Tiny Tunnell Two; FAQ.

Since announcing Tiny Tunnell Two is on the way, there have been some questions (and a few comments! Haha!) so I thought a little FAQ was due. I’ll try and keep it sass free, but.. y’all know me;)

When’s this babe due?

Mid May. A nice spring baby. Although, if it blesses us with an apperance before July, we will be thrilled. Here’s hoping it dosent take after Levi – in being woefully overdue at least!

So that make you, ah, how many weeks? 

Around 13 right now. So we’ve seen this little bean twice already, and gosh it’s sure cute!

How am I feeling?

Guys, it is the first trimester, does anyone ever feeling anything less than sub par? There’s morning sickness (which is all day & most of the night again) along with the tiredness and cramps and all the rest. But I’m so thankful for a healthy growing babe, so none of it really matters in the long run hey.

My personal favorite; Ah, so, um…Levi’s still pretty young..  Was this planned? 

I will answer this by saying Seth & I are FULLY aware of how babies are made.. We also like each other.. alot;) Ha ha. So yes, I guess so!

But seriously, we believe that babies are blessings, and God gives them too you when He does. So were pretty dang excited & thankful for this new one!

Followed by: So how far apart will they actually be..?

For those that also hate maths, the answer we are looking for is around 17 months, based on the due date, although that could change depending on when this babe ACTUALLY arrives.

Are we finding out the gender?

Yep. We are changing it up and finding out this time around. Don’t worry, we will be announcing. I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets.


Any birth plans yet?

God willing, this little one will be born at home with our fantastic midwife. We don’t want a repeat of Levi’s birth story, so home it is! We live further away from a hospital now, and if this labour is anything like our first, we won’t make it. And i’ll be stuck in the back of a car in transition for the SECOND time.

Although we do have a minivan now, the thought still dosent thrill me. Strange, I know.

I think that’s all the main ones, if ya got any other, let me know!



New Little *2nd-Time-Mama* Wife

Tiny Tunnell #2

Hello Friends,

We’re bringing back the blog with a fun little announcement, which is that TINY TUNNELL #2 is on the way!


We are super excited for this little bean to be joining our crazy crew.

Of course Levi knows nothing, but every time we show him the ultrasound or talk about the baby he laughs, so I’m gonna say he’s excited too;)


The summer was a little crazy, more on that later, but this little bean has been making us have a slow fall, which which has been so good … one with a lot of morning sickness, but good not less:)

We’ve been to the pumpkin patch and having some cozy nights in, and also been in bed by 9pm most nights. That first trimester exhaustion is real.. plus when you add a teething 11 month old, its not wonder I hit my caffeine limit at 8am most days! Ha.

So follow along as we add another little tunnell to this growing tribe.


New Little *Mama* Wife

Morning Sickness; Stop it.

I am currently 6 months along with our first little blessing, if your new around here, head to this page for a few FQA and such.

For those of you who have been following along on our journey with Tiny Tunnell, you would know that the first few.. months.. were less than perfect. And for those of you who didnt, ya do now.

Now I don’t wanna be all dramatic *for once 😉 * and I know that sooooo many mamas have it way worse and I haven’t had this like 7 times *first baby and all* but I thought I would write a post about some good hacks and tips that helped us all survive the first 20 weeks.

This is for 2, nay 3, reasons;

First, some of these may be a little different that the normal tips you read online.

Second, enough mama’s have asked me lately for some ideas to try.

Three, I like to rave. Ha.

Like I say, some of these are kooky, and some might not be super up your ally, but take what ya want. We found some of these out from sheer desperation. Ha.

Morning Sickness

Let’s get started!

Fluids. Keep them up. They help . A LOT. With feeling blah and cramping. However, when ya tossing your cookies every five minutes, chugging a smart water aint gonna happen. So, enter the humble tea and lemonade.
Make some weak, like weaaaakkkk tea and sip, lots. Its calming on the tummy, and warms those cramps muscles. I loved black and herbal.
Also, get some lemonade, the non carbonated stuff, and dilute it wayyyy down and sip sip sip. The sugar give you a little pep and it sits better on your tummy. You can also try juice and home made electrolyte popsicles.

Stretching & Sun. I know, this one sucks, cause you don’t wanna move, but even if you just get into good old child’s pose, or some baby back bends, it can help. Moving a little, and sometimes taking your mind of things, helps. Along with this, go and lie in the sun on some grass. The sun always helps, and I’m positive the grass is grounding or something.

Get in your bath. I’m not kidding when I say that I ate in the bath everyday for weeks. It was the only was food was staying down, so in I got. Put some salts in and lie down a little. Breathe deep. Seth found me here on the regular, at all hours. #WhateverWorks

Herbs. Now I am in NO WAY a herbal practitioner, so go see someone who is, but there are a fair few herbs that can help ease some of that crazy. And if you can keep them down, they work a charm;)

Food. Eat it. Little, often and what you feel like. Don’t try to shove something down cause you feel like you should be having it. If you don’t feel like it, don’t eat it, cause its just going to head back up. So focus on things you feel like, and simple foods. Fruit is always a winner. As is rice.

In this same idea, try to prep food or buy prepped foods so you simply have to unwrap, heat up or whatever. This is where we all give thanks for places like Trader Joe’s that have healthy single meals frozen that are ready in three minutes. #LifeSaving

Crack that back. Don’t do it yourself tho;) Head to your chiropractor/osteopath and get a good back crack. It’s amazing how much this helps. Find someone good to work with (and make sure you explain to them that your pregnant too!) It releases so much pressure and helps loosen you up!

Oils. Put that stuff all over ya self girl. We are a little hippie over here in this house, and we have manyyyy essential  oils. It’s a small obsession. But they are amazing, and powerful and work and have no side effects and all the things. I use them all day and all night to help ease hot flushes, soreness ect. If you want more info or suggestions on this, let me know! I’d be happy to help:)

Body pillows. You’ll be wanting one pretty soon, but get one early and use it to prop your head up and cuddle into. Sometimes just simply rising your head a little when you lie down/sleep helps.

Well, I hope these help! The only other thing I would say is Just Try It.

Try the ginger tea, the wrist bands, bath time and the back crack. Sometimes it takes a few goes to hit something that works, so try it all. You never know.

If you have any other tips, share below and help all the other mama’s out!


New Little *Stop-The-Voms* Wife.

Thankfulness + Bad weeks + The body of Christ.


This week I have been thankful.

Not that things have been going super well for us.

In all honesty, It’s been a rough two weeks;

The car broke down. Twice.

I lost my wedding rings.

Seth broke two toes.

My phone started dyeing.

I got a stomach virus.

The list could go on. It’s been a busy, crazy kinda fornight.

I’m not saying this all so you can join in misery with me. *Altho losing those rings is still a little raw!*

I’m saying this beacuse thankfulness was not at all what I was thinking I would be feeling at this time.

But somehow, last night, laying in bed, I just was happy and thankful.

Thankful because when our car broke down, we had some many people stop and help us.

Thankful that we have a loving family who helps fix things, takes us round town when we need it and dosent mind us lounging around their house.

Thankful for a Husband and marriage that is strong and loving, even when life is crazy.

Thankful for a body that is learning how to fight well.

Thankful for friends who offer up cars and houses and help.

Thankful for food and a house, knowing that most people don’t even have that, let alone cars and rings and phones.

I always used to think how amazing it would be to live in the time of the Acts. 

To have all things in common, to be together and in community.

And last night it hit me; We still live like that.

Ok, maybe not in each others houses 24/7.

But how many times has someone loaned you their car or helped you out with something?

How many times has someone sent a card or dropped a meal around?

Offered to take you shopping or look after you kids?

What about times people have prayed and prayed for you?

Or just simply dropped by for a chat and time together?

It’s not the same, and it busier and more spread out, but the body of Christ is still moving and working. And I for one am so so thankful.

That list is mostly things.

Rings and cars and phones and the like, and it’s funny that this should be happening this month, while doing my August Simplicity Challenge, because one thing I am really really learning is that possessions don’t matter. 

At all.

People do.

People are what matter most.

Above jobs and cars and money and things.

People are what stay. All the rest is temporary.

So love your people. Love them well. 

Grow and love and help people. Be active in your community.

I’m so amazed, although I shouldn’t be, at this brilliant body.

There are hands that reach out and feet that move, hearts that love and tongues that speak words of love, help and honesty.

And a Head that is beautiful. That leads and loves and is like no other.

I’m so thankful for this wonderful community, that loves oh so well, and A Head that I hope to meet soon. 

In the mean time, lets keep loving, keeping moving, keep shinning the light, and keep helping people broken down on the road;)


New Little *Thankful* Wife

10 Things I am crushing on right now.

Relac y’all. The hub still is number one on the crush list.

But lately there have been a few things I have just been loving and  I though I might share them, cause spread the love.

Lets kick it off with……

Spagehtti Squash; Please everyone give me all the spagehtti squah ever. I am obessed.  Really.

The cards from Trader Joe’s; These babies have been just stunning. Sometimes they can be hit or miss, but latley they have been oh so pretty. And 99c. Come. On.

Vegan Lasagna; This thing has rocked my world. I am making it weekly. No really. Its amazing, and even SETH loves it. YES. FACT.

Flowers; I have just been picking wild flowers and having them around our house and its been making me so happy.
Truth be told; we are attempting to grow some this summer. I KNOW I KNOW we have a TERRIBLE track record with growing things. #PrayForTheFlowers

BUT I think we got this thing down. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Toby Mac; Move. I love this song. I just love it. It just reminds me to keep moving on, He’s just not done yet.

Almond Butter: There is this little stall at our farmers markets that sells the most AMAZING almond butter.. It’s a mexcian chocolate one. It is DIVINE.

Summer; It’s my favourite season. I just love it.

Our Local Library; Aren’t they just AMAZING. Just when I thought a place of books couldn’t get any better, I found out they offer Free wifi, cheap printing, a christian book section and more. Ten thousand praise Hands.

De cluttering; I am throwing so much out of my house right now and it feels amazing. I don’t know about you but I am done with having SO.MUCH.STUFF.

David Crowder Band; My victory. I am a david crowder fan and this new song of his is on repeat.

What are you guys just loving at the moment? I would LOVE to know.


New Little *Crushing* Wife

5 am Festivities.

I am, somewhat begrudgingly, a member of the 5 am club.

I get up with Seth at 5 am.

Actually, let me more accurately rephrase that.

I sit up & stare, then shuffle and grunt down the hallway at this outrageously inappropriate hour.

By the time I drag myself into the kitchen, bleary eyed, disheveled and all, three things will happen as I look at Seth;

  1. I will slowly warm up into a functioning state, and actually help him get ready for work. The reason I am vertical at this ridiculous hour.
  2. I will grunt and stare at him. There will then be a look that passes between us, which is an understanding that I will pause my day here, shuffle back down the hallway and resume it at a more seemly hour.
  3. I will continue with my bleary eyed, half dazed stupor insisting I am fine and can help, while trying to put salt in his coffee.

Some days we get 1.

When I’m sick we get a revised version on 2, in which I shuffle nowhere and grunt the understanding from the bed.

Most days it’s 3.

There are a few things that happen when my brain selects number three in the morning.

I call this 5am festivities.

You never know what you’re going to get.

There was the day I waved my arms around in an effort to describe what I was referring to as “ your sippy cup”. AKA his thermos.

The day I decided we should just sit down and eat berries out of the fridge. At 5am. And make them kiss. Cause we are toddlers. And kissing strawberries are hilarious.


Or the morning I decided talking was simply too much and could we please communicate via interpretive dance?  Lets just talk about that for a second.  Since when is dance less strenuous than talking?!?! In my 5am brain, this all made sense.

I have done laundry with no washing powder, left several teas all half brewing and sat and stared at my pantry from 15 mins all in the name of 5 am festivities.

Anyway, needless to say it’s a lottery. Everyone has made it out alive.

So far.

And by 7:30 I’m usually up, awake and in a more put together state.

I’m trying to become more of a morning person… but it’s taking its time.

I see all these people taking selfies at 5am and writing beneath them how they have already done their devotions, had their coffee, done their workout and are half way finished with their chore list..

Meanwhile I’m here… Looking like this..


Cheering I managed to be somewhat clothed and staring at my kettle in the hopes someone will make me something caffeinated.

I do love getting up early to get ahead of the day and try and be somewhat together come lunchtime…

But you know what else I love?


*Can I get an amen?*

Moving on.

The whole point of this is to see whether others suffer from the same condition. 

Are you a morning person? A night owl? Share your tips, tricks and funniest stories with us. 

Some of us *cough* need it.



New Little *5-am-Festivities* Wife

Staycation. YAY.

We are fans of staycation weekends, big ones.

And the other weekend we had one. 

We started using up some gift cards at cold stone, which was delicious & then headed back for a movie night.

Saturday we had a big breakfast and then headed out for a picnic at one of our favorite places, after we went to a little coffee shop that just opened up, and headed home for a quiet night.

It was awesome! If you haven’t tried one, DO. Before you do though, read through some tips and ideas before planning!

These are our top tips for having a fun STAYCATION weekend. 

Make it simple. Don’t be running around doing a ton of things. Pick three or four small things for the weekend, and just do them. And pick things you both love, so that one person isn’t hating it the whole time! HAHA.

It dosent have to be fancy. Don’t think that you have to go out for dinner both nights and take a day trip to the city. You for sure can do that, but you can also just go for a nice coffee date and relax with some board games too!

Both of you Clear your WHOLE weekend. Make sure that both of you have cleared your whole weekend so that one of you dosent have to rush off to a meeting or work commitment during the weekend.

Its about quality time. So make sure you don’t take your work laptop along! Just relax and enjoying being together, however that looks!

Fun, cheap and different ideas for a staycation weekend;

*Have a Picnic

*Go for a bike ride around your city.

*Do a progressive lunch in your favorite part of town

*Have a board game night 

*Play the dollar store game and do some fun house decorating;)

*Camp out in you living room/backyard

*Use up some spare gift card/ loose change and have a treat day!

Has anyone had a staycation weekend before?! Got any more tips?!


New Little *Staycation* Wife

March Madness.

This month has actually been mad. Mad with life, love and business…but I also spent a little of it frustrated and a little.. Mad. Ha.

We had some complications and a lot of “ARE YOU FOR REAL?!” moments. As many of you may know I’m going back to Aus for some medical treatment next week. And booking the treatment and getting the information has been LESS than smooth.

Its been horrid.

Hence the madness.

However, thats all behind us!

March started with both of us sick in bed. Hurrah. It was not swell. But it went up from there, thankfully.

One of Seth best friends got married which was so much fun! Don’t they look stunning!


We are so excited for them!! Marriage is awesome!
The wedding was super fun too! I have been to a fair few weddings, but never one that has had THE HABIT as the meal! It was awesome, not gonna lie. These are our feelings for the HABIT.



Seth’s speech had everyone teary.. I dunno how he does it.. But we all end up sniffling and teary eyed whenever he talks…

Hes a babe.


I managed to lose my voice.

Don’t worry, there were a lot of comments about that. I can assure you.

Someone has to take the place of my brother in law, and about 50 people deemed themselves up for the challenge.

Thankfully, or not so thankfully for some, it returned a few days later.

The rest of march was spent catching up with friends and planning away for the trip. Enter madness.

I was sad to miss one of my good friend’s baptisms this month, but am SO excited that ill be able to see her soon!

Its always so exciting when people make that commitment! Just so much joy & celebration!

And, as always, a massive shout out to my hub who has not only handled all this, 65+hour work weeks, but also a crabby wife. Ha.

He’s the best.

photo-24 copy 3

We are now in full swing planning for April. I fly out Monday night. Which  is coming quicker than Im ready for! Im so excited tho!
Cant WAIT to Hug the Family, Squeeze the Babes and get new insides!! Whoot!


Ok, I know I said something about this on Facebook this week, but incase you didn’t get it there will be some SUPER fun things happening here, on this blog, in April.

I am SO SO excited. You are going to love it.

We are running a “event” of sorts. Its going to be bigger than ANYTHING I have done here.. We will be kicking it of April 4rd, so MAKE SURE you come and check it out and enter!! 

It involves fun, prizes, the chance for fame and glory and its all free!! Im SO EXCITED.


New Little *March-Madness* Wife

How was your march?! Did you also get that horrid cold that seemed to be going around?!

For when I forget Who’s I am.

Its hard, sometimes, to remember who we are.

No. Im not talking about our names, ages or where we live.

I mean WHO we are.

I know I’m Sharniie. I’m Seth’s wife. Shane & Lyn’s daughter. Im 22 and blonde. I live now in the USA, altho i’ll always be an aussie at heart;)

But sometimes I forget WHO I am.

And there is ONE thing missing from that list..

I have been reading the book of phillipans. I love it. I love the whole bible, so there is SO much encouragement in that little book. I making a little sheet of encouraging verses from it. Ill post it when I’m done if you like.

Anyway. I was going along reading and I came across a “new” verse.

Well. Not NEW new.. That would be a little problem.. Haha.. but like, new as in.. new to me..  I-forgot-about-that-one-new.

Its 3v12.

Not that I have already obtained this, or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own. 

And I just stopped and thought about that.


That the Savior of the world, the King of creation, the SON OF GOD, would make me, little old me, HIS.

That’s Big.

And that makes me want to keep going.

Like Paul says, I press on to make it.

I wanna keep going.

I going to try and try and try…

Cause I am his..

And He is cheering me on.

He’s watching snd helping me to keep at it.

I hope I make him proud.

No. I’m GOING to make Him proud.

So for the times you don’t know who you are. Remember.

You are HIS. 


New Little *I-Am-His* Wife



 I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me…

John 10v14.

Farmers Markets

This year Seth & I are focusing on health, in all aspects. If you wanting to know more, check out this post, but today I’m going to be talking about our local famers markets.

We love are local farmers markets.


It makes me so happy to go.

And one of the things we are doing this year is trying to go there and get most, if not ALL of our food there.

Now of course there are some things that we might have to get at another store, like GF pasta or cleaning products I don’t make, but we are trying to shop mostly there. There are a few reasons why;

First. Im someone who likes people, incase you didn’t know;)

And I love chatting to them & making relationships. I love being able to chat to the people that have grown the food they are selling and can tell me when it was harvested, what the chicken ate or how come the carrots are so big.

It makes me try new things.

I find some of the crunchiest stuff at the famers markets. I do love it thought, because it makes me try new veggies and foods. Plus, they give me the BEST cooking tips and ideas. We recently have been eating the beet greens sauted in butter, lemon and a little salt. The farmer that sold me the beets told me to try it, and I’m SO glad he did! They are AMAZING. Really.

I love supporting small business. Its so important. I love seeing the families there selling there produce and hearing things from the kids about the vegetables they have and all.

All the produce is fresh, with no packaging or bagging. Most of what is there is organic with no sprays or anything, and if its not, it will say what it has been treated with so you know. Its super fresh and so SO colorful. I love it.

I find it helps me to stay on budget.

Not many vendors take cards at our markets, and i love it. I take my grocery money out in cash and to the markets, and thats ALL I have to spend. So I have to make sure that we have enough fruit, veggies, eggs ect for the whole week with whatever I have. I cant spend more, cause I don’t have it. And Im not tempted to get food I’m not meant to eat either. I find that since I can pick out whatever I want, and nothing it pre packaged, I can get exactly how much I want, with out wasting anything. And it usually ends up cheaper than stores!

It helps me to eat well.

We can only really eat seasonally when you shop at farmers markets, which at first i didn’t really like, but now I love it! Fist off, I might be nerdy, but I love seeing whats growing at what time of year and why. I find that I feel a little better when I’m eating that way. Plus, there are no sneaky packets of chips or chocolate bars in the next isle tempting me.

There is, however, delicious bright red strawberries and the most AMAZING apples.

I do most of my shopping in one trip. 

So i’ll get all my fresh stuff at the markets, all my pasta, any household stuff at trader joe’s every second week, and then Costco for the rest every second month. It means I only have to make the minimal amount of trips to get all my food! YAY.

I would, at some point, like to grow some of my own, just to see what farmers go through and that amazing way God has made creation to work.. but we all know how that went last time, so I’m holding off. Haha.

For now though, I’m so so happy with my markets.

Anyone else a farmers market lover?


New Little *Farmers-Markert* Wife