Gardening: The Report.

So. I told you I would update you on the garden. And I am going to do that. Right now.

I killed them.


In my defence, it has been stupidly hot & dry here is SoCal. And we are in drought, so there is not a lot of water around. But, that being said, even if there was, I would still have to remember to water them more than twice.. a month. Oops.

I will try again! Im not giving up! My herbs are still going strong. Some stronger than other. Although who new chives flowered?! Not me! *Some one who’s a green thumb please tell me if that good or not!*
I am hoping my thumb is just slower getting it’s “green” spirit. And that my memory gets a tad better.

I would post a picture, but I am utterly ashamed. And truth be told, there is naught but a small withered vine left.

Maybe next time I will pick something a little more.. Hardy. Any ideas? Carrots maybe?


New Little *Garden-Killing* Wife

Gardening: The newest additions!

Well, I did get around to going to the thrift store the other day and I got some bucket type things to hold my little veggies! The other week I announced I wanted to do a little veggie garden on my patio, and I am! Im very excited.. Anyway. Im pretty sure some on the buckets were like laundry basket type things, It looks a little funny really.. But whatever. It does the job! Haha. Im not really one for style anyway.

Well, I got them, the trotted off to Home Depot (think Bunnings.. on steroids!) which is like literally at the end of our street, {that in itself is a dangerous things because Im always coming up with new DIY projects for our house, mainly inspired by pinterest! Haha. Be real though, you all know what I’m talking about;)}

Anyway, point being, I got some soil and some kind of super grow tablets for the veggies. A few sundays ago I got around to planting them, with some help from my Brother in Law and cousin! The first two I have done are the tomatoes and cucumber. I have a little ladder for the cucumber to climd up, apparently its a vine! Who knew hey. Not me. So here they are.. In all there glory! photo-19 copy 7

Next up is carrots and lettuce! Im hoping to get a few little veggies before the summers out!! Ill let you all know if I do! Anyone got any good veggie garden tips for me?

Im not super 100% sure on what I’m doing.. Ha!


New Little *Veggie-Garden* Wife

Veggies: I wanna grow them.

Its been a busy week here. We have both been working tons, had a few family & friends over and a nasty cold thats been hanging around. Also, for those of you who are into the weather {mainly my Dad;)} Its ben raining! Which is SO rare, and SO nice. Thanking God of such blessings. Since its been raining, and I have been out in my little herb garden, which is going well! I have been thinking about planting some veggies in my little space. I read somewhere {prob. pintrest!} that you can plant little veggie patches in bug tubs, washing baskets and boxes! Which was super cool!! Im all for having some fresh, organic veggies from my little yard! Im thinking I’m going to plant lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes first, since * Apparently* they are easy! Since I haven’t completely killed the herbs, I figure ill give it a shot!

So, today, I wanna ask for advice! Has anyone ever done gardening like this, on a tiny scale?

And what tips can you give!!??

Ill update you all on how it goes!


New Little *Veggie-Growing* Wife