Goals + Thoughts for 2017.

The first person to point out that it is March and I am only JUST writing this will get a huge eye roll.
Anyone else after that is just a copy cat. Y’all get nothing.

So yes, it’s March.

The year has got off to a cracking start *see the previous posts about our Aus trip and Alfie!*

I have been thinking these past few months about some things I want to try to do this year, and I have been doing them a little bit, I just havent told you all about them yet.
Ha ha.

So, here they are, in no particular order;

Write letters and cards; I have been doing this one recently and been loving it!
If you would like a little card in your letterbox, let me know!

Pray in the “Spare Minutes”; Which means when I’m washing dishes, driving, walking, showering ect. Using these minutes that I’m already doing things to start connecting with God.

Read more non fiction; I tend to go towards certain book genres, which is fine, but apart from the bible I don’t really read any non fiction.
So I want to try to change that, I have a Brene brown on my night stand waiting to be devoured.

De-Clutter the house; I have been smashing this out thanks to our house remodleing. *YES THEY ARE STILL GOING. DONT ASK*.I’ll post after pictures when they are finished, *unless we pass away before that happens which is looking INCREASINGLY likely*.
However, We have thrown out a huge amout of stuff and about 50% of our clothes. It has been AMAZING.

Workout regularly; If you wanted to come and watch someone pant, limp and die around a soccer field, come to Poway on thursday nights.
We have started to play indoor soccer  and it has shown me JUST how unfit I am.. For the viewers at home That would be VERY. 

Create Something; I don’t know what this one is going to look like, but I want to create something this year. It could be a career, eBook, house, some kind of arty thing (NOT LIKELY BUT I’LL ADD IT IN HOPE) or whatever. Comment and give me some suggestions if you have them!

Say YES to more good things; I have gotten out of the habit of saying yes to the little, spontaneous things, and I’m not loving it.
So it’s back to the Girl who said yes to 10pm beach swims,random summer road trips and lazy saturday drives JUST CAUSE.

Re Read childhood Favorites; I am thinking Anne of Green Gables, Little house and The royal diaries. What are some of your childhood favourites?

Learn a new skill; I’m thinking SEWING, which would have made my lovely Grandma proud, but will come as a surprise and concern to those who have seen/heard of my sewing skills up to this point.
I did not gain the sewing skills in the family. Infact there is a 90% chance of bodily harm when I get behind a machine. I will update you on this, when I’m in hospital with two casts and missing an eye.

Get a dog; this was NOT on there, but since we got one, let’s add it so I can cross something off! HURRAH!

My overarching theme of this year would be trust.

Trusting in Gods plan and that HIS timing is right! rRemembering HE knows me SO well and He loves me like no one else.

Trusting in my husband, trusting other people and trying to see the BEST in them.

So if you see a lot about trust, or my lack thereof, this is why.

SO, anyone else have any goals for this year they would like to share? Or any comments on mine?



New Little *2017-Goals* Wife

And then there were three…. ;)

We have some news!

We are SO excited to introduce to you the latest little member of our family.

King Alfred the 7th.

AKA; Alfie.


I will tell  y’all what happen, but first we have to back it up a bit and start a few months ago.

Seth has been wanting to get a dog for a while. We had been going back and forth about it for some time, done a few trips to the humane society but found nothing. We had talked about breeds, and I had laid down a few ground rules starting with; No puppies, no dogs that have to be inside only, no loud ones. I had thought I had set the bar high enough..

Then last Saturday he had the day off and we were planning what to do, he suggested going to the humane society. So off we went.

And within a few minutes he had seen Alfie, who’s name was Jerry then, and fallen in love. We got him out in the interaction pen and for Seth, that was it.

I, on the other hand, was less excited and a little unsure. We we put our name down for them ti call if he became available to adopt and left.

For the next few hours Seth proceeded to name every quality of this dog and sing his praises, while asking repeatedly if I was sure I didn’t want him.

The next morning we were making breakfast before church and there was silence, till a voice came down the hallway..

“But Babe, ARE YOU SURE?!”

Cue the eye roll and the mutter “for the love Seth, shut about this dang dog..”

Then a miracle happened.

After church finished Seth had no jobs to go to, which left us without anything to do and a few more hours in which to adopt the dog, before he went to someone else.

I relented and said we could go back to “See him again” and of we trotted. After we got him out again he ran right up to us and snuggled in *i’m positive Seth sent him some kind of telepathic message..* and five minutes later we were totting this dog home.

He has been an absolute dream of a dog. He’s house trained, doesn’t bark, LOVES to cuddle and chill out. He’s SO excited when we come home and he loves being outside, which is good since thats were he is going.

The only thing is we have NO idea what breed he really is! We have been told everything from King Charles to Corgi to Terrier.

We do know one thing though; he’s pretty stinking cute.



So fellow dog owners, any tips and tricks to give me? And anyone know what breed he is?!


New Little *Dog-Owning* Wife.





November 8th.

It’s November 8th here today.

I am pretty sure most people in the world are aware if what that means.

It’s election day in the USA.

And while I am not voting (I am not a citizen of this country- or even one that is here yet!) I did have a few thoughts to share quickly.

Whatever happens, let’s focus on loving each other. All this craziness and all this to and fro just confirmed in my mind how HUGE kindness, love and compassion really are. We have all seen some stellar interviews, remarks and the like which is exactly OPPOSITE to this, from both sides.  On every level, let’s focus on loving and caring for “our neighbor as ourselves”. Let’s us, the people, treat others “how we want to be treated'”.
It’s really in the everyday that lives are changed.

God’s not going to fall off His throne. He’s got a plan and a bigger voice than us all y’all. Nothing is going to come as a surprise to Him. He get’s the final say. And while it might be scary, we need to remember this. Everyday, not just on the big days.

And so, I’m excited for a King who will judge kindly.
Who will look after the poor and oppressed.
Who will defend women and children.
Who will look after the stranger and pilgrim and welcome them into the family.
Who will be honest, upright and true.
Who will end all wars.
A King who will ring forever and ever.

Jesus for King.


New Little *Nov-8th* Wife







Hi. I’m Sharniie. And Struggle.

This posts is from a talk I gave to some awesome ladies at a ladies night our church had a few months back. I have edited it, and taken out *Majority* of it, cause it’s pretty dang long. If you would like the full, unedited version, email me @ newlittlewife@hotmail.com. I’d be happy to supply it.

For now, read away. Hope it encourages you in some small way today.




My name is Sharniie.

I’m short and loud and I love My God, My Savior Jesus , my Husband, people and tea.

Looking at at my life you may well think that I have it all together. That I have some fairytale you dont.

I’m happily married to an awesome guy, look “healthy”, have a nice little house, friends and always seem to be happy.


Here’s the thing you might not know.

There is a lot of stuff I don’t talk about, you don’t know about and that you don’t see.

Stuff that makes me feel guilty, ashamed, scared, and hurt. Stuff i’m afraid to say or admit.

Things like Hurt, grief, body issues, insecurities, a mile long list of health issues, jealousy, depression, doubt, fear, breakups, bad choices, anxiety, marriage struggles,shame, faithless moments and screams at God and honestly, a few too many moments in which I simply didn’t believe He was there at all.

I have felt so alone more days than I want to think about.

I have always struggled with fitting in, finding my place and being the person I am.

I can get anxious easy. I find it hard to trust God with things, and sometimes I just get way to overwhelmed.

A lot of these can come in the same days and weeks, many do.

Here’s the real problem though;

When someone asks me how I’m going, I smile and say good.

I move on past & pretend I don’t struggle.

That I have it all togther, I don’t sin, or rather I dont have any problems.

I don’t say that I cried all day thursday about the choices I made when I was young.

I don’t tell them about the things that one person said a while ago I’m still upset about, or the fact that I am feeling a million miles away from God, and I simply don’t know how to get back.

Can I say something? 

Please, for the love, Let’s stop this madness.

Lay down that mask, because I for one am done pretending.

I want to make it out of this life happy, in one piece, and in the Kingdom of God.

And the only way i’m going to is if I am real.

Super super real. And I want people walking with me that are the same way.

So let’s get real

Let’s talk about the things that matter.

Let’s be open and honest. I dont want to be silent any longer.

You know what? I can almost guarantee that something on that list stood out to you?


Well because you are struggling too.

I think all of us are. We all have these things, these deep deep down afraid to admit things.

We think we are the only ones, that we have too much baggage, we are too much to handle, or that admitting these things will bring shame and isolation and so we stay silent.

We don’t really realize that, if we all took off our masks together, we would see we aren’t alone, there is freedom and grace.

God’s not stupid guys, There is a big reason He put’s us together, into families and churches and places. He knows we need each other.

And an even bigger thing God  knows *and maybe you need to know too* is this; 


You there, with your issues, and your baggages, and you struggles and failings and sins. You are not to much.

I spend way to many minutes thinking that I have to fix this mess. That God COULD NOT POSSIBLY HANDLE  my mud.

I know. I’m stupid.

Cause, you know, a God who made the world, who raises people from the dead, who tells the seas were to go, holds the stars in His hands and breathes things into life..

Well, I’m pretty sure He’s GOT THIS KIDS.

And then sometimes I think that I’m not enough. That somehow I am lacking, God doesn’t need me.

He doesn’t want me, and somehow I’m just too small.

Again, A God who planned, from the very beginning of the world, to set a plan in motion, which ended in His only, perfect Son nailed to a cross, just to win back MY little heart, reminds me that I am not too small.

To think that God looked at this world, and stopped, and thought “This world.. well.. it needs a Sharniie” brings me to a stand still.


And He did that.

With each and every one of us.

Please think about this.

Who do you think you are?

Deep down, when you think about you, who do you think you are?

And what makes you.. you?

And then think about who made you, and just dwell in that space for a while.

And when you’re feeling lost, uncertain, too hurt and fragile, too far away, and so so alone.

When your feeling like you have to much baggage, like your too much for anyone, or you’re so so small… 

Go back to that.

And start again.

Who Am I?

Who Made Me?

Who is He?

Who am I to Him?


So Hi.

My name is Sharniie. 

I’m short and loud. I love My God, My Savior Jesus, my Husband, people and tea.

I know that God made me. He loves me, forgives me and showers me in Grace.

He is the creator of the universe. He is SO big SO mighty and SO strong. He is Love. He is Grace and HE IS GOOD.

I am His daughter and I am precious to Him. I mean so much to Him that He looked away while His only Son hung on a cross just to save me.

My God wants me in eternity with Him and He works, everyday, to get me there. He loves me, depsite the fact I fail him everyday.

And I pray that when His Son comes, He can stand up and say to me. You have fought the fight, you have kept the faith, you have endured till the end. Come, Live with me forever.
My friend, my fighter, my servant, my faithful sister.
Even So Come.
New Little *Not-Perfect* Wife







The babe has a birthday.

Twenty-three years ago a cute yet huge baby was born after a very long two days by a very patient mum.

Super glad it happened.

I got to marry that still cute but no longer 9 lb boy. 

Yep. Today the hunk turns 23.

Crazy to think we have know of each other since we were 16. I feel like we are getting old. Ha ha.

But really.

I couldn’t be happier, prouder, more honored to spend my life with this amazing man. He shows me such love, kindness and grace daily.

I see so much of Jesus in him it blows me away.

photo-24 copy 3

We have been on some insane adventures in the past six years, some awesome, some not so much, and I am always amazed at his ability to keep going, keep smiling and keep encouraging.

If you’re looking for a loyal, dependable guy. He is it.

Except… hands off cause he is mine for life.

IMG_9373Seth and Iphoto-22

I have so enjoyed growing and learning and adventuring with him. And I can’t wait to see where God leads us this coming year.

Seth, you are hands down my all time favourite. I wake up so excited every day that I got ya for life. You inspire, encourage, challenge and love me so so well. I just can’t wait to see God keep working in you. Here’s to 23, with all its crazy. We got this. It’s gonna be awesome. 

I love you best. 



New Little *The-Hunk-Is-23* Wife

House Updates; Is it stupid that these things excite me?!

So. We haven’t don’t TONS to the house.. Like I mentioned earlier we are trying to work slowly on the house this year..

We will see how well we ACTUALLY do on that.


All these goals and things and I have done terribly.

And its only January 19th. Ha.

Anyway, So. Since we had most our stuff packed up so we could spray roaches.
Sorry. Side tracking AGAIN.


I’m starting a dance party over this fact. You have NO idea how happy this makes me.

Very. Very. Happy.

Well, anyway, I thought that it would be the perfect time to redo my pantry. So. I hunted around the house for some things to use and make it better.. And this is what I ended up with..



It has been added to since then.. And gotten a little more.. messy;)

But I JUST LOVE IT. It SO easy to find things. And so neat. And so SIMPLE. Plus. I had ALL the things in my house already. LOVE FREE MAKEOVERS!

It made me WAY to happy doing this.. Is that crazy?! Oh well. We all knew I was anyway.. 😉

The other thing I was WAY to excited about was these pretty things from Amazon. I got them for like $3 each.. I know right.

And our old ones were.. ah.. second hand and.. “well loved”…

So I livened up the lounge room with these pretty ones..

*Some of them still need pillows.. Haha. Im not THAT onto it..;)*

Kinda cute huh!? I got the Proverbs 31 one for my reading nook:)

Next up: Curtains & my word wall.. Keep an eye out. Its about to get fun!!


New Little *House-Updates* Wife

DO HOUSE MAKEOVERS MAKE YOU HAPPY? Or am I the only one.. Haha?!

State Side

Just dropping in to say I’m State side again.

Back in SoCal. Back to winter. And real life.

And back to this Hunk.


Just gonna brag on him a minute. I came home to a spotless.. like SPOTLESS house- He even cleaned the carpets!- All the laundry done, these beautiful flowers on my pillow as well as a barnes and nobles gift card. My word He’s good.


So, back into the real world. And dealing with this.


I did procrastinate something fierce. But I got around too it. And its mostly done & Put away.  I have re arranged my pantry too!! This might sounds crazy, but it makes me SO HAPPY.
We are also working on some others house project, which are going to be super exiting! Ill post all the photos and new ideas later!

I did have a little ahhh.. moment in the car yesterday. It was the first day I had driven since coming back. And it had me kinda… freaked out.

It wasn’t a great start when I got in the wrong side and was confused when I couldn’t find the wheel. Then it went to turning the windscreen wipers on EVERY TIME I tried to indicate. I also missed ALL the exits I wanted to take and ended up driving in a circle for 10 minutes.

And then finally I ended up on the wrong side of the road.

Like. I LITERALLY was on the wrong side.

Im alive and well. And No one died. *Praise the Lord!*

My face was in this position all day.




This year we are going to be crazy busy. So many adventures planned, starting with my parents coming out in two weeks!! I know. Exciting!

2016 is off to a cracking start, and I’m loving every second!

Whats your 2016 looking like so far? Any adventures planned?


New Little *State-Side* Wife



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

So, as usual Im am hopelessly late with announcing the winner of the give away.
Soz guys.

But, I’m here now, and have drawn the name. Whoop.

First, as always, thanks to all those who entered. And to all those who continually read my ramblings. Thanks for sticking around, and putting up with me;)


A massive congrats to the lovely JOLIE TUNNELL who won the little coffee shop gift card..

Not only is she an awesome blogger, *go check her out at http://theforgetfulfiles.com* She also stated that the thing she would order who be a tea. Which is music to my little tea-loving heart. Ha.


New Little *Giveaway* Wife

Homeward bound!

Yep, you read right…. Im heading home!!! Whoop Whoop. *Don’t stress, those of you in the USA, we aren’t moving. Just going to visit!*

But, come Nov 26th, I will be on home ground. Its crazy, this is the longest time, in the last 5 years, that I haven’t been on a plan travelling between countries. Its been, or will have been by that time, 17 months since our last visit. I know, crazy right!! I can’t believe it. Time flies!

Im doing a bigger trip this time *HORRAY* and going for a total of 6 weeks! Unfortunately, The hubs can only come for two and a half, but we are taking an actual holiday down the south of Perth, which should be splendid!! I can’t wait. And I’m so happy, because it means ill get two summers!! WIN!

It will be pretty jam packed, with catch ups, wedding craziness and of course much cuddling of the newest munchy nephew.. and the older babes too!!

Now we have to get into planning, and saving mode! Anyone have any good tips to keep everything organised while on holidays?!


New Little *Homeward-bound* Wife

Gardening: The Report.

So. I told you I would update you on the garden. And I am going to do that. Right now.

I killed them.


In my defence, it has been stupidly hot & dry here is SoCal. And we are in drought, so there is not a lot of water around. But, that being said, even if there was, I would still have to remember to water them more than twice.. a month. Oops.

I will try again! Im not giving up! My herbs are still going strong. Some stronger than other. Although who new chives flowered?! Not me! *Some one who’s a green thumb please tell me if that good or not!*
I am hoping my thumb is just slower getting it’s “green” spirit. And that my memory gets a tad better.

I would post a picture, but I am utterly ashamed. And truth be told, there is naught but a small withered vine left.

Maybe next time I will pick something a little more.. Hardy. Any ideas? Carrots maybe?


New Little *Garden-Killing* Wife