Trip Recap- NON medical.. with a million photos;)


I promised a trip recount NON medical related. And I’m gonna deliver.

So, whilst over there, I did manage to do some slightly funner things that treatment. Hurrah.

There were date days with my brother..


And we went to the movies to see Captain America v Ironman. The woman behind us was super skilled in the art of photo bombing…


We also came up with another series of Superheros. Stay tuned. It’s going to blow you away 😉

We even got in a body balance work out, and this stunner was our fantastic instructor!




I snuck a trip to Newcastle in there, and had coffee and beach times with these babes. Plus some WELL over due catch ups with a good friend!



Side note about this photo; it was taken by my little nephew who is 3!!! And it was his first time taking a photo on a phone. Ever. I think he did a pretty dang good job! What a champ!!


Then back down to watch this little girl kick it in swimming… Naturally we went for baby chinos after 😉


Plus a little bit of shopping too.. My sister and I ended up twinning and getting the same shirt.. Lucky we don’t look alike;)


Isn’t this little guy just delicious!? 


A trip home would not be a trip home without lunch with these darlings.


Plus a sneaky arvo tea with this girl who happened to be on my side of AUS!


And I finally got to see these ladies after TWO YEARS. Sob. Although one was traveling Europe for a year and the other is simply phenomenal at her job and just never free. So it wasn’t all my fault 😉


I also happened to smash out a fair few books whilst away, so stay tuned for more Book Nook Books!!

Plus, as always, some awesome chats, coffee dates and quality time in with these lovely babes!



I would like to give a shout out to this Hunk, who was has been a champ for the last month! It’s never easy doing long distance, but he’s amazing at it.

Plus when I came home he had it spotless with flowers and little presents everywhere and a few house renos I had been suggesting for a while done! Hurrah.

He’s smashing this husband thing!!


So, there ya have it! So nice to see all these people again! Sure do miss em tons! Hard to say goodbye to those little faces too… But it was oh so good to hug the hub.


New Little *Trip-Recap* Wife



Throw back; Five years ago this weekend.

I’m a reader. I love books. Like. A lot.

Ever since I was tiny, I have been reading avidly. I was the kind of child who snuck way too many torches under the blankets to read “just one more chapter” until way way too late.

In my many demolished books, I read a fair few American novels (The Princes Diaries anyone?!) and learned a little about this thing call Prom.

Well, 5 years ago on this weekend, the Hunk took me to it.


Let me give you the back story here.

I had met him the summer before, and we became friends.
After months of emails and letters, he was talking a little about his senior years and then I asked about this Prom thing.

Oh, I’m not going. He said causally.

To me, in my Meg Cabot based knowledge of prom, I was like… You’re insane. Why would you not go?! It sounds AH-MAZING.

I didn’t actually say that, but I was a little surprised.

The subject was dropped. And didn’t come back around for a few more weeks.

Well, apparently his mother had had the same idea, and told him he should be going.

His response. I’ll go, but only if Sharniie goes with me.

Ask her then.

So he did. 

He was cute, so I said yes.

It was all fun and games until I remembered the whole Pacific ocean thing. 

And felt a little insane going half way round the world to attend the prom of a boy who I had met for only 6 days over nine months ago.

But hey, what’s life without a little adventure and love.

So we booked the ticket and I got excited and more than a little nervous.

There was a conference weekend on the weekend before prom and Seth had a few free days, so I booked to go for two weeks.

Seth was still in school but his classes were pretty light since it was May of his senior year so I tagged along for a few days, and was even there for his track meet final.

He’s pretty impressive at sports. Me, on the other hand. Ha.

I tried to look cool and warm up with them in the group jog. I made it half a lap in my all star converse shoes before going to nap… sit down in the stands and take the cheering option, which requires no running.

We made it to the night.. We scrub up alright hey;)



It was superrrrr fun! We danced and laughed and froze our butts off!!

And the rest, as they say, is history.


It must have worked, cause we scrubbed up again 3 years later.

IMG_2591 (1)

Yep. That picture is from our first wedding:)

Then again six months after that.

IMG_9642IMG_6606 B&W

Glad I was slightly insane and adventurous when I was 17. 

Wouldn’t change it for the world.

New Little *Prom-Going* Wife

Thank You.

So I’m state side again.

Im happy, sad, nervous, ready to get back into it.. but mainly.


I’m so excited about all the possibilities this treatment opens up.

Healthy body.

Able to be Active.

Eat REAL food! Haha!! But Really..

I also want to take some time to say thank you.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed, sent messages, cards, packages. It all means so much to me. You guys have all overwhelmed me with so much love and support, its amazing and i’m just SO thankful for it.

Seth and I are so blessed to have such an amazing network of friends & family around the world. We have really loved and appreciated it all.

There are so many people I would love to thanks right now.. my friends for always choosing resturants I can eat at, my brother for all the advice on treatment, my lovely in laws for letting me nap on their couches, not batting an eyelid at all the times I threw up in their bathroom and always being ready to help out in any way, my sisters and close friends ect…

However, I would not be here in recovery today if not for three main people.

To my Dad;

For always believing in my symptoms, no matter how insane they sounded. For knowing what it feels like to be completey exhausted. For showing me what a resilient person looks like and how to keep going when you feel like you can’t. For being so interested and invovled in my health. I have never known a father who asks about their child’s bowel movemnts as much as you do. I love you.

To my Husband;

For never complaining about how many oils, herbs & vitamins I dragged into the house. For eating vegan food like a champ. For always being supportive and kind. Thanks for all the long nights you stayed with me, all the heat bags you heated up, the times you held my hair back, the sleepless nights and constant sickness and cleaning up the house when I simply couldn’t.

I know it hasnt been easy for you having a sick girlfriend/wife and I know you have missed out on a lot because of it, so thank you. You really are the best. Thanks for understanding. I love you.

And To my Mumma;

For being my biggest advocate, not only in my health, but in all my life. For never stopping until you found someone who could make me better. For the 6am starts, the many tests, dr after dr and waiting room after waiting room. For all the times you have slept in those hospital chairs. For curling up next to me and rubbing my back. For helping me when “it was over flowing”.  I know it hasnt been easy, cheap or the funnest time of your life, but thanks for sticking by me.. Even when I got married and moved half way round the world, you have always been there.

 You are the perfect example of a loving, steadfast, faithful mother. It takes an amazing woman to be able to come out of the last ten years still in one piece. You amaze me Mum.  I love you.

So heres to the future.

To healthy bodies.

To new adevnture.

To amazing friends, and the most supportive family.

To a Good God who looks after me all to well.



New Little *Improved* Wife

Treatment up dates + I broke a record.. Kinda..

Again I apologies for being a bit MIA.

This week had been crazy busy and I have been still in treatment.. Up until yesterday!



Happy dances all around.


This exciting moment warranted a ginger tea at a little cafe near the hospital.

This last week was better than the first few, I had more energy and a little more pep but i did manage to start getting sick.. which is terrible timing. Im hoping to kick it before i fly out, but seeings as thats in two days *eeeekkkkkk* I’m not sure whats going to happen.

Oh well. Im just excited not to be in this little bed filling out those forms any more. IMG_0691.JPG


I also broke a record, kinda.

My laptop started acting up at the start of this trip. I got my brother to have a look at it, but it got worse. Until it wouldn’t turn on or even respond to touch.

I took it down to the apple store. And explained to them what had happened.

Once the guy did his magic thing with all the cords and extra stuff and he got up and running…

His eyes went huge.

And he made a noise that made me laugh. Then cry.

“You just broke our record for the most number of things WRONG with a laptop.”

He turns to his co worker and points to the screen, his eyes also go like saucers.

“See all those little red flashing icons… Its not good”

Half an hour later, and crying inside. I left. With a my little laptop and having been told all my data lost.

Let me repeat that. All data lost.

Please lets all take a moment silence. 

It did teach me a little lesson on the value of “things” and make me realise that possessions are just that.. possessions. There are FAR more important things is the world, and far WORSE things to happen than to have a problems with your laptop .

It was a good reality check and made me re asses just how much time, value and importance I give to the “things” that I have. We are going to have to leave it all one day hey.

However, six years of photos and documents and work and all that jazz gone. Thats not a happy feeling.

I should mention my brother more on this blog. He’s great.

I came home, Mac in hand. And told him the verdict. And whined about my lost everything.

Long story short, 2 laptops hacked open, parts and screws everywhere, cables yanked,  much insides re arranging, a back up drive & 20 hours later, he manages to recover everything.


If you have a tech nerd in your house, hug them. They really do save the day.

Hurrah for brothers that can fix electronics!

The rest of this trip, which is fast coming to a close, will be resting, packing, and squeezing little ones.

I’ll up date you on the more *non health related* side of things later.

But for now, I’m just going to be enjoying my last few days here with my lovely family.



New Little *Record-Breaking* Wife

Long Distance; How to make it work.

Im over in OZ at the moment, and since being here for the last few weeks I have been reminiscing  of the days that my lovely man and I did the long distance thing. So today i’m going to share a little about our story and how to make it work!

I am in Aus, again, and the Hub is still in SoCal. Did someone take us back to 2012?!
It sure feels like it.

We are back at the beginning.

Back to getting frustrated at the time zones, quality of viber sound, the annoying ocean that is in-between Kirrawee and San Diego and not being able to smooch when we want too;)

So, some back story for those of you who don’t know us;

My hub & I were young when we met and though we were just friends for an insanely long time after we did, by the time we were actually dating, we were pretty annoyed at the whole “Oceans/countries/travel” thing…

It was a good three years until we fixed that, but in the mean time, we made it work.

For those three years we did an insane amount of plan trips, late night calls, Skype sessions and other insanity long distance people do.

Our dating years were fun, kinda hectic and very expensive. Please don’t ask us how much we have spent over the years on place flights… I might cry.

While it was all money & time well spent, its not easy to do long distance and it there are a lot of challenges that come with it.

So here are a few tips and tricks to hopefully help you;



Work out “times”.

First; time changes. Know one likes being woken up at 4am, even if it is bae calling. 
Then work out times in the day when you are both relatively free.

Know each other schools well and it will allow you to have conversations at what would seem like strange times of the day.

You don’t need to go so far as knowing there bathroom break times, but lunch times, class break times, times they stop work etc are always a plus.

Use what you have. 

We have a lot of things to use which can make long distance easier, like Skype, viber, Facebook calling, watsapp ect.

Use it. Never underestimate how much a Skype chat or little message can make. Whats more, use it to have dates!

Set up a “Dinner date” and Skype the other person in, watch the same movie via Skype and chat about it, vibe them in to big events so they feel like they are there.

Write Letters

Honestly. Write letters to each other. Make them fun and funky and all kinds of crazy. There is nothing like getting something in the mail to make you day a little brighter. Include photos or flowers.. Or weetbix, if you Babe lives in the USA;)

Talk. Talk. Talk.

You would think couples that do long distance are good at having a chat, and we are, mostly.

But its VERY easy to keep your other half out of some bits of you life or no tell them the whole story, or how you are REALLY feeling. So be honest.

Have fun.

When you with each other, have fun. Enjoy your time together. You don’t have to make it expensive, there are plenty of cheap dates and fun things to do!

When your not together, send little spunky messages or letters to each other. Make it fun, make it crazy, make it YOU. 

Like we always say, “You do YOU, Boo!”

So for anyone who is in Long Distance, You rock! I know it hard, kinda crazy and a little stressful, but its all worth it!

Anyone else have any good tips & tricks?!


New Little *Long-Distance* Wife

Treatment and Trip Updates.

I have been MIA for the last two weeks, I know.


Im in Australia right now getting medical treatment.

It’s kicking my butt.

Not the funnest thing I have ever done. And I’m not sure why, but its got me beat. I thought I would breeze it and be fine. I had planned out what I would be doing in the afternoons and evenings, making the most of the time “off”. Let me show you what its REALLY been like..

First of all this. If you know what this is, I feel for you. I really do. Not the funnest day I have ever had..


We moved on from that and had a few days of this.. 



And a week looking like the undead. I even filtered this too. You couldn’t see me without it. #palefordays

And Yes that would be the bathroom wall behind me. It’s were I spend my life these days. 


Followed by a very exciting salad. REAL FOOD PEOPLE. Finally. * I am being honest when I say I was excited about this salad. It was a happy happy day.


And the rest of the time, it looks like this..

Yes. That is me. I am… reading..



 I know.


So life around here has been, well, not much, but a lot at the same time. I’m four days in with another six to go. I have a break this weekend for a few days and then we are back at it. Hoping it gets easier the next week.

A shout out, to my lovely mum who has been driving me everyday at some ridiculously early hour to get this done. She’s the best.

I’ll have more for you later, right now I’m going to go and continue napping reading..


New Little *Treatment-Updates* Wife

9 Things NOT to say to a person who has a chronic Illness.

I’m in Aus right now getting treatment for some health problems, and it got me thinking about how to approach chronic illness, what to say, what not to say and how to deal with it if you or someone you love has it.

This is a little post about some things that maybe we should think about before we say to someone who has a chronic illness. And some thoughts from someone who has had one. 

For those of you who don’t know, I have been pretty sick for the last…  decade.

And I’m only 22.

During those years, I have had many things said to me. Some kind, all kindly meant.

Here are some things NOT to say to someone suffering a chronic illness.

Now depending on how tired I am, how much I was able to keep down that morning and whether my stomach cramps have hit an 8+ would all determine the level of sass in the reply/thoughts.

Bare that in mind.

Lets start with the old one..

You don’t look sick.

Please. Don’t ever say this to someone. I know it’s kindly meant and its meant to make them feel better, but it doesnt. It sometimes makes us feel invisible and makes the struggle and illness even more private. Just because someone doesnt look sick doesnt mean they aren’t. 

Thoughts:  Well thank you! I feel horrid, but I’m glad i don’t look it!  Its called foundation! Isn’t it great! I could walk the runway right?! 😉

You always seem to be so tired.

We honestly try to not seem that way. I know you might not think it, but we do. It’s hard to seem energetic and happy when it’s totally exhausting just sitting down and listening without falling asleep. Also, no one wants to be told this. It’s a kind way of saying we look horrid. And I’m sorry I look like I’m not enjoying this, I am, I just need a nap/painkiller/timeout/ect.

BONUS; Try saying this instead! Thanks so much for making an effort to be here/do this/ stay awake. I know how hard it is for you!


Have you tried this drug/pill/multivitamin/ancient root / red blossom of the wild african bush shrub/the excrement of a young Dodo.

We are pretty chronically sick. I can assure you, we have tried most everything. Have probably searched most of the known world looking for a doctor and some kind of relief.

If you know us well, well enough to know our exact problems, what we have tried ect, then by all means, give advice. But please don’t suggest the Everyday Multi Vitamin from Costco.

Sass thoughts; Not only have I taken that pill/drug/herb, I have taken 1208420 others. Thanks though. P.S The Dodo is actually extinct.


You’re just lazy.

Now, i’ll admit. I have been lazy in the past. And some studies show that its very good for your mental health to keep active in sickness, in small amounts, to avoid depression ect.

But let me tell you this, a person who had bad chronic illness is not doing to get out of doing the laundry.

At 16 there are way more other things I would have rather done then have to be sleeping, vomiting, sitting on the bathroom all day. These would include seeing people, eating real foods, joining in on sports activities and staying awake past 8;30pm.

I feel like saying.. “Here let me break out limbs and then call you lazy..” cause honestly. that is what it feels like.


If you just put your mind too it, you’ll feel better/ Have more energy/ Have less pain.

While the mind does play a big part of health, there are physical problems too that just can’t be solved with positive thinking. As much as we try to stay positive, some days are exhausting and draining, and you just have Bad days. Be there for us when we do. 

I don’t believe in dietary allergies/restrictions or that it even helps.

If you actually say this to a person who is on some kind of special diet, expect a least a death eye. Allergies are real and food does help & heal. Enough said. Your very lucky if you have never suffered a food allergy or challenge. Maybe one day you’ll see how difficult it is, but I hope not.

If you honestly say this to me, I may say this back.. 😉

” I didn’t you to believe people could be that stupid, yet here you are. Guess we are both wrong.”


I know how you feel.. I had a bad cold once and it was horrible.

PLEASE, don’t compare. Honestly. The time to fainted in your third grade assembly does not mean you know what its like have diabetes. It’s nice that you try to feel caring, we really do appreciate it, but maybe just say that you had whatever experience you had, and that you CANT imagine going through that everyday. Because I assure you, a bad cold is not the same as Chronic Fatigue.

How can you possibly be sick that often/ You’re not REALLY that sick though.

Its seems unlikely, I get that. Really. But some bodies seem to excel as doing the impossible, and not it a healthy way. Mine is insanely amazing at getting every known ailment and virus ever, one after the other, many at the same time.

So I can assure you, you really CAN get THAT sick THAT often. And its horrible. Really. It’s not that we are trying to get out of anything, tthat we are “being dramatic” or anything like that. Our bodies just don’t like us right now. Thats all. 


You look to fat/skinny/unhealthy.

You shouldn’t say this to anyone that you don’t know AMAZINGLY well anyway… The general rule; if you don’t know them that well, just shut it. Honestly. 

More to the point; We look unhealthy because we are. And we are doing the best we can NOT to be. Comments like that just make us more self-conscious.


Really though, just be careful what you say. To anyone.

You have no idea what someone is going through, and if you DO have an idea what they are going through, then you would know that love, support and encouragement are the best things. 



New Little *Chornic-Illness* Wife

The hotel….

My Dad reminded me the other day That I promised I would tell you all about THE hotel at phoenix, the one we stayed at when we went traveling in  Jan 2015.

And so I shall.

Lets begin.

We had been driving all day, and everywhere I googled was full.. Sounding familiar;)                            We passed a place which was, at best, a run down shack. And by the looks of it better known for other, more illegal, things rather than a hotel.

Having driven around, we found a road with a few hotels, and passing down pulled into a driveway of one. We should have driven away as soon as we pulled up, but we didn’t, and I went into the lobby. It was only for one night and we were all tired, so we booked it.

Well. Upon opening the door to the rooms we were almost flattened by the smell we faced. It was awful. It mixture of mouldy musty sweaty stale air knocked us over. The bathroom was cleaned possibly earlier that year, and maybe the carpet too.

There was a chair in the corner that came off the ark, and one window in the wall which gave us enough light to squint and see the horrid wallpaper.

We all agreed it was not the best in the world. But had booked and paid. And our stomach told us that we better find something to eat. As we walked out of the hallway we ran into some people who quickly finished their business” transaction, and fled. In opposite directions.

We sought shelter in the loving arms of  an “islands” restaurant up few streets away, and there thought about all the ways we could possibly avoid going back to the hotel.

Perhaps we could sleep on the benches there? Or lock ourselves in the restrooms for the night?

But alas, with large bellies, and rather larger fears of what lay ahead of us, we retreated back to the hotel. And began our night.

We said goodbye.. I mean.. good night.. In the hallway. I gave my parents an extra big hug, thanked them for raising me, and with a tear, went inside.

We got ready for bed. I was positive there was bed lice. Seth told me it was fine. So I shuffled in.

We lay there. Me pondering how we were ever going to get home when its certain that the car would be stolen by the morning. Seth making jokes about the lingering smell.

Then began the noise. From next door.

Now, look. I understand couples have arguments, but my word, this was something else. So for the next 2 hours we listened to  whole conversation of who had said what and when and how and who cheated on who.. We both went in and out of sleep.. Waking when the woman reached the decibel of 1893.

Well apparently forgiveness much have ensued shortly after, because another loud noise came from behind our heads, complete with thuds and all.

Seth mumbled something about giving it a break, and we tried to get back to sleep… It was 3am. We had survived this far. 

The sleep was short-lived, when at 4am I heard two men, ridiculous drunk, tried to open out hotel door with their key.

I sat bolt up right it bed. Heart racing. They sounded like they were charging the door. I elbowed Seth, who woke up with a start. 

SOME ONE IS TRYING TO GET IT?! I silently yelled.

“What the HECK it that noise?!” He says.

It stops.

We wait. In the dark.

DUDE, Drunk one says. IS THIS EVEN OUR ROOM?!

I can assure you, sir, that it is not, said the voice in my head.

MAYBE NOT. Drunk man two replies.

They stop the terror attack on our door, and proceed to laugh all the way down the hallway, banging on every possible surface.

We turn and stare at each other.

4;30 am and still clinging to life. We lay back down.

By this stage, with little sleep had, and several heart attacks under my belt, I am tired and grumpy. I slowly drift off to sleep.

7am comes around and the ridiculous piece of TP they have hanging near the window, which I assume is meant to be a curtain, not only blocks NO light but in some magical way somehow creates more.

We awake. Me, to tiredness but overall relief, Seth to the sound of some kind of commotion under our window.

I turn to him. We are leaving. Pack up. I’m done.

He laughs. But agrees. 

Now, they had said something about providing a breakfast. So Seth comments that while I scramble around packing, he is going to eat. He goes down the hallway to the breakfast “room”.

I while later I hear a knock at the door.

Sweet mercy He’s been shot. My head voice says.

I open, and see my parents.

Sweet tears of joy fill my eyes.

We hug. The reunion is sweet.

We make comments about out nights and on earth was going on in the hall way. Dad says that they heard some kind of siren this morning.

Seth returns. Laughing. Informing us that the breakfast “room” is a corner in the lobby. And that it offers us the stunning choice of stale corn flakes, pre frozen muffins, canned orange juice and some kind of liquid he assumes is coffee.

Thinking that starvation is the better choice, we refrain from partaking. 

We pack and walk out to the car park to find two things;

One, much to our surprise, our car has remained in tack. I say a prayer of thanks.

Two; there is two police cars, three police man and some people hand cuffed on the ground.

We turn back to our car.

You have never in your life seen such speedy packing of a car and such an amazing car maneuvering as you did in that moment.

We left. Lives in tact. Laughter filling the car. 

If you want some thrill in your life, I can recommended a place;)



New Little *THAT-Hotel* Wife


The 2016 Homemaking Olympics; Event One.

UPDATE: I’m in the middle of treatment right now & it’s kinda doing me in, So we are going to take a rain check on the homemaking olympics! Sorry!! Im hoping i can bring it back around later, but for now, I just can’t. To all the people who entered & emailed me, I have emailed you! Thanks to everyone! Sorry again!!


Here, at New Little Wife, We are holding the very FIRST Home Making Olympic Games!

If you missed the first post, head here and take a look to catch up!

Homemakers around the world will be competing again each other in thrilling events such as Laundry Folding, floor cleaning and beverage reheating!
Hold onto you seats guys, it’s about to get INTENSE!

So the very FIRST event in this years games is going to be….

Dishwasher Unpacking!


The Rules;

Contestants must start with a full dishwasher.

Contestants must unpack the dishwasher as speedily and nimbly as possible until everything is away.

That’s all. Easy huh!? 

So the next time you unpack your dishwasher, simply time yourself and send it to me for a chance to win!


For the prize, You can choose between a beautiful mug and plate from the pioneer woman range or some fun verse wall decals!

Make sure you record your time and email with your name, time & state to enter!

This even will be closed on April 13!

Good Luck!


New Little *T-H-O* Wife



ANNOUCEMENT: The First EVER Homemaking Olympics!

UPDATE: I’m in the middle of treatment right now & it’s kinda doing me in, So we are going to take a rain check on the homemaking olympics! Sorry!! Im hoping i can bring it back around later, but for now, I just can’t. To all the people who entered & emailed me, I have emailed you! Thanks to everyone! Sorry again!!


I have been working away at this for a few weeks! And it’s all set up! Yay!

This is the biggest and funnest thing I have EVER done on the blog. I know you’re all going to LOVE it.

Ok. So let’s get to it!

I hate doing my home chores. Things like unpacking my dishwasher, folding my laundry, vacuuming, making my bed, cleaning my kitchen, moping the floors and all that stuff.

It gets so.. boring.. doing it every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I do actually do it.. It makes me feel good once it’s done. It always looks cleaner and neater and I feel good about doing something.. But It’s not on my top 50 thing I love, not even on the top 1000.

You know all that stuff I just rattled off. We all do it. EVERYDAY. And we get pretty dang good at doing it, don’t we?

If some one were to ask what I excel at.. I would  possibly say managing to do more than a  weeks worth of cleaning in fifteen flat.

A close second would be creating that weeks worth of mess in another 15. Ha.

But we do this, daily. And we excel at it.

It’s almost like we are training for something…

So let’s.


Golden Podium Spotlight Background


I’m going to run an olympics games here, on the blog!!  

We do these things EVERY DAY!

So let’s make them fun and put all our training to good use!

I’m going to Host these “Olympic Games” here on the Blog, but don’t stress, there are no long jump events, hurdles or two miles runs.

Here are some of the Events;

Dishwasher unpacking – Contestants will compete as to who can unpack their dishwasher with the most dexterity & Speed.

Laundry folding – Contestants will compete as to who can fold their laundry pile quickest.

Car tidying – Contestants will compete as to who can find the most amount of water bottles, half eaten food and clothing articles in their car. *Mini van mum’s you have this one in the bag!

Bed making- Contestants will compete as to who can make their bed with the most speed & neatness.

Floor cleaning – Contestants will compete as to who can clean their floor, be that carpet, wood, tile, the fastest.

Beverage Re heating – Contestants will compete as to who can most re heat their cold and forgotten beverage before 12pm. *Those with newborns/young children I’m looking at you.

Clothing obstacle challenge – Constants will compete as to who can successfully maneuver around any children.   obstacles.. and put their clothes away with the most speed and agility. *Please, don’t hurt your kids. 

For the sake of time, I’m only going to pick THREE of these events. If you really want me to do them all, I can try. Or Maybe next year we can run more!

Each week I will announce what events we are doing, what the rules are and what the prizes will be.

Yes, there are prizes. And I’m jealous of the prize line up.

So far we have;

Some stunning new kitchen stuff from Pioneer Woman. .

A new Bible Journaling Marker set.

The new Kate Morton Book. It’s a all nighter. Honestly.


Children Under 10 can compete in their own category, Toy Tidying, And the winner will receive a coloring book!

Plus SO much more!

*Should a male win an event, they will be able to replace their flowery mug with something a little more manly;)

How do you enter & What are the rules? 

ANYONE CAN ENTER. So long as you have the required things, e.g. a dishwasher.

You don’t have to be married, a certain age, a female, or anything!

This is open to everyone, anywhere, any age;)

Once an event is opened, you can start entering!

Its simple;

1. Complete the event.

2. Send a picture of yourself doing the event With the following;

  •  Your First name
  • State you live in
  • Recorded time. *Don’t Forget that! It’s how you win! Continue reading to the bottom for the T&C!

3. Wait to see if you win!



Make sure you check back later this week for the very FIRST event!!

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Limber up Y’all. It’s about to go DOWN!


New Little *Home-Making-Olympics* Wife



Terms & Conditions.

*You have one week to enter the event, but after that, it will be closed. I will post the CLOSING day and time when I OPEN the event

*You can enter AS MANY times as you like and try and beat your current times!

*I will announce the winners after the event has closed.

*If you win, your name and a photo of your choosing will be posted on this blog.

*For the sake of shipping, only people in the US, Canada & Aus will be able to get physcial Prizes. Sorry! If you enter & win, but DON’T come from one of these places, I will send you something electronically:)