Morning Sickness; Stop it.

I am currently 6 months along with our first little blessing, if your new around here, head to this page for a few FQA and such.

For those of you who have been following along on our journey with Tiny Tunnell, you would know that the first few.. months.. were less than perfect. And for those of you who didnt, ya do now.

Now I don’t wanna be all dramatic *for once 😉 * and I know that sooooo many mamas have it way worse and I haven’t had this like 7 times *first baby and all* but I thought I would write a post about some good hacks and tips that helped us all survive the first 20 weeks.

This is for 2, nay 3, reasons;

First, some of these may be a little different that the normal tips you read online.

Second, enough mama’s have asked me lately for some ideas to try.

Three, I like to rave. Ha.

Like I say, some of these are kooky, and some might not be super up your ally, but take what ya want. We found some of these out from sheer desperation. Ha.

Morning Sickness

Let’s get started!

Fluids. Keep them up. They help . A LOT. With feeling blah and cramping. However, when ya tossing your cookies every five minutes, chugging a smart water aint gonna happen. So, enter the humble tea and lemonade.
Make some weak, like weaaaakkkk tea and sip, lots. Its calming on the tummy, and warms those cramps muscles. I loved black and herbal.
Also, get some lemonade, the non carbonated stuff, and dilute it wayyyy down and sip sip sip. The sugar give you a little pep and it sits better on your tummy. You can also try juice and home made electrolyte popsicles.

Stretching & Sun. I know, this one sucks, cause you don’t wanna move, but even if you just get into good old child’s pose, or some baby back bends, it can help. Moving a little, and sometimes taking your mind of things, helps. Along with this, go and lie in the sun on some grass. The sun always helps, and I’m positive the grass is grounding or something.

Get in your bath. I’m not kidding when I say that I ate in the bath everyday for weeks. It was the only was food was staying down, so in I got. Put some salts in and lie down a little. Breathe deep. Seth found me here on the regular, at all hours. #WhateverWorks

Herbs. Now I am in NO WAY a herbal practitioner, so go see someone who is, but there are a fair few herbs that can help ease some of that crazy. And if you can keep them down, they work a charm;)

Food. Eat it. Little, often and what you feel like. Don’t try to shove something down cause you feel like you should be having it. If you don’t feel like it, don’t eat it, cause its just going to head back up. So focus on things you feel like, and simple foods. Fruit is always a winner. As is rice.

In this same idea, try to prep food or buy prepped foods so you simply have to unwrap, heat up or whatever. This is where we all give thanks for places like Trader Joe’s that have healthy single meals frozen that are ready in three minutes. #LifeSaving

Crack that back. Don’t do it yourself tho;) Head to your chiropractor/osteopath and get a good back crack. It’s amazing how much this helps. Find someone good to work with (and make sure you explain to them that your pregnant too!) It releases so much pressure and helps loosen you up!

Oils. Put that stuff all over ya self girl. We are a little hippie over here in this house, and we have manyyyy essential  oils. It’s a small obsession. But they are amazing, and powerful and work and have no side effects and all the things. I use them all day and all night to help ease hot flushes, soreness ect. If you want more info or suggestions on this, let me know! I’d be happy to help:)

Body pillows. You’ll be wanting one pretty soon, but get one early and use it to prop your head up and cuddle into. Sometimes just simply rising your head a little when you lie down/sleep helps.

Well, I hope these help! The only other thing I would say is Just Try It.

Try the ginger tea, the wrist bands, bath time and the back crack. Sometimes it takes a few goes to hit something that works, so try it all. You never know.

If you have any other tips, share below and help all the other mama’s out!


New Little *Stop-The-Voms* Wife.

House Hints; Plastic Sleeves & House Schedules

I meal plan.

It saves my butt EVERY DANG DAY cause you can be SURE that if I didn’t I would get to five pm and we would end up eating cold potatoes.

There was a struggle at the beginning though.

I didn’t want to keep writing and using a sheet of paper each week, or print out the pretty ones you can find online every five seconds. Seems like a waste of paper/ink

Plus, I change my mind *often* during the week of what we are having.

Enter, the plastic sheet.

Y’all know those plastic sleeve things you can get for like 2 cents. Here is what I did.

I Wrote out all the days of the week SUPER FANCY and shoved it into the plastic thing.


Then stuck a dry easer marker next to it.

Thank you thank you, I know, I’m a genius. 

Now, I just scribble whatever we are having down for the week after I shop, and rub it out each week.  Magic.

I do the same thing with my cleaning plan.

If you are anything like me, you might end up washing the towels three times a week and leaving your kitchen floor for three months. Ahem.


So, I found this pretty one online *I think its from* and printed it out.
Wrote down all the BASIC things I USALLY need to in a week; Think bathrooms, laundry, dishes, vacuum ect, gave each day a few of them, and STUCK IT IN OTHER PLASTIC SLEEVE.

When I’ve done them for the day I cross ’em of. If I decide to play with the dog or go for coffee and slack off instead of do my house work, then i just leave it uncrossed and do it the next day.

And it literally takes me TEN minutes to get all the work done AND the bathroom gets cleaned more then twice a year cause I actually REMEMBER  #Winning


And maybe, if ya lucky, I might make you a pretty meal plan/ cleaning sheet for them;)


New Little *House-Hints* Wife.

Moving Countries 101.



By now you probably know this, and are most likely dang sick of me talking about this, but I moved from Aus to SoCal a few years ago to smooch this kid and get him for life.
So moving countries is something that I have done and at the ripe old age of 19.

Lately I have heard of a few people about to do the same.

So I thought I would write a post on Moving Countries 101.

Here we go Kids;

Firstly, Gather all your plans, ideas and time frames, make a nice neat pile… and then light them on fire. It’s not going to go like this, AT ALL. I think we had major plan changes every week in the first few months. In then end, ya kinda wing it. Enjoy the ride;)

Realize that homesickness is a big real thing, and embrace it.

You’re gonna get it, that’s for sure, so here are some tips to help ya;

Find the familiar. Something that reminds you of home, maybe a food, drink, place, people who have moved too ect. FYI If you live in Cali, World Market sells GOOD ginger beer and Target has the things you need to make  lemon, lime bitters, the kinda from home. You’re Welcome;)

Get a good phone plan *with unlimited data* And then download whats app & Skype.
No but really. These babies are you lifeline. Plus, if you can, get the plan that allows call to landlines for cheap. You need this more than you first realize.
Be honest with your partner. If you moved for someone, be honest with them. Not in the I HATE LIVING HERE way, although Seth has heard that PLENTY before *cause on the rough days, let’s be real, you kinda do. Ha.*
Just tell them what your thinking. Things like; “Im really homesick today, so if I am down, that’s why” “I just need to step back and find some familiar things” “I dont hate you, living here, or anything, I am just missing home” ect ect. It’s rough for them too, and they can often feel bad seeing you in a flood of tears telling them over and over that you “Just want to go to Audley Park!”. Ask us how we know;)
Anyway, Hope these little tips help!

Get lost. No really, get lost. Drive around your new place and lose yourself. It helps to see your surroundings, helps you to learn about where you are and what its like. *If you move to downtown LA or Chicago, maybe take a friend, or seven;)*

Join Community Events. Moving countries isn’t the best ever thing for ones social life, believe it or not. In fact, it down right sucks. So get out there, find new people, make new friends. Go to community things, have dinner with your neighbors, go out with work friends and meet people. This is SO important. It’s VERY easy to get lonely and feel pretty down that you don’t know anyone.

Change you mindset. Look at this as an adventure, a new experience, a plot twist, a whole new start over. If you try to mesh, compare or over analyze you’ll wind up sad, annoyed and hating were you live. So don’t.
Appreciate what you can, learn about your new place, and grow like crazy. There comes a point were it really hits you, about a year in, and trust me, you’re gonna wanna leave, if you can, push thru. You’ll be stronger for it.
It’s hard NOT to compare. Really, it is. And sometimes you have to, because you have to live somewhere, so looking at the pros and cons of each place is kinda a must, try to dwell MORE on the pros of where you are living at that time.

And lastly, Call ya mum. Or your dad. Or your brother. Or your niece. Make sure you have regular contact with everyone you love at home. This helps you to feel like you are still a part of their lives.

It’s rough, really. It’s kinda crazy, and those growing pains hurt like hell sometimes but it so fun, fulfilling and just good.

Plus this guy is SO WORTH IT.



New Little *Moving-Countries-101* Wife

“Mawage, that bwessed awangment”

There have, in recent weeks, been an amazing amount of guys who have listened to Beyonce and put a ring on it.

Which to us is super exciting, we have been bugging people to give us other married couples for ages and we are finally get some;)

As many of us know, being newly married or married at all, is awesome and exciting and fun and JUST THE BEST but it can also be kinda hard, especially when you are newly wed.

Lets make it easier for these kids, let’s make a Marriage Advice page.

I would love to hear YOUR advice for marriage, be it about date nights, house work, sex, raising kids, spiritual lives ect.. whatever it is, Bring it!

I love hearing new thoughts, new tips and date night ideas. It’s always so encouraging and fun, plus often on things I had never thought about.

So please, comment or email any advice you have about marriage & life, add your name and how long you have been married for  *if you want* and I will make a page for it so we can all grow together and have happier and funner marriages and lives.

Email me @ or comment below!


New Little *Mawage* Wife

P.S For those that don’t know why it’s called that, watch the Princess Bride.

Date night idea one;)

Everyday Favorites from Trader Joe’s for UNDER $7.

I am a Trader Joe’s fan.

Honestly, I have yet to meet someone who isnt.

I love SO many of there products and especially the prices they have going.

So today I wrote a list of my everyday favorites, things I love and buy pretty much every time I go.

It was a bit like picking a favorite book… Which is honestly impossible.. But here are the top..

Everyday Seasoning. 

I am honestly OBSESSED with this stuff. I smother it on everything. I have even been know to pack it for weekends away at conferences, in my back bag for the day, and even home to Aus. The love is big. Plus. Its $2. And makes everything taste divine. If you have never had it,Please, fix that this second.

Rice Pasta.

This pasta is awesome. It’s JUST rice and water. Nothing else. So its GF DF Vegan all the above. Its tastes good, easy to cook and like everything, ridiculously cheap. $1.99

Frozen Turkey Burgers. 

This is more of a new favourite, but Seth and I are big fans. They come for in a box, its just ground turkey, salt and rosemary. They are so SO handy.
The amount of times we have had homemade turkey burgers for dinner or seth has taken one last minute to work for lunch is.. defiantly pushing the high double digits. $2.99


They have such handy size bottles, from 300mls to 1.5 lts. And its .49c for the BIG one. No more $3 bottles for me.

Organic Blue Corn Chips.

We got these cause they sounded cool. And they are. They are delicious and fun. Seth a Mexican fan, and they make the best bottom for Mexican “hay stacks”.
Plus, we love color. $3.59

Organic Foursome Frozen Veggies.

This little bag of beauty is sanity saving.
Its there for you in the 6pm uninspired dinner quest and then 7 people that just showed up at your house.
Throw this little thing into some rice for a quick and yummy veggie fried rice, or into a little water and boil for five.
They are oragnic, fresh & is is literally 1.99 for a bag. Life complete.

Sunflower Seed butter.

Now, if you know our past issues with sunflower seed products,  You might be surprised that this is on the list. But it is. Because its good. Like SO good.

It tastes so so yummy, is an awesome source of protein, good fats and has low sugar. As someone who is not meant to eat peanut butter, this satisfies my cravings. That’s saying something. $4.99

The entire wine section.

Enough said.

Just The Cluster Granola.

This little box is Seth’s heaven. His eyes light up with I tell him I’m going to Trader Joes because he knows that I’m coming home with this…
Then I snack on it before he gets home. Ha. Kidding.
We buy multiples, so its all good;)

Harvest Blend Tea/Black Vanilla Cinnamon Tea

I am a tea hoarder. One day I may post a photo of my collection, but for now, ill just say it takes up more than a decent amount of space in my pantry.
These two, and a few others, and among the favs. And, unlike some teas, they are under $3 a box. Hurrah.
Thanks Joe for making my addiction affordable.

The Sauce section. 

I was going to name the sauces I love there, but there ended up being more than I thought. So the entire section it is!
They carry some every day ones like soy sauce and rice wine vinegar as well as the odder ones you need for THAT specific sin stir fry. All the ones I have got, and its been a few, I have loved.
These range, but most are about $3

Fresh Frozen Fish.

Trader Joes has a pretty decent range of fresh wild caught frozen fish. Plus, your can find smaller portions!
So many times I’m able to pick up a wild caught Cod fish fillet for the both of us for $4! It’s great. Plus they are SO handy to have stashed in your freezer.

Pound Plus Dark Chocolate.

Its a pound of heaven. For $5. What



My next list is going to be my favorite  Off Beat Trader Joes Items! So keep an eye our for it!

Are you a Trader Joe’s Lover? What are YOUR favorite things at Trader Joes?!


As an activity at our youth group, we make these little “verse cards’. The kids learn the verses each week and say it to us each youth class. And they get points. When they reach a certain amount we are going to take them to Pattersons donut corner. And for anyone who has had something from there, you’ll know how good it is! They are delicious.

Anyway. That is a long way of saying my newest homemaking thing.. Making verse cards! Its super fun, a good way to learn verses and SO comforting.. Because sometimes you’ll be down, or annoyed, or happy or dealing with life, and a verse you have been reading will come into your head and just remind you of the bigger picture! So awesome.

So I thought I would start putting up the verses here. I made them into sheets, and a print them off and laminate them and stick them up around the house, in my handbag, anywhere really! So nice to meditate on during the day! Use them however you would like too! And let me know if you come up with any cool uses or ideas!

The first sheet of verses are ones about hope. There are SO many awesome verses about it {Im making another page actually!} But I felt like Hope was such a good place to start, because without it, what do we have? And how awesome i it to think about the amazing things God had in store for us!!? Gosh. I just CANT wait!

So, I hope you find them helpful! Look out for the rest! Ill keep putting them up here!


New Little *Hopeful* Wife


Budget Plan

I tried, honest, to find a budget sheet which I understood. Most ones I looked at were so confusing, and not even close to relevant to me. And there were ones were all you did was write down an amount and thats its. What? I wasn’t even sure how that worked..

I was so confused and a little annoyed. So. I made my own. And here it is. Its super simple. And kinda bare. But it works. And I love it. More to the point it takes me like five minutes to fill out for the fortnight  (we do it every two weeks). There is no spreadsheets and codes to use and you can print them out and use. I like having paper copies to look at (and keep me on track 😉 Plus I keep them in a folder so I can see what I have been spending and were everything is going. Which is awesome!

So. I thought yo might like to see it. Im working on upgrading it. And making it a little prettier. Cause, that super important too;)


Its pretty easy to use, and super self explanatory. I only added the bills we pay each month. But I write down extra things under neath the main ones.

Anyway. Do what you want with it. And I’m open to suggestions to make it better! Hope you guys like it!


New Little *Budgeting* Wife



Growing is important. In all areas of life. Although, some of us didn’t make it super far in the physical height department.

But it’s hard to make sure you keep growing, and even harder to stay on track. So I made a Growth Sheet. Each week I decide on what I want to work on and write down all my desired things, and then try and do them. The latter really is the hardest part! Although, when I look back and see what I have done and how far I have come it really is an awesome feeling, and it makes me happy and encouraged.

So, I thought you might like to take a peek at it. Its not very exciting, or even pretty. Its just simple, cause I’m a simple kinda girl. But it works. And I like it.

You can add or change anything, make it work for you. But try it. Try working on growing. Its fun.

GrowGoals copy

Most of the categories are self explanatory. The Personal is for anything you want to work on, could be your house, the laundry, or becoming more gentle. The spiritual might be doing all bible reading every day and learning a psalms 1 by heart. Relationship for things like date nights or reading time together, but dose not need to be just your significant other, could be spending time with a friend, or visiting someone in hospital. And physical for working out, or eating healthy or taking time for “down” time. I do wish you could write down height.. and then make it happen. One day… 🙂

Anyway. Take a look. Tell me what you think!


New Little *Growing* Wife