Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

So, as usual Im am hopelessly late with announcing the winner of the give away.
Soz guys.

But, I’m here now, and have drawn the name. Whoop.

First, as always, thanks to all those who entered. And to all those who continually read my ramblings. Thanks for sticking around, and putting up with me;)


A massive congrats to the lovely JOLIE TUNNELL who won the little coffee shop gift card..

Not only is she an awesome blogger, *go check her out at* She also stated that the thing she would order who be a tea. Which is music to my little tea-loving heart. Ha.


New Little *Giveaway* Wife

Homeward bound!

Yep, you read right…. Im heading home!!! Whoop Whoop. *Don’t stress, those of you in the USA, we aren’t moving. Just going to visit!*

But, come Nov 26th, I will be on home ground. Its crazy, this is the longest time, in the last 5 years, that I haven’t been on a plan travelling between countries. Its been, or will have been by that time, 17 months since our last visit. I know, crazy right!! I can’t believe it. Time flies!

Im doing a bigger trip this time *HORRAY* and going for a total of 6 weeks! Unfortunately, The hubs can only come for two and a half, but we are taking an actual holiday down the south of Perth, which should be splendid!! I can’t wait. And I’m so happy, because it means ill get two summers!! WIN!

It will be pretty jam packed, with catch ups, wedding craziness and of course much cuddling of the newest munchy nephew.. and the older babes too!!

Now we have to get into planning, and saving mode! Anyone have any good tips to keep everything organised while on holidays?!


New Little *Homeward-bound* Wife

Gardening: The Report.

So. I told you I would update you on the garden. And I am going to do that. Right now.

I killed them.


In my defence, it has been stupidly hot & dry here is SoCal. And we are in drought, so there is not a lot of water around. But, that being said, even if there was, I would still have to remember to water them more than twice.. a month. Oops.

I will try again! Im not giving up! My herbs are still going strong. Some stronger than other. Although who new chives flowered?! Not me! *Some one who’s a green thumb please tell me if that good or not!*
I am hoping my thumb is just slower getting it’s “green” spirit. And that my memory gets a tad better.

I would post a picture, but I am utterly ashamed. And truth be told, there is naught but a small withered vine left.

Maybe next time I will pick something a little more.. Hardy. Any ideas? Carrots maybe?


New Little *Garden-Killing* Wife

News: Jobs

I thought I had gotten rid of them. I really did.

I grew up in a house COVERED in..

Bathroom Parts.

Little seal, valves, hinges, seats, whole toilets. You name it, we had it all.. In our living room.
And while it was handy, it wasn’t the mostly.. sightly.. decor.

Well, Ive got it all back. And more.
Yep, Seth’s become a plumber.
So far he loves it, and its been super good. Im proud of him for taking such a massive step!! He wanted a change, and thought pluming would be good.. Just a TAD different from Pets. Haha.

Although, I have restricted the bathroom accessories to the patio. And it has stayed like that.. For now.


New Little *Plumbers* Wife

He’s Gone.

I know, I have been TERRIBLY lax about posting. Im sorry. I promise Ill make it up to you. Forgive me?

Well, Jake left. *Sniff* We had an awesome time, filled with crazy adventures. Cause you know, that how we do 😉

We went bowling, to the beach several times {for those of you in Aus reading this, Its been a cool 30 all week.. Not bad 😉 }

photo-19 copy 11

I got my toes done one day and told him he could choose the colour. He choose YELLOW. BRIGHT yellow. Man. Bad move on my part. Although, I have had compliments! Ha. Who woulda thought?! We went to the markets, downtown and the mall. Plus, the boys made a fire in my little backyard and we roasted marshmallows. Fun times.

photo-19 copy 12

Sad to see him go, But as we were driving us, he informed us that he’s actually coming back, in January. And he’d looked at tickets.

Guess thats more notice than this time;)

Thanks for coming out Bud! Loved it. Come back.. Real soon.


New Little *He’s-Gone* Wife

The Brothers in town..

So, about saturday last week, my brother gave me a call. And it went something like this;

Hey, I’m coming to visit you!
Awesome, When?!?

And come he did!
Here are our happy faces.. 🙂

photo-19 copy 9

Ha. In reality it was really actually like this..


Its been a week, and we have packed in a ton! So far we have hit up La Holla, The beach, The San Diego Fair, Sea Port Village and a bit of the Wild Animal Park. We still have a few things to cross off the list, but we have two more weeks! It’s been awesome!

Here we are with our lovely friend Hanna, and a baby seal!

photo-19 copy 8

Crazy how time flies tho! I have been working a few days as well, so its been a bit of a mad (and messy!!) house here.. Although, That being said, our lovely visitor did clean it while I was at work one day, and also fixed our car.. I told him he can come back ANY time;)

Well, Its a nice 29 this morning so we are off down to the beach and our little favourite coffee shop!!

New Little *Bros-Comes-To-Visit* Wife

photo-19 copy 10

The First Week..

I announced last week that I had got a job! {Which has been keeping me super busy this week!} And I thought I would just stop by real quick and tell you how the first week went, incase you wanted to know;)

It’s been super fun!! Busy, and I have learned a lot, but so fun! Everyone is super nice and friendly.. And I have added to my spanish a lot already! I now know how to say Scissors, scales, how are you?, Very good and would you like cheese?.. The latter has been super helpful! Haha! Im so excited that I can now say more than hello and thank you! So much so that I insist Seth and I speak what {Little} we know I home. { I say I’m just so used to it know I do realise :P}

I totally rocking the bright red and black uniform too.. {Reminds me of my primary school days at Grays Point!}


Anyway, Im looking forward to learning more things, spanish and meeting new people!


New Little *One-Week-Down* Wife