Treatment up dates + I broke a record.. Kinda..

Again I apologies for being a bit MIA.

This week had been crazy busy and I have been still in treatment.. Up until yesterday!



Happy dances all around.


This exciting moment warranted a ginger tea at a little cafe near the hospital.

This last week was better than the first few, I had more energy and a little more pep but i did manage to start getting sick.. which is terrible timing. Im hoping to kick it before i fly out, but seeings as thats in two days *eeeekkkkkk* I’m not sure whats going to happen.

Oh well. Im just excited not to be in this little bed filling out those forms any more. IMG_0691.JPG


I also broke a record, kinda.

My laptop started acting up at the start of this trip. I got my brother to have a look at it, but it got worse. Until it wouldn’t turn on or even respond to touch.

I took it down to the apple store. And explained to them what had happened.

Once the guy did his magic thing with all the cords and extra stuff and he got up and running…

His eyes went huge.

And he made a noise that made me laugh. Then cry.

“You just broke our record for the most number of things WRONG with a laptop.”

He turns to his co worker and points to the screen, his eyes also go like saucers.

“See all those little red flashing icons… Its not good”

Half an hour later, and crying inside. I left. With a my little laptop and having been told all my data lost.

Let me repeat that. All data lost.

Please lets all take a moment silence. 

It did teach me a little lesson on the value of “things” and make me realise that possessions are just that.. possessions. There are FAR more important things is the world, and far WORSE things to happen than to have a problems with your laptop .

It was a good reality check and made me re asses just how much time, value and importance I give to the “things” that I have. We are going to have to leave it all one day hey.

However, six years of photos and documents and work and all that jazz gone. Thats not a happy feeling.

I should mention my brother more on this blog. He’s great.

I came home, Mac in hand. And told him the verdict. And whined about my lost everything.

Long story short, 2 laptops hacked open, parts and screws everywhere, cables yanked,  much insides re arranging, a back up drive & 20 hours later, he manages to recover everything.


If you have a tech nerd in your house, hug them. They really do save the day.

Hurrah for brothers that can fix electronics!

The rest of this trip, which is fast coming to a close, will be resting, packing, and squeezing little ones.

I’ll up date you on the more *non health related* side of things later.

But for now, I’m just going to be enjoying my last few days here with my lovely family.



New Little *Record-Breaking* Wife

The hotel….

My Dad reminded me the other day That I promised I would tell you all about THE hotel at phoenix, the one we stayed at when we went traveling in  Jan 2015.

And so I shall.

Lets begin.

We had been driving all day, and everywhere I googled was full.. Sounding familiar;)                            We passed a place which was, at best, a run down shack. And by the looks of it better known for other, more illegal, things rather than a hotel.

Having driven around, we found a road with a few hotels, and passing down pulled into a driveway of one. We should have driven away as soon as we pulled up, but we didn’t, and I went into the lobby. It was only for one night and we were all tired, so we booked it.

Well. Upon opening the door to the rooms we were almost flattened by the smell we faced. It was awful. It mixture of mouldy musty sweaty stale air knocked us over. The bathroom was cleaned possibly earlier that year, and maybe the carpet too.

There was a chair in the corner that came off the ark, and one window in the wall which gave us enough light to squint and see the horrid wallpaper.

We all agreed it was not the best in the world. But had booked and paid. And our stomach told us that we better find something to eat. As we walked out of the hallway we ran into some people who quickly finished their business” transaction, and fled. In opposite directions.

We sought shelter in the loving arms of  an “islands” restaurant up few streets away, and there thought about all the ways we could possibly avoid going back to the hotel.

Perhaps we could sleep on the benches there? Or lock ourselves in the restrooms for the night?

But alas, with large bellies, and rather larger fears of what lay ahead of us, we retreated back to the hotel. And began our night.

We said goodbye.. I mean.. good night.. In the hallway. I gave my parents an extra big hug, thanked them for raising me, and with a tear, went inside.

We got ready for bed. I was positive there was bed lice. Seth told me it was fine. So I shuffled in.

We lay there. Me pondering how we were ever going to get home when its certain that the car would be stolen by the morning. Seth making jokes about the lingering smell.

Then began the noise. From next door.

Now, look. I understand couples have arguments, but my word, this was something else. So for the next 2 hours we listened to  whole conversation of who had said what and when and how and who cheated on who.. We both went in and out of sleep.. Waking when the woman reached the decibel of 1893.

Well apparently forgiveness much have ensued shortly after, because another loud noise came from behind our heads, complete with thuds and all.

Seth mumbled something about giving it a break, and we tried to get back to sleep… It was 3am. We had survived this far. 

The sleep was short-lived, when at 4am I heard two men, ridiculous drunk, tried to open out hotel door with their key.

I sat bolt up right it bed. Heart racing. They sounded like they were charging the door. I elbowed Seth, who woke up with a start. 

SOME ONE IS TRYING TO GET IT?! I silently yelled.

“What the HECK it that noise?!” He says.

It stops.

We wait. In the dark.

DUDE, Drunk one says. IS THIS EVEN OUR ROOM?!

I can assure you, sir, that it is not, said the voice in my head.

MAYBE NOT. Drunk man two replies.

They stop the terror attack on our door, and proceed to laugh all the way down the hallway, banging on every possible surface.

We turn and stare at each other.

4;30 am and still clinging to life. We lay back down.

By this stage, with little sleep had, and several heart attacks under my belt, I am tired and grumpy. I slowly drift off to sleep.

7am comes around and the ridiculous piece of TP they have hanging near the window, which I assume is meant to be a curtain, not only blocks NO light but in some magical way somehow creates more.

We awake. Me, to tiredness but overall relief, Seth to the sound of some kind of commotion under our window.

I turn to him. We are leaving. Pack up. I’m done.

He laughs. But agrees. 

Now, they had said something about providing a breakfast. So Seth comments that while I scramble around packing, he is going to eat. He goes down the hallway to the breakfast “room”.

I while later I hear a knock at the door.

Sweet mercy He’s been shot. My head voice says.

I open, and see my parents.

Sweet tears of joy fill my eyes.

We hug. The reunion is sweet.

We make comments about out nights and on earth was going on in the hall way. Dad says that they heard some kind of siren this morning.

Seth returns. Laughing. Informing us that the breakfast “room” is a corner in the lobby. And that it offers us the stunning choice of stale corn flakes, pre frozen muffins, canned orange juice and some kind of liquid he assumes is coffee.

Thinking that starvation is the better choice, we refrain from partaking. 

We pack and walk out to the car park to find two things;

One, much to our surprise, our car has remained in tack. I say a prayer of thanks.

Two; there is two police cars, three police man and some people hand cuffed on the ground.

We turn back to our car.

You have never in your life seen such speedy packing of a car and such an amazing car maneuvering as you did in that moment.

We left. Lives in tact. Laughter filling the car. 

If you want some thrill in your life, I can recommended a place;)



New Little *THAT-Hotel* Wife


Travels: Sedona, AZ.

My parents are in town, FYI. Which would be the explanation as to why its been so quiet on the blog.

Not, however, in my house.

Non stop insanity began the day they landed.

We had a crazy week with catching up, and an awesome bible study weekend at church, before heading out with them to Sedona, AZ.

Its my parents, my in-laws & the hubs and I.

It’s bliss.

For starters, we don’t all get to spend a lot of time together.
Other sides of the world and all that.

And also, Sedona is just stunning. Seriously.


Its been pretty chilly. Hence the snow. But so so pretty. The town is so very cute and the creation is just amazing.

Plus, the people go alright too;)


New Little *Sedona* Wife





State Side

Just dropping in to say I’m State side again.

Back in SoCal. Back to winter. And real life.

And back to this Hunk.


Just gonna brag on him a minute. I came home to a spotless.. like SPOTLESS house- He even cleaned the carpets!- All the laundry done, these beautiful flowers on my pillow as well as a barnes and nobles gift card. My word He’s good.


So, back into the real world. And dealing with this.


I did procrastinate something fierce. But I got around too it. And its mostly done & Put away.  I have re arranged my pantry too!! This might sounds crazy, but it makes me SO HAPPY.
We are also working on some others house project, which are going to be super exiting! Ill post all the photos and new ideas later!

I did have a little ahhh.. moment in the car yesterday. It was the first day I had driven since coming back. And it had me kinda… freaked out.

It wasn’t a great start when I got in the wrong side and was confused when I couldn’t find the wheel. Then it went to turning the windscreen wipers on EVERY TIME I tried to indicate. I also missed ALL the exits I wanted to take and ended up driving in a circle for 10 minutes.

And then finally I ended up on the wrong side of the road.

Like. I LITERALLY was on the wrong side.

Im alive and well. And No one died. *Praise the Lord!*

My face was in this position all day.




This year we are going to be crazy busy. So many adventures planned, starting with my parents coming out in two weeks!! I know. Exciting!

2016 is off to a cracking start, and I’m loving every second!

Whats your 2016 looking like so far? Any adventures planned?


New Little *State-Side* Wife



WA South Coast Adventures: Margaret River & Fremantle

If you missed the first few days of our adventures head here to catch up!

So after leaving Busselton we headed down south to Margaret River. Which was, probably, our most favorite place!
On the way down, we stopped in at a Cave. Now. For those who don’t know  me, this might not be a big thing. But, I am terrified of caves. Like. Loathe them. However, Seth wanted to go, and the guide assured me “Its not that far down, and not very long.. its actually quite open”.
Dunno were that guide was talking about but it sure wasn’t that cave. It was dark and small and VERY far down. And I got stuck behind very slow group of people on the single lane stair case trying to get out and almost died. Well. I didn’t. But I didn’t remain the calmest person in the world. SO unlike me.

The cave was actually beautiful. So amazing how these little rocks grow and form & how pretty they actually are.

After our caving adventures, we continued on to MR. The place we stayed was beautiful! A vintage hotel from the 1800’s and just SO victorian. Just Stunning.

We wandered around and shopped a little the first afternoon. The little town is super cute and quaint, and pretty alternative, which I love.

The next day was our winery day. MR is know for its amazing wines and little vineyards & we headed out to a few of them. We had the BEST time, and also discovered how much we LOVE little wineries. Haha. They are just so nice and relaxing and charming. How could you not love this..

We did check out a few chocolate places as well.. And just had to swing in to this place too.. Actually, we went there more than once;)


The rest of the days down there were spent at famers markets, wandering the little town and at the many good coffee shops. I’m sorry USA but you coffee ain’t got nothing compared to the coffee in Aus. Really.

Heading back up the coast we stopped in at a few more places and beaches before heading to Fremantle for our last night. Freo was awesome. We wander along the streets, stopped in at all the sights and just had an awesome day exploring. We found these really cool summer night food markets and walked down to have a look. They were awesome. And had this amazing coconut ice cream stall. It was bliss.

We did the markets, the walks and even met up with these lovelies for the afternoon.


Sadly, Like always, it went way way to fast.. and later that night headed back to Perth to fly out.
We loved every second & had the best time seeing old friends, making new ones and celebrating this lovely couple!!



New Little *South-Coast-Adventuering* Wife

WA South Coast Adventures: Bunbury & Busselton

So after we headed out of Perth, our first stop was the little town of Bunbury.
The place we stayed was right on the beach. So stunning. We went for a morning walk, which was sunny & beautiful , and met up with Mat & Ari and their delicious little man Angus!


They have the coolest little markets there too, which we loved!! Should open some in the US! After coffee, shopping and an awesome dinner at Matt’s parents house, we headed off to Busselton the next morning..

We loved Busselton & had so many fun adventures there and in the surrounding areas. We headed to this cute little light house & took a little tour. The view from the top was amazing! It was super windy up there tho!

I am a massive lighthouse nerd. I just LOVE them! I could have stayed there for ages.. But we soon were off again.. We had nice walk around Dunsbrough & a walk along the beach before heading to the our little B&B for the night.
The next day we walked down the jetty, which is so awesome, and explored the town more. The jetty was super pretty.. although it was cloudy and a bit grey, it looked stunning!! And Man that thing is long! Haha.

We did go into a place called “The Old Butter Factory”. Which was.. Interesting..
We had been suggested to go there as its kinda a tourist place. We walked from our hotel, which was the first mistake, cause it was hot as hell and took forever.
Half dead of thirst and completely burnt we arrived to an old.. shed type thing which has a small little hand made sign which said “Old Butter Factory”.
Seth was more than a little certain it would be a waste of time, but I said we could have a peek in and just see if we wanted to do a tour, decided if we wanted to view any of it or whatever..
Mistake #2, as soon as you enter, The tour begins. And you have to pay on the spot. Guess we were doing after all!

We walked around a few rooms for a while, which reminded me greatly of my Grandfathers basement -Chock FULL of all nick nacks and random things- Before heading outside. The view outside was just stunning.


I know, It looks fake but its entirely real. The colors are just so bold!

We walked around a few little places outside, which were actually really neat!! The old school house was super cute and interesting.. And the little group homes they used to live in were actually really cool to walk around. Man, imagine living in those times. All the stuff in there was from the 1890’s on.
Kinda fun to walk around and see how it all used to be, and what went on back then.. although there are for sure some things that I loved about it, there are others I am glad we have changed.. Like communal toliets.. With newspaper for tp:P

That night we went out for dinner for our TWO YEAR wedding anniversary to this little place on the water called The Goose. If your in Busselton, go. Its simply stunning. We sat and watched the sun go down over the ocean while drinking wine and feasting on food. It was bliss.

*Side note; TWO YEARS. Can anyone even believe its been that long!!!! It has FLOWN by. Man. Its been just the best though. And I wouldn’t want to be on this fun crazy journey with anyone else!*

We were three days into the trip and LOVING it!!  Next up: we head further  down south to Margaret River and the wineries!


New Little *South-Coast-Adventuering* Wife

The First Week & Perth Adventures

I know. I know. I haven’t updated you all in a while. So get ready for a flood of photos..

Ive been cramming as much as I can in while I’m here.. and having an amazing time looking at these little faces..


The first week here in Sydney flew by, with way to many appointments and tests and general things.. I did manage to catch Miss Z at her swimming lesson & sneak a dinner with these ladies, which was fun *as always* and filled with laughs..


And before I knew it I was Perth bound for this beauties wedding.


The week was fun and crazy and full of pre wedding stuff, an awesome few days at our hens getaway and  had such a great time with these ladies, who made the bridal party super fun..


The day was magical. Chels looked simply stunning. Dave was looking pretty alright too;)
The room was just beautiful, with fairy lights up everywhere and fun little table decorations. The bridal party was the funnest and there was just so much love. I felt SO blessed to be a part of the day, and stand next to this stunner as she said “I Do”… Dosent she just have the best smile:)


The next day, after church, we went to the stunning Kings Park for the sunset and a view of the city.


And then out for dinner with my parents, which was hilarious. Ill tell you about that sometime.. Lets just say there was ALOT of walking, and a rather sad thai beef salad. It was SO nice to spend some time with my parents there..
And catch up with so many other people.. Its always way to long between trips. Guess thats what happens when you move to the other side of the world. Haha. We did manage to find these neat swings in the city though..


After that we packed up all our stuff and got ready for our adventure down south for the week… On Monday, after Mum & Dad went off to the airport, we packed up the car and headed off on our trip…


Next post I’ll tell you all about the trip, the things we did, and what’s been going on since we got back to Sydney.. I will leave you with a few more photos tho;)


Hope you are all going well. Merry Christmas to all!!


New Little *Perth-Times* Wife