Out Of Egypt

My filing cabinet broke ages ago, like really broke.

The draws fell off and the wheels didn’t move and all the things. During the house redo, I just shoved it in a corner, but since we are done *Hurrah* I needed to do something about it.I saw this little beauty of a dresser at a thrift store and decided that I could use the large bottom draw as a place for files, IF i condensed it.
Turns out we have a lot of files. Like a lot.

So I sat down in a mess of papers for a day and went thru each one, it was a longggg day, but I got thru it and they fit in the draw and ALL WAS WELL.

About now your all “ok so whats that got to do with egypt. These papers made with reeds from the Nile river or something girlfriend? Cause ya just raving!”
That I am, but I promise there is a point.

In my file culling and re arranging I came across a tinyyyyy little paper with about three lines on it. And it made me cry.

Call me sappy, or just super hormonal. Y’all would not be wrong there. {6 months preggers and those hormone are flowing!}

But this little paper had me stop and just thank God. Really.

You see, back in our first year of marriage we had a lot going on. actually, that is a huge understatement.

In that first year we had a few weddings {All for us – wedding hogs;)} moved houses a few times, lived with my lovely in-laws and then bought this little place. We worked through immigration and became leaders of our youth group, all the while my hub worked full-time.

It was fun, crazy, kinda stressful. And in Nov I wound up in the emergency room of our local hospital.

With no health insurance.

If you read that and you live in the US, you get where this is going.
If you don’t, lets just say it’s not great.
And even though we were only there for a few hours, we somehow found our selves with a huge medical bill.

We were worried. And as 20-year-old newly weds who had a crazy year including buying a house, it seemed like we finally hit the “too much” button.

We talked, and prayed, and met with the hospital to figure this all out.

Months went by, and nothing. We got nervous, but kept going. Life kept happening.

And then God stepped in, like He always does, and he brought us out of Egypt. 

A little paper came and it said that we owed nothing.

Not a thing.

Paid in full.

Which had shivers down my spine then, and still does now, cause it reminds me so much of something else that got paid in full for me.

And I sat on my bathroom floor, with papers around me, and cried.

Because I remember being 20 and scared, with too much going on, overwhelmed and seeming silence from Heaven.

Only to find that I was wrong *Again* and God had a plan.

Then I felt sad.
Sad that I had forgotten about how God had brought me from “Egypt” and led me out. Sad that I would forget such a huge blessing he placed in my life. Sad that He moves mountains, and I don’t even remember.

How many other times had he done this for me? How many times did I cry to God for deliverance, and receive it, only to go on my merry way again and forget?

I know people say to never look back, keep going forward. It’s not where you’re from, but were you are going. And sure, part of that is true.

But some of it is not.

We should look back. If only to remember.

We should look back and remember what God has done.Remember where we were, what He did, and how he lead us out of Egypt.
To think about those amazing miracles He did, the water he moved, and the dry ground he placed us on.

Why do this? Wont we get sad/mad/down?
Oh no no. Do it, because we become thankful, grateful and filled with love.
Do it because we are reminded that HE HAS A PLAN. He IS listening. And He IS in control.

It builds our faith. It helps us get thru the next hurdle, the next trial, that we face.

The next time we are in an “Egypt” we remember those times God came and He saved.

We look at what God has brought us through and from, we thank Him and we charge ahead, knowing that He’ll do it again.

There are over 87 mentioned of God taking Israel out of egypt. He commands them to remember, to go back and think, and to still be in awe of His mighty hand. And He commands us too remember too.

So I sat there and thought. 

I started counting all my “Egypts” and all the my “dry grounds” that God then placed me.

There are many. And as I went thru I realized something…

And not once, NOT ONE TIME, was I left in my mud, building bricks. Not once was a left a slave. Left alone, with no salvation.

Sometimes it sure felt like 400 years, and it wasn’t easy, but He always came and led me out.

Every. Single. Time. 

And I know I’ll end up there again, mostly from my own stupidity I’m sure, and I’ll toil and work and cry out.

But I know, 1000% that I will be led out of Egypt. I don’t know anyone with a better track record for saving than The Lord God Almighty.

I’m still standing. Still moving forward.

So look back. Remember. Count your Egypt’s, your dry ground, your miracles.

And remember that, at the end of the day, He will lead you to the best promised land, and you don’t need to worry, because you too have been paid in full.


New Little *Out-Of-Egpyt* Wife.



Psalm 136

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.

to him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever.
who by his understanding made the heavens,
His love endures forever.
who spread out the earth upon the waters,
His love endures forever.
who made the great lights—
His love endures forever.
the sun to govern the day,
His love endures forever.
the moon and stars to govern the night;
His love endures forever.

10 to him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt
His love endures forever.
11 and brought Israel out from among them
His love endures forever.
12 with a mighty hand and outstretched arm;
His love endures forever.

13 to him who divided the Red Sea[a] asunder
His love endures forever.
14 and brought Israel through the midst of it,
His love endures forever.
15 but swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea;
His love endures forever.

16 to him who led his people through the wilderness;
His love endures forever.

17 to him who struck down great kings,
His love endures forever.
18 and killed mighty kings—
His love endures forever.
19 Sihon king of the Amorites
His love endures forever.
20 and Og king of Bashan—
His love endures forever.
21 and gave their land as an inheritance,
His love endures forever.
22 an inheritance to his servant Israel.
His love endures forever.

23 He remembered us in our low estate
His love endures forever.
24 and freed us from our enemies.
His love endures forever.
25 He gives food to every creature.
His love endures forever.

26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.
His love endures forever.

The House Reveal; Living Room & Master Bedroom.

I am posting TWICE in one week.

Do you feel loved? You should.

Last post I made an exciting announcement and that was.. *Drum Roll*



We had been going on it since Nov. of last year. I know. That’s a shamefully long time.

In our rather weak defense, we had christmas, an over-seas trip, a baby announcement, a few other weekends away and dog thrown in. So we were busy, just maybe a little slow in the house department.

Anywhoo, here we are.

New carpet and all.

We had extra motivation cause my parents were coming over, and I’m not sure they would have slept on a concrete floor with no bed frame, closet or clean bathroom.
So, that gave us a little kick up the toosh.

I don’t have many (Or any?!) photos of the old rooms to show you *Rookie Error*

But i’ll show you some pictures of the new ones anyway, cause I want too.

Here is our Living Room;


Nice new carpet! YAY. And I LOVE the green/blue of the wall.
I dunno what to do with all those cords in the corner.
Ideas anyone?


And our little table. I know. I have a lot of teal-y colour in my house;)


Alfie wanted in a photo;) 

We are still de cluttering, un packing from the carpet installment and our little vacay and all the things, so it’s a little C R A Z Y and most the house it still a pit.  That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m keeping it. So Ha.

And our Master; 


Fairy lights though. ❤
And after ALL the 27 color swatches we tested, we both LOVE the grey.
Just as well;)

We need a new curtain color, WAY to much grey going on up in there girlfriend. Any suggestions? I was thinking a blue/green/teal.. incase I havent got enough already. Haha.


Some people are crazy cat ladies, I am a crazy scarf lady. They even have there own basket. I may need an intervention soon.


This week I’m working on the Nursery and Guest Room, so stay tuned for that;)

I have decided to paint this huge dresser and re vamp it for the baby. We have tons of paint left after all, and now I have the DIY bug.
Altho mine must have glitches, cause my DIYs rarely turn out. WHATEVZ. I going for it. I’ll update you, and you can all watch me fail. Lucky its going in the closet;)


If it works out half well, I’m going to tackle some other wooden piece that are kinda knock about and need a little TLC. I know. I’m channeling my inner Joanna Gaines;)

And then last week my lovely hubby announced that maybe we should move houses and buy a fixer upper.

Give me strength. 



Baby Baby; FAQ.

There has been a lot going on these last six weeks!

*We finally finished house *ALL THE PARISE HANDS*
*My parents came to visit and we took a trip to Tahoe, which was splendid.
*Summer hit with all it’s crazy andddddddd I managed to get fat. Ha.

Today, we will chat about the latter. I hope to fill you in about the rest later, although knowing my track record, it might be a while. Promise i’ll try tho.

M’kay, let’s get into it!

So I’m gonna do a little Q&A thing about the babe; Here goes!

When are we due? 

Well TBH babes come with they want, haha, but the dates say late November, so right around thanksgiving. Yes,  the joke about me going into labour at thanksgiving dinner has been said.. maybe more than once;)

How far along are we?

At the moment we are right around 18 weeks.
The last six have FLOWN by and I can’t believe we are almost half way. SO EXCITED to be out of the first trimester. Cause, let’s be real, it is horrible. I’m now enjoying being pregnant a lot more, which is nice. Don’t get me wrong, we were always excited, but when you literally CANT.STOP.VOMITTING some times is hard to enjoy it.

Any cravings?

Here is were I announce that the baby is ALL Seth. Like, it is not even funny.

Anyone that knows him would know of his incredible love for meat, ice cream and long showers.

I, on the other hand, am a lover of fresh salads, plenty of veggies and tea. But do ya think the babe wants any of that. NOT A CHANCE.

A few weeks ago, This child rejected four dinners before it got icecream. *And my hub fist bumped my tummy and said “atta boy”.*

So I’m eating steak like a caveman and have given in *for now* to it’s demands.

I did manage to drink a half gallon of OJ in two days, which I tend not to drink, plus, if I feel like something suppppperrr strong, nothing else will do. And I mean nothing. Picky thing.

How did we find out? 

This one is a little funny. For those who don’t know, my sister Kez is also expecting! She’s about 6 weeks ahead of me, and when she told us we were all excited! I planned on taking a trip out to see the babe on Nov after it was born (HAHA).

The next morning Seth and I were chatting about the newest babe on the way. Then Seth made a comment which got me thinking and*long story short* an hour (and a lot of surprise later) we were talking about OUR OWN babe on the way! Crazy!!
So fun to have SO many babies so close together!

Any morning sickness?

I don’t even want to talk about this. Haha. See previous post. Also, That name is a lie.
All day, all night.
Thankfully, we are slowly down in that regard.. which has us all excited and me eating like a demon to make up for the 14 weeks of nothing but toast! Around week 16 it started letting off, altho don’t ask my parents about how it went in Tahoe… Haha.

Do we want a boy or girl?

We don’t care. We are going for a happy healthy baby! Seth family is pretty much boys and mine is pretty much girls, so the battle is on;)

But that leads us to then next question which is…..

Are we finding out what it it?

We are… NOT. I know. Bold move.

It’s gonna be a surprise til the very end. Extra motivation to push. Ha. Really tho, my sisters both don’t ever find out, and there was veiled threats made about what would happen should I choose to break that tradition;)

Do I have a belly?

I have legit had one since 7 weeks *Thanks Bloating!* Around 13 weeks it came out, and now there is no looking back. I forget sometimes and smack it into things. Haha. Poor bebe. See below for a few belly shots:)

These are around 12-14 weeks 


16 weeks at Tahoe. Ignore the strange face, was probably about to be sick. Haha.

And lastly..

Any plans to head home? 

We are planning on *hopefully* earlier next year! Gonna head back and show Tiny T off:)

Also, Apparently, these are things I now say;

“I’m only vomitting cause I skipped third breakfast.”

“Babe.. I spent $45 on dried beef sticks from Trader Joes.”

*At MacDonalds* Seth; Sharnz, Did you wan- Me; Large Oreo Mcflurry.

“Doing well, I only threw up four times today. So I’m calling it a win.”

“Can I have another beef stick please..?* five minutes later… “And another one.. ”.. “and maybe one more?”

Haha, Gee the things we do for our kiddos. Parenting start from day one, thats for sure! But so does the love. And we sure love ya tiny sprout, vomit, beef sticks and all:)

So, there is a little update for ya!

Any gender guesses?! 


New Little *Mama-To-Be* Wife

I’m Back *and with a* Baby ;)

I have a good reason for not posting these last six weeks, I promise. It’s the best one yet;)

Some of you many already know but….


We are expecting our first little babe!

I know. Crazy.

Hence the reason I have been MIA these last six weeks.

This little babe is a dramatic one, to say the least. I gotta say though, It comes by the drama gene honest.
A fact my family members remind me of daily;)

We found out about five weeks ago and since then its been a crazy ride!

I was blessed with morning sickness from six weeks on which was not fun for anyone. AT ALL.

My poor hubs barley slept for two weeks, because unlike the name suggests, it’s not JUST in the morning.

And in my case it was 24/7 for a solid 2+ weeks. Which meant my hubs was waking at 12 am (and 2, 3;30, & 5 ect) to a wife that was heaving in a bucket next to him.

Just Delightful.

He being the amazing hubs he is, was up every time to help me. #SnaggedAGoodOne

Also, fun fact you can have “Morning sickness” both ways *if ya get my drift* Ask me how I know;)

Anyway, that has been slowing down a little (Thank God, Really!!) and mama is getting a little more food down.


About now is when I give a huge shout out to my lovely mother in law and Grammy, who came and fed and clothed us plus cleaned my house and helped with errands for the last few weeks. Life Savers. Really though.

You know it’s getting bad when you text your husband asking if he has eaten recently and if there actually WAS anything to eat in the house. #WifeOfTheYear.


We are thankful for A LOT of things!

*That this little bean appears to be growing well.
*That I get the chance to carry and grow a little baby.
*That we are otherwise healthy and doing well.


We are SO excited to met this little one!

Feels like it’s going so slow, but we have a busy summer planned so I’m sure it will fly by. Until then, Grow big and string little babe!

So, that’s the big news from this little wife!

If you have any pregnancy tips (MAINLY ON MORNING SICKNESS) please share!

And join us over the next six months as we prepare to welcome this Tiny Tunnell into the world!



New Little *Mama-To-Be* Wife

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Psalm 139v13-19

House Hints; Plastic Sleeves & House Schedules

I meal plan.

It saves my butt EVERY DANG DAY cause you can be SURE that if I didn’t I would get to five pm and we would end up eating cold potatoes.

There was a struggle at the beginning though.

I didn’t want to keep writing and using a sheet of paper each week, or print out the pretty ones you can find online every five seconds. Seems like a waste of paper/ink

Plus, I change my mind *often* during the week of what we are having.

Enter, the plastic sheet.

Y’all know those plastic sleeve things you can get for like 2 cents. Here is what I did.

I Wrote out all the days of the week SUPER FANCY and shoved it into the plastic thing.


Then stuck a dry easer marker next to it.

Thank you thank you, I know, I’m a genius. 

Now, I just scribble whatever we are having down for the week after I shop, and rub it out each week.  Magic.

I do the same thing with my cleaning plan.

If you are anything like me, you might end up washing the towels three times a week and leaving your kitchen floor for three months. Ahem.


So, I found this pretty one online *I think its from youngwifesguide.com* and printed it out.
Wrote down all the BASIC things I USALLY need to in a week; Think bathrooms, laundry, dishes, vacuum ect, gave each day a few of them, and STUCK IT IN OTHER PLASTIC SLEEVE.

When I’ve done them for the day I cross ’em of. If I decide to play with the dog or go for coffee and slack off instead of do my house work, then i just leave it uncrossed and do it the next day.

And it literally takes me TEN minutes to get all the work done AND the bathroom gets cleaned more then twice a year cause I actually REMEMBER  #Winning


And maybe, if ya lucky, I might make you a pretty meal plan/ cleaning sheet for them;)


New Little *House-Hints* Wife.

Goals + Thoughts for 2017.

The first person to point out that it is March and I am only JUST writing this will get a huge eye roll.
Anyone else after that is just a copy cat. Y’all get nothing.

So yes, it’s March.

The year has got off to a cracking start *see the previous posts about our Aus trip and Alfie!*

I have been thinking these past few months about some things I want to try to do this year, and I have been doing them a little bit, I just havent told you all about them yet.
Ha ha.

So, here they are, in no particular order;

Write letters and cards; I have been doing this one recently and been loving it!
If you would like a little card in your letterbox, let me know!

Pray in the “Spare Minutes”; Which means when I’m washing dishes, driving, walking, showering ect. Using these minutes that I’m already doing things to start connecting with God.

Read more non fiction; I tend to go towards certain book genres, which is fine, but apart from the bible I don’t really read any non fiction.
So I want to try to change that, I have a Brene brown on my night stand waiting to be devoured.

De-Clutter the house; I have been smashing this out thanks to our house remodleing. *YES THEY ARE STILL GOING. DONT ASK*.I’ll post after pictures when they are finished, *unless we pass away before that happens which is looking INCREASINGLY likely*.
However, We have thrown out a huge amout of stuff and about 50% of our clothes. It has been AMAZING.

Workout regularly; If you wanted to come and watch someone pant, limp and die around a soccer field, come to Poway on thursday nights.
We have started to play indoor soccer  and it has shown me JUST how unfit I am.. For the viewers at home That would be VERY. 

Create Something; I don’t know what this one is going to look like, but I want to create something this year. It could be a career, eBook, house, some kind of arty thing (NOT LIKELY BUT I’LL ADD IT IN HOPE) or whatever. Comment and give me some suggestions if you have them!

Say YES to more good things; I have gotten out of the habit of saying yes to the little, spontaneous things, and I’m not loving it.
So it’s back to the Girl who said yes to 10pm beach swims,random summer road trips and lazy saturday drives JUST CAUSE.

Re Read childhood Favorites; I am thinking Anne of Green Gables, Little house and The royal diaries. What are some of your childhood favourites?

Learn a new skill; I’m thinking SEWING, which would have made my lovely Grandma proud, but will come as a surprise and concern to those who have seen/heard of my sewing skills up to this point.
I did not gain the sewing skills in the family. Infact there is a 90% chance of bodily harm when I get behind a machine. I will update you on this, when I’m in hospital with two casts and missing an eye.

Get a dog; this was NOT on there, but since we got one, let’s add it so I can cross something off! HURRAH!

My overarching theme of this year would be trust.

Trusting in Gods plan and that HIS timing is right! rRemembering HE knows me SO well and He loves me like no one else.

Trusting in my husband, trusting other people and trying to see the BEST in them.

So if you see a lot about trust, or my lack thereof, this is why.

SO, anyone else have any goals for this year they would like to share? Or any comments on mine?



New Little *2017-Goals* Wife

And then there were three…. ;)

We have some news!

We are SO excited to introduce to you the latest little member of our family.

King Alfred the 7th.

AKA; Alfie.


I will tell  y’all what happen, but first we have to back it up a bit and start a few months ago.

Seth has been wanting to get a dog for a while. We had been going back and forth about it for some time, done a few trips to the humane society but found nothing. We had talked about breeds, and I had laid down a few ground rules starting with; No puppies, no dogs that have to be inside only, no loud ones. I had thought I had set the bar high enough..

Then last Saturday he had the day off and we were planning what to do, he suggested going to the humane society. So off we went.

And within a few minutes he had seen Alfie, who’s name was Jerry then, and fallen in love. We got him out in the interaction pen and for Seth, that was it.

I, on the other hand, was less excited and a little unsure. We we put our name down for them ti call if he became available to adopt and left.

For the next few hours Seth proceeded to name every quality of this dog and sing his praises, while asking repeatedly if I was sure I didn’t want him.

The next morning we were making breakfast before church and there was silence, till a voice came down the hallway..

“But Babe, ARE YOU SURE?!”

Cue the eye roll and the mutter “for the love Seth, shut about this dang dog..”

Then a miracle happened.

After church finished Seth had no jobs to go to, which left us without anything to do and a few more hours in which to adopt the dog, before he went to someone else.

I relented and said we could go back to “See him again” and of we trotted. After we got him out again he ran right up to us and snuggled in *i’m positive Seth sent him some kind of telepathic message..* and five minutes later we were totting this dog home.

He has been an absolute dream of a dog. He’s house trained, doesn’t bark, LOVES to cuddle and chill out. He’s SO excited when we come home and he loves being outside, which is good since thats were he is going.

The only thing is we have NO idea what breed he really is! We have been told everything from King Charles to Corgi to Terrier.

We do know one thing though; he’s pretty stinking cute.



So fellow dog owners, any tips and tricks to give me? And anyone know what breed he is?!


New Little *Dog-Owning* Wife.





Well this is embarrassing; ANYWHO, Life for the past few months.

I last posted on Dec 15th.

It’s now Feb 23rd.


Nervous cough.

ANYWHOO; moving right along.

Life’s been good. It’s been nice to be relaxing and living and feeling better. We had a new years eve party at our house, just a small one, which was fun. The weeks kinds blur between thanksgiving and new years huh?!

We headed to Australia mid Jan to get some baby squeezes in cause Y’ALL I GOT A NEW NIECE.



She was born Jan 11th. And a few days after we headed out to meet her.

*Cue the huge amount of photos*



Aus was, as always, amazing and fun and way to short a trip. Catching up, squeezing kiddos, nights out, Sleep overs with Nieces, and first days of pre school and family pictures. See below.



PC to my amazing brother who’s a pretty dang good photographer:)

img_3531 img_3565 img_3553

We headed out of LAX while it was raining and freezing and 40, and landed at 9am in humid, sticky 95. Seth almost died.

Actually he almost died twice in the first day. Once when we landed and the other when he found out my parents DO NOT have AC, and the only spare fan was actually a heater that had fan element and was the size of a radio. Poor kid never saw it coming.

img_3445 img_3446 img_3645

We’re back at home now and into trying to FINALLY finish the house. I laugh that I told myself it would take 2 weeks.. HAHAHA*SOB*.

This year I am going to try and work on being better about posting, but posting things of value and not just rambles. Hopefully I’ll get my new year thoughts and goals up here soon and some other stuff.

img_3483 img_3307 img_3282

What about you guys? Did you all have a safe and happy Christmas/new year/ VALENTINE break?

*HOW did I go this long, my stars*

Cue awkward stage exit.


New Little *Ah-Well-I’m-Back* Wife


img_3302 img_3569



A few months ago we had some of our friends got hitched. Hurrah.

We had some other friends stay the night.

Yeah I know, we have more than two friends #Winning.

They meant to only stay one, but hot days and bad burgers and beers along with other things made for two nights.

All this meant we trotted off to the store to buy dinner. And we decided on salmon.


My lovely friend showed me a new way to cook a fillet of salmon. Heat up the oven hot for 25 mins, put it straight on a baking tray, pop it in and turn the oven off. It slow cooks.

We did that. And well, Didn’t it turn out just fab.

It was so simple and so amazing I had actual tears. We ate and laughed and chatted and cleaned up..

Well. Mostly.

They left, we rushed on and a few 90+ days later I started smelling something not swell.

Our trash tends to be of the putrid variety after a day or two.

We eat so much fresh stuff it starts fester in the bottom… Yum 😉

I tossed it, cleaned the can. Done.

Two more days, and it was getting worse. So I turned to the fridge, got that cleaned. Ran the disposal.

Sparkling. Swell.


Five 95+ days.

It was utterly filthy.

And as soon as I opened the oven door I nearly died. #TRUTH.

It was dry heave worthy.

I had to air the house for hours.

There was not an oil in the world could cover that stank.

And I didn’t even try to clean it up.

I took one look at the baking tray and deemed it irredeemable.

I haven’t cooked salmon since.



New Little *Salmon-Stinks* Wife

Hello. It’s Me. I was wondering if after all these *weeks* you’d like to read.

I have been disgustingly lax about posting these last few weeks, and they, as they tend to do, have turned into months. Dang it.

And I verhemantley apologize.

Thanks to my brother who wrote a random and totally unplanned post about how much I love him, I hope that kept you all amused. I do love ya Bro.


I could tell you how busy we have been, and how crazy the last few weeks were, and ALL THE THINGS, but let me just show you some pictures, so you understand.

This is my house.

Yes. We are sleeping in that small corner over there.

And yes, all of our worldly possessions seem to be in our living room.


I was thinking that it would only take us a week.


We started out just wanting to paint the walls. Which turned into scraping and redoing the ceilings, which turned into redoing the closet doors, and pulling up the carpet and everything else.

Hence, we are still here, half way done.

The smell of paint now is normal and having you laundry in your pantry seems sane, at this point.

However, there has also been a ton of fun times these past few months including thanksgiving!

Some things I was thankful this year include;

Seth’s new job -which is going super well!

My health – SO THANKFUL for the medical treatment I got earlier this year, it has worked wonders!

Our Friends and family all around the world.

A new baby on the way – MY SISTER’S NOT MINE CALM DOWN Y’ALL

Our little home, which has seen many friends & family the past few years. Even though its torn up right now, we still love it 🙂

There is also another cool thing I am doing this month, which Ill explain in a later post more, but briefly, here are some facts.

It is called DRESSEMBER and I am wearing dresses all month to raise awareness and money for Anti Human Trafficking Charities who rescue these poor women and children.

I’ll post some of my dress outfits in the next post, but so far so good!

The only times I haven’t been able to do it is the few few days of painting, and a hike I did!

It such a good cause. As I was reading up on this crime I was so shocked to see that it s one of the largest international crimes today, and has been RISING. More on that later, but look it up here.

We have a busy month this month with our anniversary, my birthday, christmas and planning for our TRIP HOME IN JAN! HURRAH.

I’ll be back with more, but right now I have to go and scrap my roof.


People who have done DIY home work, please leave me sweet little comments about how it’s all worth it;)


New Little *House-Hurry-Up* Wife.