The House Reveal; Living Room & Master Bedroom.

I am posting TWICE in one week.

Do you feel loved? You should.

Last post I made an exciting announcement and that was.. *Drum Roll*



We had been going on it since Nov. of last year. I know. That’s a shamefully long time.

In our rather weak defense, we had christmas, an over-seas trip, a baby announcement, a few other weekends away and dog thrown in. So we were busy, just maybe a little slow in the house department.

Anywhoo, here we are.

New carpet and all.

We had extra motivation cause my parents were coming over, and I’m not sure they would have slept on a concrete floor with no bed frame, closet or clean bathroom.
So, that gave us a little kick up the toosh.

I don’t have many (Or any?!) photos of the old rooms to show you *Rookie Error*

But i’ll show you some pictures of the new ones anyway, cause I want too.

Here is our Living Room;


Nice new carpet! YAY. And I LOVE the green/blue of the wall.
I dunno what to do with all those cords in the corner.
Ideas anyone?


And our little table. I know. I have a lot of teal-y colour in my house;)


Alfie wanted in a photo;) 

We are still de cluttering, un packing from the carpet installment and our little vacay and all the things, so it’s a little C R A Z Y and most the house it still a pit.  That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m keeping it. So Ha.

And our Master; 


Fairy lights though. ❤
And after ALL the 27 color swatches we tested, we both LOVE the grey.
Just as well;)

We need a new curtain color, WAY to much grey going on up in there girlfriend. Any suggestions? I was thinking a blue/green/teal.. incase I havent got enough already. Haha.


Some people are crazy cat ladies, I am a crazy scarf lady. They even have there own basket. I may need an intervention soon.


This week I’m working on the Nursery and Guest Room, so stay tuned for that;)

I have decided to paint this huge dresser and re vamp it for the baby. We have tons of paint left after all, and now I have the DIY bug.
Altho mine must have glitches, cause my DIYs rarely turn out. WHATEVZ. I going for it. I’ll update you, and you can all watch me fail. Lucky its going in the closet;)


If it works out half well, I’m going to tackle some other wooden piece that are kinda knock about and need a little TLC. I know. I’m channeling my inner Joanna Gaines;)

And then last week my lovely hubby announced that maybe we should move houses and buy a fixer upper.

Give me strength. 



August Challenge; Week Three.

Incase you didn’t know, we are doing an august challenge head here to read about it.

August Challenge

Before I jump, I want to stress again that there is NOTHING wrong with having things, having money or a big house. This is simply an exercise in evaluating the things we have & buy, what we do with our possessions and our wealth. 

So here we go!


It’s hard. Good and fun, but its been kinda hard. I can’t believe how many times I have to stop myself from buying things. Eekkk. I didn’t know I was THIS bad:/
Anyway, I am learning.

You don’t waste food. When you are trying to keep a low-budget and live simply, food waste isn’t an option. I have discovered new ways to minimize it.

Here are Six;
-Eating left overs for lunch.
-Having a pot luck style dinner
-Freeze fruit not being eaten for smoothies
-Make soup stock with bones and old veggies before they go bad
-Make easy fried rice for dinner to use up anything left over in the veggie bins
-Work out how much you actually really eat. This is key. Work out how much fresh food you ACTUALLY eat, and ONLY buy that much.

De cluttering becomes addictive, an addiction I have apparently picked up. It’s freeing up so much more space and I am becoming happier.

I have more time. Since saying no to things that would lead me to spend money like shopping or heading to coffee shops and being pretty organized in when, where and how often I go out to the store for food, I have more time!
Plus the less stuff you have, the less you clean! Hurrah for that.

I am learning to connect better. Since we aren’t going and doing date nights that involve money, like movies, we do things like beach picnics or walks together, and so, actually spend more time talking and connecting. Plus, having people come over for afternoon tea instead of meeting them out makes it really easy to connect better as there is less noises and business.

Possessions don’t matter; People do. As I was saying last week, it’s people that matter.  Putting time, money and energy into them instead of other things is what this is all about.

While some of you don’t need to do this whole huge challenge to see that, I know I did.

I could plan the best date night in the world, but if I don’t connect or talk to my husband, what good is it? I could have the cleanest house, but if I do it instead of having people over, what benefit?

Minimal doesn’t have to be or look a certain way. I see a lot of people who do this only have black and white. I don’t like that. So i’m not doing it that way. I thought at the start I did, now I realize that it’s about culling & correcting what I need to, rather than a one size fits all. Plus, I love color and brightness;)

Be real. Start slow and be real. Instead of throwing everything out, only have 10 things and moving into a 600 sqf house all in the same week, go slow and be realistic. Purge your closet, sure, but so you just go out and buy more. Have a look at your budget and think about your spending, but maybe not cut your grocery to $10. Ha.

Anyway, we are into the fourth week, and doing well!

If you are joining me in this challenge, how have YOU been doing? Any tips and tricks to share?


New Little *Simple-Living* Wife

10 Things I am crushing on right now.

Relac y’all. The hub still is number one on the crush list.

But lately there have been a few things I have just been loving and  I though I might share them, cause spread the love.

Lets kick it off with……

Spagehtti Squash; Please everyone give me all the spagehtti squah ever. I am obessed.  Really.

The cards from Trader Joe’s; These babies have been just stunning. Sometimes they can be hit or miss, but latley they have been oh so pretty. And 99c. Come. On.

Vegan Lasagna; This thing has rocked my world. I am making it weekly. No really. Its amazing, and even SETH loves it. YES. FACT.

Flowers; I have just been picking wild flowers and having them around our house and its been making me so happy.
Truth be told; we are attempting to grow some this summer. I KNOW I KNOW we have a TERRIBLE track record with growing things. #PrayForTheFlowers

BUT I think we got this thing down. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Toby Mac; Move. I love this song. I just love it. It just reminds me to keep moving on, He’s just not done yet.

Almond Butter: There is this little stall at our farmers markets that sells the most AMAZING almond butter.. It’s a mexcian chocolate one. It is DIVINE.

Summer; It’s my favourite season. I just love it.

Our Local Library; Aren’t they just AMAZING. Just when I thought a place of books couldn’t get any better, I found out they offer Free wifi, cheap printing, a christian book section and more. Ten thousand praise Hands.

De cluttering; I am throwing so much out of my house right now and it feels amazing. I don’t know about you but I am done with having SO.MUCH.STUFF.

David Crowder Band; My victory. I am a david crowder fan and this new song of his is on repeat.

What are you guys just loving at the moment? I would LOVE to know.


New Little *Crushing* Wife

You’re not good at everything.

Kids, lets get one thing straight, I am NOT crafty.

I tried. I really did. I saw it on pintrest and fell in love. It looked so easy (doesn’t it always!) and I knew I had the things I needed on hand.

Six months later and the $5 DIY photo frame with white “stressed looking” wood is still un assembled and in my back shed.

And I felt a little beat up by this.

I dont know why, because building your own photo frame is NOT an essiantal skill in life.

But I did.

Everyone else seemed to be doing all these crafty things in 15 mins with old shoe boxes and I cant even pull together a simple face mask.
Don’t get me started.

I felt a bit like I had failed.

Like everyone is simply better at life than me.

How ridiculous. It’s a Photo frame for crying out.

This lead me, as always, down long winded rabit trail of thoughts. Which I will *Attempt* to surmise for you.

You do you. And leaver her to do her.

Its taken me a while to relise, but there are some things I am just not good at.

And you know what, THAT’S OK.

Why? Well because that’s simply not my gift.

That’s not the way I am made.

See, not EVERYONE has to be brilliant at EVERYTHING.

We all have gifts, talents and skills.

Everyone everywhere seems to think they have to have it all.

We look at “her” life and “her” life, and “her’s” too and we take snippets of everything then blend them into this massive exeptation for ourselves.

We begin to think succeding is being Master chef chefs, crafty DIYers, home cookers, all natural cleaner makers, bullet journaling, veggies growing, homeschooling, gym teaching, make up perfecting, business owning, educated super women with stunning clothes and amazing relationships.

Here is the thing.

That. Up there. Well, its just sounds stressful.

And more to the point, its not going to happen.

Oh sure. We can try. And can strive and tell the world we have it.

But something has GOT to give from that list.

And more often than not it the most important things that go first.

Our faith slips.

Our relationships hit hard times.

Our health gets compromised.

Our homes get neglected.


So here you go. This is me. In all my non gift glory.

My name is sharniie.

I am not a runner. I tried once and died.

I am not a DIYER.  I will pay you to paint my house.

I am not a crafter. Target, just take my money already.

I am terrible at handwritting. Its a scrawl people.

Lets not even go there with the whole spelling and gramma thing. Ha.

I am not a graden grower. We all know how THAT turned out.


But It’s ok.

I dont HAVE to be those things.

It dosent matter.

I’m happy to let them go.

To many times I see people who can do those things and I think.. “Well I need to be like that. I want to run, make a house from scratch, have an acre garden.”

In order to be a semi good woman I need to accomplish this list of things I simply must do…. without thinking about the fact that maybe thats NOT for me.

Have mercy kids. Really. 

Heres an idea: lets look at people who can do those things and appreacte their talent and skill and NOT feel guilty about our own. 

Lets Give that a go y’all.

This is my friend Rachel. Everyone say hello, and be nice. 


Rachel has one of the best voices I have ever heard.

Like this girl is amazing at singing. It’s one of her skills.

Earlier this year I sat and listened to her sing at her senior recital.

She was amazing.

All of us and the heavens were in awe of her pipes i-am-not-even-joking.

Now I could have sat there and though all about how  I cant sing like that, because, lets be real, I do not have a good voice. Ha.

I could come away thinking I must practise practise practise until I have that same angelic effect on people. Or I could smile and thank God that he made such beautiful skills.

I could be amazed at her stunning talent and tell her how good she is, all without feeling defeated, some how lacking and guilty of myself.

I do my thing, you do yours, she does hers, and togther we make the world turn.

And just becasuse I am not those thing dosent mean that I cant do anything, am somehow failing or dont have anything to offer.

I have been made, crafted, with talents and skills. God has a reason for these.

He’s got a plan for me and my skills and it just gives Him SO much joy when I use them for Him.

There is nothing wrong with knowing and saying what you are good at. Dont brag or belittle others, but know your strengths and own them. 

My name is Sharniie.

I AM good at talking.

I AM good at organizing events and things.

I AM good at cooking

I AM good at encouraging.

I AM good at being real.

Lets be good at the things we ARE good at, not be pressured into things we “FEEL” like we HAVE to do.

Lets be happy for people that can do the things we cant and be proud of the things we are good at.
Lets stop trying to have it all and focus on the things that really matter.

You do you, She’ll do her, I’ll do me and all together we praise God. 

Amen to that Sisters.


New Little *Non-crafty* Wife

The 2016 Homemaking Olympics; Event One.

UPDATE: I’m in the middle of treatment right now & it’s kinda doing me in, So we are going to take a rain check on the homemaking olympics! Sorry!! Im hoping i can bring it back around later, but for now, I just can’t. To all the people who entered & emailed me, I have emailed you! Thanks to everyone! Sorry again!!


Here, at New Little Wife, We are holding the very FIRST Home Making Olympic Games!

If you missed the first post, head here and take a look to catch up!

Homemakers around the world will be competing again each other in thrilling events such as Laundry Folding, floor cleaning and beverage reheating!
Hold onto you seats guys, it’s about to get INTENSE!

So the very FIRST event in this years games is going to be….

Dishwasher Unpacking!


The Rules;

Contestants must start with a full dishwasher.

Contestants must unpack the dishwasher as speedily and nimbly as possible until everything is away.

That’s all. Easy huh!? 

So the next time you unpack your dishwasher, simply time yourself and send it to me for a chance to win!


For the prize, You can choose between a beautiful mug and plate from the pioneer woman range or some fun verse wall decals!

Make sure you record your time and email with your name, time & state to enter!

This even will be closed on April 13!

Good Luck!


New Little *T-H-O* Wife



Everyday Favorites from Trader Joe’s for UNDER $7.

I am a Trader Joe’s fan.

Honestly, I have yet to meet someone who isnt.

I love SO many of there products and especially the prices they have going.

So today I wrote a list of my everyday favorites, things I love and buy pretty much every time I go.

It was a bit like picking a favorite book… Which is honestly impossible.. But here are the top..

Everyday Seasoning. 

I am honestly OBSESSED with this stuff. I smother it on everything. I have even been know to pack it for weekends away at conferences, in my back bag for the day, and even home to Aus. The love is big. Plus. Its $2. And makes everything taste divine. If you have never had it,Please, fix that this second.

Rice Pasta.

This pasta is awesome. It’s JUST rice and water. Nothing else. So its GF DF Vegan all the above. Its tastes good, easy to cook and like everything, ridiculously cheap. $1.99

Frozen Turkey Burgers. 

This is more of a new favourite, but Seth and I are big fans. They come for in a box, its just ground turkey, salt and rosemary. They are so SO handy.
The amount of times we have had homemade turkey burgers for dinner or seth has taken one last minute to work for lunch is.. defiantly pushing the high double digits. $2.99


They have such handy size bottles, from 300mls to 1.5 lts. And its .49c for the BIG one. No more $3 bottles for me.

Organic Blue Corn Chips.

We got these cause they sounded cool. And they are. They are delicious and fun. Seth a Mexican fan, and they make the best bottom for Mexican “hay stacks”.
Plus, we love color. $3.59

Organic Foursome Frozen Veggies.

This little bag of beauty is sanity saving.
Its there for you in the 6pm uninspired dinner quest and then 7 people that just showed up at your house.
Throw this little thing into some rice for a quick and yummy veggie fried rice, or into a little water and boil for five.
They are oragnic, fresh & is is literally 1.99 for a bag. Life complete.

Sunflower Seed butter.

Now, if you know our past issues with sunflower seed products,  You might be surprised that this is on the list. But it is. Because its good. Like SO good.

It tastes so so yummy, is an awesome source of protein, good fats and has low sugar. As someone who is not meant to eat peanut butter, this satisfies my cravings. That’s saying something. $4.99

The entire wine section.

Enough said.

Just The Cluster Granola.

This little box is Seth’s heaven. His eyes light up with I tell him I’m going to Trader Joes because he knows that I’m coming home with this…
Then I snack on it before he gets home. Ha. Kidding.
We buy multiples, so its all good;)

Harvest Blend Tea/Black Vanilla Cinnamon Tea

I am a tea hoarder. One day I may post a photo of my collection, but for now, ill just say it takes up more than a decent amount of space in my pantry.
These two, and a few others, and among the favs. And, unlike some teas, they are under $3 a box. Hurrah.
Thanks Joe for making my addiction affordable.

The Sauce section. 

I was going to name the sauces I love there, but there ended up being more than I thought. So the entire section it is!
They carry some every day ones like soy sauce and rice wine vinegar as well as the odder ones you need for THAT specific sin stir fry. All the ones I have got, and its been a few, I have loved.
These range, but most are about $3

Fresh Frozen Fish.

Trader Joes has a pretty decent range of fresh wild caught frozen fish. Plus, your can find smaller portions!
So many times I’m able to pick up a wild caught Cod fish fillet for the both of us for $4! It’s great. Plus they are SO handy to have stashed in your freezer.

Pound Plus Dark Chocolate.

Its a pound of heaven. For $5. What



My next list is going to be my favorite  Off Beat Trader Joes Items! So keep an eye our for it!

Are you a Trader Joe’s Lover? What are YOUR favorite things at Trader Joes?!

Farmers Markets

This year Seth & I are focusing on health, in all aspects. If you wanting to know more, check out this post, but today I’m going to be talking about our local famers markets.

We love are local farmers markets.


It makes me so happy to go.

And one of the things we are doing this year is trying to go there and get most, if not ALL of our food there.

Now of course there are some things that we might have to get at another store, like GF pasta or cleaning products I don’t make, but we are trying to shop mostly there. There are a few reasons why;

First. Im someone who likes people, incase you didn’t know;)

And I love chatting to them & making relationships. I love being able to chat to the people that have grown the food they are selling and can tell me when it was harvested, what the chicken ate or how come the carrots are so big.

It makes me try new things.

I find some of the crunchiest stuff at the famers markets. I do love it thought, because it makes me try new veggies and foods. Plus, they give me the BEST cooking tips and ideas. We recently have been eating the beet greens sauted in butter, lemon and a little salt. The farmer that sold me the beets told me to try it, and I’m SO glad he did! They are AMAZING. Really.

I love supporting small business. Its so important. I love seeing the families there selling there produce and hearing things from the kids about the vegetables they have and all.

All the produce is fresh, with no packaging or bagging. Most of what is there is organic with no sprays or anything, and if its not, it will say what it has been treated with so you know. Its super fresh and so SO colorful. I love it.

I find it helps me to stay on budget.

Not many vendors take cards at our markets, and i love it. I take my grocery money out in cash and to the markets, and thats ALL I have to spend. So I have to make sure that we have enough fruit, veggies, eggs ect for the whole week with whatever I have. I cant spend more, cause I don’t have it. And Im not tempted to get food I’m not meant to eat either. I find that since I can pick out whatever I want, and nothing it pre packaged, I can get exactly how much I want, with out wasting anything. And it usually ends up cheaper than stores!

It helps me to eat well.

We can only really eat seasonally when you shop at farmers markets, which at first i didn’t really like, but now I love it! Fist off, I might be nerdy, but I love seeing whats growing at what time of year and why. I find that I feel a little better when I’m eating that way. Plus, there are no sneaky packets of chips or chocolate bars in the next isle tempting me.

There is, however, delicious bright red strawberries and the most AMAZING apples.

I do most of my shopping in one trip. 

So i’ll get all my fresh stuff at the markets, all my pasta, any household stuff at trader joe’s every second week, and then Costco for the rest every second month. It means I only have to make the minimal amount of trips to get all my food! YAY.

I would, at some point, like to grow some of my own, just to see what farmers go through and that amazing way God has made creation to work.. but we all know how that went last time, so I’m holding off. Haha.

For now though, I’m so so happy with my markets.

Anyone else a farmers market lover?


New Little *Farmers-Markert* Wife

Daily Lists.

I make lists.


Its actually ridiculous.

I don’t know why I put half the stuff I do on them… Like do I NEED to remind myself to shower..

Actually.. upon second thought.. maybe I do..


More to the point. I have like 37 lists floating around the house. And each has much the same things on them. And I can never find them.

And Seth just laughs at me.

I have discovered something.

I was looking into that new thing of bullet journaling. It looked fun and organized and very pretty… People had pintrest pictures of their neat little journals with pens and flowers in the background.

It looked lovely.


Lets get real. The chances of me doing that, with those perfect pens, and a neat little book is slim to none.

Actually. It’s just none.

I did, however, MAJORLY edit the concept and come up with another idea.

I went to the dollar store and got a small notebook.

And now I write the date on the page and what I have to do.

Yes showering still sometimes appears. I get busy ok. Although Heaven help me, cause I don’t even have kids yet.

Anyway. Now all my daily lists stay IN ONE BOOK.

And whatever doesn’t get done, which is a lot, gets put onto the next days list with ease.

Its great. I love it. It makes life so simple.

So thats my newest simple homemaking hack.

Anyone got any other simple tips?!


New Little *Daily-List* Wife


Homemaking Fails…

So, I haven’t updated you all on my many homemaking fails.

So just incase you thought I had it all perfect already, here are a few from the last few weeks;

Last week, Seth came into the living room while I was making breakfast, and had some comments on my laundry skills:

“Ah, Sharniie… ”  He begins.. “I don’t mind if you don’t match the socks or even if my sock is matched with your sock.. Or even if you didn’t get all the stains out or whatever….”

Thinking surely there was NO other domestic crime I could have committed after those three..

He continued to say.. “But please make sure they are at least DRY!!

I had forgotten to put the last load of laundry INTO the dryer.. And he wore wet socks all day.. Oops. Dang.

Later, I cleaned our room and realized we have been sleeping without pillow slips on out pillows for the better part of the last six weeks. Niiceeee.

Seth came home and walked into our bedroom and got super excited.. OK.. Don’t worry.. Its all PG people..

The source of his excitement..

“YOU MADE THE BED. I LOVE days when you make the bed!!”

I know babe, such a treat;)

Last week, after my parents went, I looked in the fridge and realized I only had some off milk and two cucumbers left.

Im not even sure what seth had -or could have had!- for breakfast that morning..

Totally on top of the food situation guys. CLEARLY.

Trust me, there are many more I could post… But I do need to keep SOME dignity. Ha.

Anyone else got any fails they would like to share?!

I did something my mumma told me not too….

OK. So I got a little… Ahhhh.. Inspirated.. The other day..

I don’t know if it was the new hair, or the worship music I have been listening too, or even just a desire to be reminded daily..

But I drew on my walls.

In my bedroom.

In black marker.

I forgot to call my husband before it too.

Welcome to my Worship Wall..


Its a work in progress, and I know I’m not the best artist.. But I just LOVE it. I LOVE IT.

Its so nice to see it all the time.. And for God’s words to be there, right in front of me, when I wake up, or clean the room, or get ready for the day.

It reminds me daily of Who I am, and What I am meant to be doing.

And it’s such a good therapy! When Im feeling a bit overloaded or stressed. Sad or upset. Happy or joyful. I just grab the pen, put on some worship music or the bible and take it to God…

Just write and pray it out.

Its the way I refocus, reconnect and relight that little light.

The way this Martha stops and sits at the Feet of Her King.

And by the way, Seth came home and said he thought the wall looked too bare anyway;)


New Little *Wall-Writting* Wife