Flying* Wife


So. I hacked off all my hair. Well, I didn’t.. and it wasn’t quite like that….

The story begins with my lovely Sister (Sister-In-Law really, but she’s a babe, and I claim her as my sister;)

She’s studying at Paul Mitchell the school. The hair & beauty place. She’s been there almost two years.. And she’s VERY good at what she does..

She’s into hair.

I am not.

My hair would be lucky to see a brush once a week. Don’t even ask about my washing habits.

Since she started, she has had this dream of cutting off all my hair. She kept telling me how cute it would look, and how I would do it more and how it would shape my face.

I pointed to my mattered bun and said nothing.. And thats what happened..

Until last night..

Last night I called and told her, In honour of her 21st birthday next week.. and to motivate her to graduate with a bang.. And to make her happy..

Well.. I told her she could go crazy…

And I let her at my locks..

I started with this.. photo-38 (1)

And then she cut off this….

photo-49 (1)

And twelve inches later… She did this..

I told you she was good!!

It feels AMAZING. I LOVE it already. Its SO light. And easy to do. I still have to get used to it a little bit.. But right now IM IN LOVE. 

photo-46 (1)


So. She’s happy. And Im happy. And the little kid who gets the wig made out of my hairs will be happy too. We all win.

Happy 21st Babyyyy. Love ya millions. 

photo-36 (1)


New Little *Chopped* Wife


The most precious gift.

Merry Christmas to all!
I hope you all have had a merry christmas surrounded by family, friends and good food! It’s such a beautiful season isn’t it!

 As we were eating christmas lunch surrounded by family, I thought about all the things I have to be thankful for:

  • For amazing family and friends, wherever in the world they are.
  • For plenty of delicious food
  • For health and happiness, whatever form that takes
  • For being able to visit with old friends and make new ones along the way.
  • For our beautiful addition this year, in the form of Elijah, and all the other sweet babies in our family.
  • For the peace to be able to celebrate Christmas and the joy that it brings.
  • For love and laughter and happy memories.

But most of all, the one thing I am, and will be always most thankful for, is that God, in his mercy & love, sent his one & only Son, His most precious gift, to this world.

So that by this tiny little baby, born in a lowly manger, He would make the deaf to hear, raise the dead, make the lame to leap, heal the sick, teach us about love & forgiveness and save us all.

“For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”
John 3v16-17

Thank you God, for the most beautiful gift in the world. 


New Little *Merry-Christmas* Wife

The First Week & Perth Adventures

I know. I know. I haven’t updated you all in a while. So get ready for a flood of photos..

Ive been cramming as much as I can in while I’m here.. and having an amazing time looking at these little faces..


The first week here in Sydney flew by, with way to many appointments and tests and general things.. I did manage to catch Miss Z at her swimming lesson & sneak a dinner with these ladies, which was fun *as always* and filled with laughs..


And before I knew it I was Perth bound for this beauties wedding.


The week was fun and crazy and full of pre wedding stuff, an awesome few days at our hens getaway and  had such a great time with these ladies, who made the bridal party super fun..


The day was magical. Chels looked simply stunning. Dave was looking pretty alright too;)
The room was just beautiful, with fairy lights up everywhere and fun little table decorations. The bridal party was the funnest and there was just so much love. I felt SO blessed to be a part of the day, and stand next to this stunner as she said “I Do”… Dosent she just have the best smile:)


The next day, after church, we went to the stunning Kings Park for the sunset and a view of the city.


And then out for dinner with my parents, which was hilarious. Ill tell you about that sometime.. Lets just say there was ALOT of walking, and a rather sad thai beef salad. It was SO nice to spend some time with my parents there..
And catch up with so many other people.. Its always way to long between trips. Guess thats what happens when you move to the other side of the world. Haha. We did manage to find these neat swings in the city though..


After that we packed up all our stuff and got ready for our adventure down south for the week… On Monday, after Mum & Dad went off to the airport, we packed up the car and headed off on our trip…


Next post I’ll tell you all about the trip, the things we did, and what’s been going on since we got back to Sydney.. I will leave you with a few more photos tho;)


Hope you are all going well. Merry Christmas to all!!


New Little *Perth-Times* Wife