Dresser; Before & After.

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to paint an old dresser. I know I promised to show you the other two rooms we re did, but we have had a lot of people staying at our house this summer, and TBH they are still messy. Ha.

So Y’all can just get a dresser update today;)

It wasn’t as terrible as I thought. Hurrah.

So, without further ado, here it is!

It looked like this before.

And here it is now!

It’s actually more grey than this shows.


I looked high and low for dresser knobs, and I found some I loved but they were all like SIX DOLLARS PER KNOB.

Which, for 8 knobs, it would be… Expensive.

And I wasn’t up for that. So in the end I got these beauties for under $2 each from.. Home Depot;)

I like ’em.

I also had this mat (I brought with me all the way from Australia!) It’s my mediation mat, and I added it to the top of the dresser to give it more spunk and color. I kinda dig it.

And of course, I have started a little nursery library #BookWorm. See any of your favorites up there? Any good suggestions to add?

Next up on the painting list, we have this little lamp! Any ideas? I’m thinking coral?


New Little *Painting* Wife

The House Reveal; Living Room & Master Bedroom.

I am posting TWICE in one week.

Do you feel loved? You should.

Last post I made an exciting announcement and that was.. *Drum Roll*



We had been going on it since Nov. of last year. I know. That’s a shamefully long time.

In our rather weak defense, we had christmas, an over-seas trip, a baby announcement, a few other weekends away and dog thrown in. So we were busy, just maybe a little slow in the house department.

Anywhoo, here we are.

New carpet and all.

We had extra motivation cause my parents were coming over, and I’m not sure they would have slept on a concrete floor with no bed frame, closet or clean bathroom.
So, that gave us a little kick up the toosh.

I don’t have many (Or any?!) photos of the old rooms to show you *Rookie Error*

But i’ll show you some pictures of the new ones anyway, cause I want too.

Here is our Living Room;


Nice new carpet! YAY. And I LOVE the green/blue of the wall.
I dunno what to do with all those cords in the corner.
Ideas anyone?


And our little table. I know. I have a lot of teal-y colour in my house;)


Alfie wanted in a photo;) 

We are still de cluttering, un packing from the carpet installment and our little vacay and all the things, so it’s a little C R A Z Y and most the house it still a pit.  That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m keeping it. So Ha.

And our Master; 


Fairy lights though. ❤
And after ALL the 27 color swatches we tested, we both LOVE the grey.
Just as well;)

We need a new curtain color, WAY to much grey going on up in there girlfriend. Any suggestions? I was thinking a blue/green/teal.. incase I havent got enough already. Haha.


Some people are crazy cat ladies, I am a crazy scarf lady. They even have there own basket. I may need an intervention soon.


This week I’m working on the Nursery and Guest Room, so stay tuned for that;)

I have decided to paint this huge dresser and re vamp it for the baby. We have tons of paint left after all, and now I have the DIY bug.
Altho mine must have glitches, cause my DIYs rarely turn out. WHATEVZ. I going for it. I’ll update you, and you can all watch me fail. Lucky its going in the closet;)


If it works out half well, I’m going to tackle some other wooden piece that are kinda knock about and need a little TLC. I know. I’m channeling my inner Joanna Gaines;)

And then last week my lovely hubby announced that maybe we should move houses and buy a fixer upper.

Give me strength.