There comes a time in your life when you suddenly ponder about your siblings and come to a realisation that life would be ever so boring without them and that you wouldn’t be who you are today without them. That is how it is for most people at least, but for me, I think about my brother and how lucky I am to have him in my life every. single. day.

Why you might ask? Because he is simply the best brother you could ask for.

November 8th.

It’s November 8th here today.

I am pretty sure most people in the world are aware if what that means.

It’s election day in the USA.

And while I am not voting (I am not a citizen of this country- or even one that is here yet!) I did have a few thoughts to share quickly.

Whatever happens, let’s focus on loving each other. All this craziness and all this to and fro just confirmed in my mind how HUGE kindness, love and compassion really are. We have all seen some stellar interviews, remarks and the like which is exactly OPPOSITE to this, from both sides.  On every level, let’s focus on loving and caring for “our neighbor as ourselves”. Let’s us, the people, treat others “how we want to be treated'”.
It’s really in the everyday that lives are changed.

God’s not going to fall off His throne. He’s got a plan and a bigger voice than us all y’all. Nothing is going to come as a surprise to Him. He get’s the final say. And while it might be scary, we need to remember this. Everyday, not just on the big days.

And so, I’m excited for a King who will judge kindly.
Who will look after the poor and oppressed.
Who will defend women and children.
Who will look after the stranger and pilgrim and welcome them into the family.
Who will be honest, upright and true.
Who will end all wars.
A King who will ring forever and ever.

Jesus for King.


New Little *Nov-8th* Wife







Fall.. Were’d ya go?

I got lied too and I kinda lied, too.

First off, I was told it’s “fall”. Which means “cooler weather” and nice leaves.


It’s the end of Oct and it was over 30/88 yesterday.

Anyway, I was telling everyone, and myself, that fall was going to be slower and cooler and a lot less busy.





I have kinda been awol from here the last few weeks. Life just keeps charging on.

Some of the last months highlights are, but are not limited too;

Family visiting, organizing and running a youth weekend, family nights and doubles dates, getting a bad head cold, my first ever pumpkin patch trip, having a yard sale, getting two migraines, friends visiting, dr visits, blood tests, Graduation Dinners, KBC planning, baby parties and the like.

All so good.

Well. Maybe not the cold, mirage, dr bits.

But the rest was fab.

A few things this month;

Like I said above, we went to a pumpkin patch, my first one EVER. And it was awesome:)

I went to my first ever college ball game with some lovelies, which was just as fun.


Although, I know NOTHING of what they are doing. They just seems to run and tackle each other all the time, no matter who has the ball…?

And I hit SIX MONTHS since my treatment, which has me JUMPING for joy.

Really. Cause now I can- well, Me minus the head cold can 😉

Six months seems like a pretty big milestone. I can eat more and do more and BE more now, and its super. I’ll have an update coming.. when I get the chance!.. but I’m doing well!



Yes kids, we are heading down in the new year and pretty excited. The Hub even gets to come too, Hurrah!

I get to see these faces again!


We got friends to see and new babes to squeeze and a whole lotta talking and kisses to cram into three weeks.

The weeks have been FLYING by. Which is always good, so long as they slow when we are there. Ha.

Hopefully I’ll grab 10 post again soon, but in the mean time;

I’m not dead, I don’t get Gridiron, Fall is just longer summer and I’m going home.


New Little *October-were’d-you-go?* Wife

Our Best.

Luke 21 starts off with a story I love.
I find the whole chapter encouraging, motivating, a little sad and a fair few other things, but the start of the chapter I love love love.

It begins like this;

As Jesus looked up, he saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. “Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others.  All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

There are many reasons why I love this section of scripture, from things like the fact Jesus notices people so so amazingly well to the thinking about the life of that women and who she was.

However today I’m just going to talk about two things.

Two very simple, but powerful lessons I am reminded of every time I read this.

One; God wants our best.
He wants our all. Our faithful, obedient selves, not just our leftovers or some amount we deem appropriate. It’s all in. And when it is, He notices and cherishes it. This applies to much more than money, of course.
Its time and love and every aspect of our lives.
In the tough times, the lean times and the good times, a heart that’s all in is what he’s after.

Two; Your all is not her all. Your best is not her best.
You might look at someone giving what you think is two pennies and be annoyed, judging or critical. Don’t. Just because her offering seems smaller than your doesn’t mean it is. 

You might look at someone giving what you think is a huge fortune and be upset, downcast and wishing you could give such a large, crowd drawing amount. Don’t. Just because her offering seems bigger than yours doesn’t mean it is. 

Each of us is to give our best.

OUR best. 

Don’t look at others and their offerings, focus on giving your all, your best, your heart.

You and God know what that is, and in the end, that’s the only two people who really count.


New Little *My-All* Wife

Seth’s Mac Felt Left Out. Poor Baby.

Seth’s mac must have felt left out after mine went and snuffed it, cause it too decided to *try* and do the same.

Which is really helpful- NOT- at this slow- INSANE- time of year.

If I’m not here, a little crazy and all over the places, it’e because of this.. Well, at least the first one, the last two come natural 😉

So stick with it, hopefully we can revive this thing and be back at it, after the insanity that is the fall.

In the mean time, go read a good book, and then tell me about it;)

Love and Kisses,


Hi. I’m Sharniie. And Struggle.

This posts is from a talk I gave to some awesome ladies at a ladies night our church had a few months back. I have edited it, and taken out *Majority* of it, cause it’s pretty dang long. If you would like the full, unedited version, email me @ I’d be happy to supply it.

For now, read away. Hope it encourages you in some small way today.




My name is Sharniie.

I’m short and loud and I love My God, My Savior Jesus , my Husband, people and tea.

Looking at at my life you may well think that I have it all together. That I have some fairytale you dont.

I’m happily married to an awesome guy, look “healthy”, have a nice little house, friends and always seem to be happy.


Here’s the thing you might not know.

There is a lot of stuff I don’t talk about, you don’t know about and that you don’t see.

Stuff that makes me feel guilty, ashamed, scared, and hurt. Stuff i’m afraid to say or admit.

Things like Hurt, grief, body issues, insecurities, a mile long list of health issues, jealousy, depression, doubt, fear, breakups, bad choices, anxiety, marriage struggles,shame, faithless moments and screams at God and honestly, a few too many moments in which I simply didn’t believe He was there at all.

I have felt so alone more days than I want to think about.

I have always struggled with fitting in, finding my place and being the person I am.

I can get anxious easy. I find it hard to trust God with things, and sometimes I just get way to overwhelmed.

A lot of these can come in the same days and weeks, many do.

Here’s the real problem though;

When someone asks me how I’m going, I smile and say good.

I move on past & pretend I don’t struggle.

That I have it all togther, I don’t sin, or rather I dont have any problems.

I don’t say that I cried all day thursday about the choices I made when I was young.

I don’t tell them about the things that one person said a while ago I’m still upset about, or the fact that I am feeling a million miles away from God, and I simply don’t know how to get back.

Can I say something? 

Please, for the love, Let’s stop this madness.

Lay down that mask, because I for one am done pretending.

I want to make it out of this life happy, in one piece, and in the Kingdom of God.

And the only way i’m going to is if I am real.

Super super real. And I want people walking with me that are the same way.

So let’s get real

Let’s talk about the things that matter.

Let’s be open and honest. I dont want to be silent any longer.

You know what? I can almost guarantee that something on that list stood out to you?


Well because you are struggling too.

I think all of us are. We all have these things, these deep deep down afraid to admit things.

We think we are the only ones, that we have too much baggage, we are too much to handle, or that admitting these things will bring shame and isolation and so we stay silent.

We don’t really realize that, if we all took off our masks together, we would see we aren’t alone, there is freedom and grace.

God’s not stupid guys, There is a big reason He put’s us together, into families and churches and places. He knows we need each other.

And an even bigger thing God  knows *and maybe you need to know too* is this; 


You there, with your issues, and your baggages, and you struggles and failings and sins. You are not to much.

I spend way to many minutes thinking that I have to fix this mess. That God COULD NOT POSSIBLY HANDLE  my mud.

I know. I’m stupid.

Cause, you know, a God who made the world, who raises people from the dead, who tells the seas were to go, holds the stars in His hands and breathes things into life..

Well, I’m pretty sure He’s GOT THIS KIDS.

And then sometimes I think that I’m not enough. That somehow I am lacking, God doesn’t need me.

He doesn’t want me, and somehow I’m just too small.

Again, A God who planned, from the very beginning of the world, to set a plan in motion, which ended in His only, perfect Son nailed to a cross, just to win back MY little heart, reminds me that I am not too small.

To think that God looked at this world, and stopped, and thought “This world.. well.. it needs a Sharniie” brings me to a stand still.


And He did that.

With each and every one of us.

Please think about this.

Who do you think you are?

Deep down, when you think about you, who do you think you are?

And what makes you.. you?

And then think about who made you, and just dwell in that space for a while.

And when you’re feeling lost, uncertain, too hurt and fragile, too far away, and so so alone.

When your feeling like you have to much baggage, like your too much for anyone, or you’re so so small… 

Go back to that.

And start again.

Who Am I?

Who Made Me?

Who is He?

Who am I to Him?


So Hi.

My name is Sharniie. 

I’m short and loud. I love My God, My Savior Jesus, my Husband, people and tea.

I know that God made me. He loves me, forgives me and showers me in Grace.

He is the creator of the universe. He is SO big SO mighty and SO strong. He is Love. He is Grace and HE IS GOOD.

I am His daughter and I am precious to Him. I mean so much to Him that He looked away while His only Son hung on a cross just to save me.

My God wants me in eternity with Him and He works, everyday, to get me there. He loves me, depsite the fact I fail him everyday.

And I pray that when His Son comes, He can stand up and say to me. You have fought the fight, you have kept the faith, you have endured till the end. Come, Live with me forever.
My friend, my fighter, my servant, my faithful sister.
Even So Come.
New Little *Not-Perfect* Wife







Moving Countries 101.



By now you probably know this, and are most likely dang sick of me talking about this, but I moved from Aus to SoCal a few years ago to smooch this kid and get him for life.
So moving countries is something that I have done and at the ripe old age of 19.

Lately I have heard of a few people about to do the same.

So I thought I would write a post on Moving Countries 101.

Here we go Kids;

Firstly, Gather all your plans, ideas and time frames, make a nice neat pile… and then light them on fire. It’s not going to go like this, AT ALL. I think we had major plan changes every week in the first few months. In then end, ya kinda wing it. Enjoy the ride;)

Realize that homesickness is a big real thing, and embrace it.

You’re gonna get it, that’s for sure, so here are some tips to help ya;

Find the familiar. Something that reminds you of home, maybe a food, drink, place, people who have moved too ect. FYI If you live in Cali, World Market sells GOOD ginger beer and Target has the things you need to make  lemon, lime bitters, the kinda from home. You’re Welcome;)

Get a good phone plan *with unlimited data* And then download whats app & Skype.
No but really. These babies are you lifeline. Plus, if you can, get the plan that allows call to landlines for cheap. You need this more than you first realize.
Be honest with your partner. If you moved for someone, be honest with them. Not in the I HATE LIVING HERE way, although Seth has heard that PLENTY before *cause on the rough days, let’s be real, you kinda do. Ha.*
Just tell them what your thinking. Things like; “Im really homesick today, so if I am down, that’s why” “I just need to step back and find some familiar things” “I dont hate you, living here, or anything, I am just missing home” ect ect. It’s rough for them too, and they can often feel bad seeing you in a flood of tears telling them over and over that you “Just want to go to Audley Park!”. Ask us how we know;)
Anyway, Hope these little tips help!

Get lost. No really, get lost. Drive around your new place and lose yourself. It helps to see your surroundings, helps you to learn about where you are and what its like. *If you move to downtown LA or Chicago, maybe take a friend, or seven;)*

Join Community Events. Moving countries isn’t the best ever thing for ones social life, believe it or not. In fact, it down right sucks. So get out there, find new people, make new friends. Go to community things, have dinner with your neighbors, go out with work friends and meet people. This is SO important. It’s VERY easy to get lonely and feel pretty down that you don’t know anyone.

Change you mindset. Look at this as an adventure, a new experience, a plot twist, a whole new start over. If you try to mesh, compare or over analyze you’ll wind up sad, annoyed and hating were you live. So don’t.
Appreciate what you can, learn about your new place, and grow like crazy. There comes a point were it really hits you, about a year in, and trust me, you’re gonna wanna leave, if you can, push thru. You’ll be stronger for it.
It’s hard NOT to compare. Really, it is. And sometimes you have to, because you have to live somewhere, so looking at the pros and cons of each place is kinda a must, try to dwell MORE on the pros of where you are living at that time.

And lastly, Call ya mum. Or your dad. Or your brother. Or your niece. Make sure you have regular contact with everyone you love at home. This helps you to feel like you are still a part of their lives.

It’s rough, really. It’s kinda crazy, and those growing pains hurt like hell sometimes but it so fun, fulfilling and just good.

Plus this guy is SO WORTH IT.



New Little *Moving-Countries-101* Wife

Book Nook Book; Oh She Glows.


I realized I promised you all a book nook book and DID NOT DELIVER. Minus points for me.

So this week I am doing TWO. Lucky you.

The one i’m about to write about honestly saved my husband’s life. Really.

And it would be this book right here.


W don’t really like yo talk about the PRE Oh She Glows period of our marriage, because, to be honest, it was kinda miserable… Food wise that is;)

At the time I was a vegan, and cooking food for both of us.

My lovely husband didn’t really know a whole lot about other food apart from meat, potato, pasta and bread, so when I started cooking lentils, stir frys and mung beans, there were.. issues.. to say the least.

And, in his words., “not all of it was.. edible”.

Enter this book, which he gave me as a Birthday present. Ha.

Not only is it friendly for those who have allergies, it provides basic recipes you can edit, the food is easy and cheap to make, you usually have all the ingredients on hand, and it tastes AMAZING. Seth’s favorite meals come from this book.

And that’s saying something.

Now we have yummy, edible food, and everyone is happy.. and alive. 

So really, do yourself a Fav and get it.

It’s pretty much the only cook book I cook out of anymore, ever.


New Little *Book-Nook-Book* Wife

A surprise day with the ‘Rents. HURRAH.

So, my lovely parents had been in North America & Canada for a few weeks but I was not going to be able to see them.

We tried to make it happen, a few times and a few ways, but it wasn’t working out.

I was pretty bummed, and so were they.

And then I got this text late saturday.



By some amazingness, there were HUGE storms in Canada that cancelled all their flights and delayed travel.

Which made them have to re route their flights home.

Which made them end up in LA.

Which made them just TWO HOURS from my house, for a day.


*Cue excited face and happy times*

We raced up to LAX early sunday morning and got them and headed out to Santa Monica for lunch and a walk along the beach before dropping them back off for the flight home.

And it was JUST the best.

It was so so super special.



I know you all living up in Canada might not have loved the storms, but I sure did.

Yay for surprise visits, mumma hugs and strolls with ya dad. They made this little heart happy.



New Little *Thanks-For-The-Storms-God* Wife

16 Weeks PT; An update.


I know I have been SO slack on this and since everyone back home is asking, I finally sat down and to update you all on how i’m doing.

Today is 16 weeks post treatment. Hurrah. Who would have thought! It’s flown by!

So, I’m doing pretty dang good.

I feel like i’m slowly getting more energy, not getting sick nearly as much, and *sorry  TMI* but have only been vomiting once a MONTH, if that.

And for someone who was doing that daily, that’s a HUGE success.

Since we have been so busy, I feel like it’s made recovery take a bit of a back seat and go a little more slowly. We did a LOT of travel over the summer, so that surely hasn’t helped, but #YOLO. Ha.

I was getting a little upset because I had been wanting to be further along than I am and begin eating things I haven’t been able to eat *without crazy pains and sickness* but i’m sure that will come in time, and I have to learn to be patient.

Something that is NOT my forte.

I just need to keep reminding myself that my body is doing a swell job at fixing itself and doing what it needs to, I just gotta listen a little better, and wait.

I do still get pretty tired when I have been doing a lot, read the whole summer. Ha.

So i’m looking forward to the next few months, because they should be winding down. It will be so nice to have a warm, relaxing fall.

My diet still drives me a little crazy, although I have been a little more relaxed with it lately! :/

If you have any good gut healing recipes that are easy and yummy let me know, I would LOVE to try them.

I have also given up weighing myself, which I should have done ages ago. I was doing this at the start, and would get excited when I gained a few pounds, only to lose them a few weeks later when I was sick again.

So I started going on how I am feeling, how my clothes fit and how I actually LOOK.

People, take note, chuck the scales out. It really really tells you nothing.

There are, of course, days that aren’t so swell and I wind up on the couch again, but they are *thankfully* becoming less and less, and every time I have one I think, I can’t believe I used to live like this every day!!  So that has me SO excited!

People have been commenting to me that I am starting to look better and brighter, which is nice! I was looking at pictures of myself from late last year and comparing them to now and was a little shocked *In a good way* at the difference!! It feels good to be able to SEE some progress!

I have a few appointments coming up over the next few weeks and start blood testing to see if we are on track and how much it has been helping, which is exciting.. I am a little nervous though!

Whatever they say, I can tell i’m slowly going forward, and i’m excited and so thankful. 

I’ll promise ill update you all, and sooner than this. Sorry.

It feels so good to start feeling like me again. It’s crazy to think most people here in the US have never known me well and pre exhausted/death looking. Ha ha.

They may get a shock when the see what i’m really like;)
They might not be ready for it.

Whatever. They’ll have to deal with it, cause I SO am.

So, there ya have it. Sharniie 2.0 is well underway, just a few little *Bug* fixes and soon ill be good to go.

See what I did there, Huh?! I know, Pretty funny;)

Thanks to all those who have been sending thoughts and prayers and all. It means a lot.

Special thanks to the ‘Rents, the Sibs and the Hunk for being the bestest ever, celebrating the good days and coaching me through the bad ones.

Y’all are the best.


New Little *Sharniie-2.0* Wife.