Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

So, as usual Im am hopelessly late with announcing the winner of the give away.
Soz guys.

But, I’m here now, and have drawn the name. Whoop.

First, as always, thanks to all those who entered. And to all those who continually read my ramblings. Thanks for sticking around, and putting up with me;)


A massive congrats to the lovely JOLIE TUNNELL who won the little coffee shop gift card..

Not only is she an awesome blogger, *go check her out at* She also stated that the thing she would order who be a tea. Which is music to my little tea-loving heart. Ha.


New Little *Giveaway* Wife

Happy Birthday!

Well people, something that happened.


I just wanna take some time to say a massive THANKS to everyone who reads my crazy rambles! I love writing it and am so thankful for all of you who have followed along. And to those of you who comment and share your stories and tips, I love it!!! It so nice!!

So, In honour of this little celebration, Im going to do another GIVEAWAY!

Yep, thats right!! And the winner will win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card! Or if you live in AUS, A gift card too your local coffee shop! Im doing coffee shop gift cards because this is were I do most of my writing! Ha. Plus, its so nice to just go and take a small break somewhere to relax and refresh. Even if its only for a few moments.

Ill tell you how to enter below:

First, if you are on Facebook, head over to my page, like and share it! *You can find the link to it here!*

Then, please comment on the bottom of this post and tell me:

+what your FAVOURITE thing to do at a coffee shop is

+ And your favourite thing to order!

The winner will be choose in the usual way -pulled out of a hat!- And will be announced  Sep 30th!

Good luck to you all!! And Happy Birthday to the Blog!


New Little *Blog-Turns-ONE!* Wife


So, I had a little giveaway going on for a bottle of AWESOME peppermint oil. Man. That stuff is amazing. Im kinda oil crazy ATM. They are just so fabulous!! Ill have to write more about them later!

Right now i’m going to announce the WINNER of my little giveaway!

So, The winner is….


Congratulations Erin!!!

Let me know what you use it for! I’m sure you’ll love it!!

Thanks to all those who entered!!


New Little *Giveaway* Wife


Its about time I mention my brother, Jake.

He’s kinda alright.. Haha, Kidding.. ( Love you Jake;) He such a cool guy, with so many awesome qualities.. One of these is his amazing talent for taking AWESOME photos. Like. Really good ones. Anyway, he is making a calendar for 2015 filled with his awesome shots & some inspirational quotes!! SO super exciting! Here is one small shot that he took a few weeks ago.. Just to give you a taste;)

PSALM 1 - light with text (1 of 1) copy

SO. Here are the details!

They are $20 each. (Which includes postage and handling) And will be available before Christmas.. (Which is awesome.. Cause then you can give them as presents!)

BUT there is only 100 being made.. So make sure you order quick! Let me know by email or comment if you would like one!

If you want to check out his photos go to J. A. Kirkwood Photography on Facebook or jak_photos on instagram.

And incase that wasn’t awesome enough.. Im going to be doing my first GIVEAWAY!

The winner will be picked by random on the October the 12th and receive a FREE copy of this awesome calendar! To enter simply comment below and tell me why you would love to have it!
Cant wait to see who the winner is!!


New Little * not-very-photography-minded-lucky-I-have-a-brother-who-is* Wife 😉