And then there were three…. ;)

We have some news!

We are SO excited to introduce to you the latest little member of our family.

King Alfred the 7th.

AKA; Alfie.


I will tell  y’all what happen, but first we have to back it up a bit and start a few months ago.

Seth has been wanting to get a dog for a while. We had been going back and forth about it for some time, done a few trips to the humane society but found nothing. We had talked about breeds, and I had laid down a few ground rules starting with; No puppies, no dogs that have to be inside only, no loud ones. I had thought I had set the bar high enough..

Then last Saturday he had the day off and we were planning what to do, he suggested going to the humane society. So off we went.

And within a few minutes he had seen Alfie, who’s name was Jerry then, and fallen in love. We got him out in the interaction pen and for Seth, that was it.

I, on the other hand, was less excited and a little unsure. We we put our name down for them ti call if he became available to adopt and left.

For the next few hours Seth proceeded to name every quality of this dog and sing his praises, while asking repeatedly if I was sure I didn’t want him.

The next morning we were making breakfast before church and there was silence, till a voice came down the hallway..

“But Babe, ARE YOU SURE?!”

Cue the eye roll and the mutter “for the love Seth, shut about this dang dog..”

Then a miracle happened.

After church finished Seth had no jobs to go to, which left us without anything to do and a few more hours in which to adopt the dog, before he went to someone else.

I relented and said we could go back to “See him again” and of we trotted. After we got him out again he ran right up to us and snuggled in *i’m positive Seth sent him some kind of telepathic message..* and five minutes later we were totting this dog home.

He has been an absolute dream of a dog. He’s house trained, doesn’t bark, LOVES to cuddle and chill out. He’s SO excited when we come home and he loves being outside, which is good since thats were he is going.

The only thing is we have NO idea what breed he really is! We have been told everything from King Charles to Corgi to Terrier.

We do know one thing though; he’s pretty stinking cute.



So fellow dog owners, any tips and tricks to give me? And anyone know what breed he is?!


New Little *Dog-Owning* Wife.





Well this is embarrassing; ANYWHO, Life for the past few months.

I last posted on Dec 15th.

It’s now Feb 23rd.


Nervous cough.

ANYWHOO; moving right along.

Life’s been good. It’s been nice to be relaxing and living and feeling better. We had a new years eve party at our house, just a small one, which was fun. The weeks kinds blur between thanksgiving and new years huh?!

We headed to Australia mid Jan to get some baby squeezes in cause Y’ALL I GOT A NEW NIECE.



She was born Jan 11th. And a few days after we headed out to meet her.

*Cue the huge amount of photos*



Aus was, as always, amazing and fun and way to short a trip. Catching up, squeezing kiddos, nights out, Sleep overs with Nieces, and first days of pre school and family pictures. See below.



PC to my amazing brother who’s a pretty dang good photographer:)

img_3531 img_3565 img_3553

We headed out of LAX while it was raining and freezing and 40, and landed at 9am in humid, sticky 95. Seth almost died.

Actually he almost died twice in the first day. Once when we landed and the other when he found out my parents DO NOT have AC, and the only spare fan was actually a heater that had fan element and was the size of a radio. Poor kid never saw it coming.

img_3445 img_3446 img_3645

We’re back at home now and into trying to FINALLY finish the house. I laugh that I told myself it would take 2 weeks.. HAHAHA*SOB*.

This year I am going to try and work on being better about posting, but posting things of value and not just rambles. Hopefully I’ll get my new year thoughts and goals up here soon and some other stuff.

img_3483 img_3307 img_3282

What about you guys? Did you all have a safe and happy Christmas/new year/ VALENTINE break?

*HOW did I go this long, my stars*

Cue awkward stage exit.


New Little *Ah-Well-I’m-Back* Wife


img_3302 img_3569


August Challenge; Week Three.

Incase you didn’t know, we are doing an august challenge head here to read about it.

August Challenge

Before I jump, I want to stress again that there is NOTHING wrong with having things, having money or a big house. This is simply an exercise in evaluating the things we have & buy, what we do with our possessions and our wealth. 

So here we go!


It’s hard. Good and fun, but its been kinda hard. I can’t believe how many times I have to stop myself from buying things. Eekkk. I didn’t know I was THIS bad:/
Anyway, I am learning.

You don’t waste food. When you are trying to keep a low-budget and live simply, food waste isn’t an option. I have discovered new ways to minimize it.

Here are Six;
-Eating left overs for lunch.
-Having a pot luck style dinner
-Freeze fruit not being eaten for smoothies
-Make soup stock with bones and old veggies before they go bad
-Make easy fried rice for dinner to use up anything left over in the veggie bins
-Work out how much you actually really eat. This is key. Work out how much fresh food you ACTUALLY eat, and ONLY buy that much.

De cluttering becomes addictive, an addiction I have apparently picked up. It’s freeing up so much more space and I am becoming happier.

I have more time. Since saying no to things that would lead me to spend money like shopping or heading to coffee shops and being pretty organized in when, where and how often I go out to the store for food, I have more time!
Plus the less stuff you have, the less you clean! Hurrah for that.

I am learning to connect better. Since we aren’t going and doing date nights that involve money, like movies, we do things like beach picnics or walks together, and so, actually spend more time talking and connecting. Plus, having people come over for afternoon tea instead of meeting them out makes it really easy to connect better as there is less noises and business.

Possessions don’t matter; People do. As I was saying last week, it’s people that matter.  Putting time, money and energy into them instead of other things is what this is all about.

While some of you don’t need to do this whole huge challenge to see that, I know I did.

I could plan the best date night in the world, but if I don’t connect or talk to my husband, what good is it? I could have the cleanest house, but if I do it instead of having people over, what benefit?

Minimal doesn’t have to be or look a certain way. I see a lot of people who do this only have black and white. I don’t like that. So i’m not doing it that way. I thought at the start I did, now I realize that it’s about culling & correcting what I need to, rather than a one size fits all. Plus, I love color and brightness;)

Be real. Start slow and be real. Instead of throwing everything out, only have 10 things and moving into a 600 sqf house all in the same week, go slow and be realistic. Purge your closet, sure, but so you just go out and buy more. Have a look at your budget and think about your spending, but maybe not cut your grocery to $10. Ha.

Anyway, we are into the fourth week, and doing well!

If you are joining me in this challenge, how have YOU been doing? Any tips and tricks to share?


New Little *Simple-Living* Wife


Well, this last week marks a crazy point in our lives… One that Seth & I were chatting about as we drove the rather windy trail to Idyllwild Bible School..

It was, this week, five year ago that we meet. There, amongst the pine trees and dirt, that we first chatted to each other. Although, Seth was actually a little rude the first time I met him! Haha! *Ill tell you about that later!* I guess at some point during the week we became kinda friends.. And now, five years on, we’re married! Guess I must have warmed up to him 😉

Here we are, way back when..

Seth and I

And now… All married and stuff.


Its been a crazy five years, and we have for sure had our highs and lows.. But I’m so glad I met him that week, and so glad he stuck with me;)

So heres to us, and our five years. May there be many MANY more to come.


New Little *Five-Years* Wife

He’s Gone.

I know, I have been TERRIBLY lax about posting. Im sorry. I promise Ill make it up to you. Forgive me?

Well, Jake left. *Sniff* We had an awesome time, filled with crazy adventures. Cause you know, that how we do 😉

We went bowling, to the beach several times {for those of you in Aus reading this, Its been a cool 30 all week.. Not bad 😉 }

photo-19 copy 11

I got my toes done one day and told him he could choose the colour. He choose YELLOW. BRIGHT yellow. Man. Bad move on my part. Although, I have had compliments! Ha. Who woulda thought?! We went to the markets, downtown and the mall. Plus, the boys made a fire in my little backyard and we roasted marshmallows. Fun times.

photo-19 copy 12

Sad to see him go, But as we were driving us, he informed us that he’s actually coming back, in January. And he’d looked at tickets.

Guess thats more notice than this time;)

Thanks for coming out Bud! Loved it. Come back.. Real soon.


New Little *He’s-Gone* Wife

The Brothers in town..

So, about saturday last week, my brother gave me a call. And it went something like this;

Hey, I’m coming to visit you!
Awesome, When?!?

And come he did!
Here are our happy faces.. 🙂

photo-19 copy 9

Ha. In reality it was really actually like this..


Its been a week, and we have packed in a ton! So far we have hit up La Holla, The beach, The San Diego Fair, Sea Port Village and a bit of the Wild Animal Park. We still have a few things to cross off the list, but we have two more weeks! It’s been awesome!

Here we are with our lovely friend Hanna, and a baby seal!

photo-19 copy 8

Crazy how time flies tho! I have been working a few days as well, so its been a bit of a mad (and messy!!) house here.. Although, That being said, our lovely visitor did clean it while I was at work one day, and also fixed our car.. I told him he can come back ANY time;)

Well, Its a nice 29 this morning so we are off down to the beach and our little favourite coffee shop!!

New Little *Bros-Comes-To-Visit* Wife

photo-19 copy 10

First E- Series!!

Since I posted about our date night ideas & new married bliss tips, I have been getting tons of comments about them!

SO I though I would put together a little “E Series” {which is just a fancy way of saying I’m going to have post more about it!!} on some more tips, hints & ideas about being young married! Its just going to be purely my own thoughts, and maybe some stories too! If your interested, about to be new married or wanna have a sticky beak, make sure you look out for them! The series is going to be called..

Miss to Mrs

The first one will be posted tomorrow! Hope you enjoy them!


New Little * Miss-To-Mrs* Wife

They Left..

Well, these lovely people left to go home last night..

photo-19 copy 2

Crazy how fast time flies. I felt like they just got here! Why does it go soooo slow when you’re waiting for something and then fly by when its here! So not fair. Oh well.

It was so nice to have them out here.. And nice to show them around. We sure packed a ton into those days! And Miss Z was a trooper the whole time!

The next time we see them.. which will hopefully be soon! They will have another cute kiddo!! Crazy. Until then, I’m thankful for Skype, viber, high speed internet and planes! And also to my amazing family, who keep us updated & who make the trek out to see us!

We love you guys! Thanks for coming out!!
{ As I type this, they are STILL in the air! Man. That flight is way too longgg.}


New Little *Fun-With-Family* Wife