Goals + Thoughts for 2017.

The first person to point out that it is March and I am only JUST writing this will get a huge eye roll.
Anyone else after that is just a copy cat. Y’all get nothing.

So yes, it’s March.

The year has got off to a cracking start *see the previous posts about our Aus trip and Alfie!*

I have been thinking these past few months about some things I want to try to do this year, and I have been doing them a little bit, I just havent told you all about them yet.
Ha ha.

So, here they are, in no particular order;

Write letters and cards; I have been doing this one recently and been loving it!
If you would like a little card in your letterbox, let me know!

Pray in the “Spare Minutes”; Which means when I’m washing dishes, driving, walking, showering ect. Using these minutes that I’m already doing things to start connecting with God.

Read more non fiction; I tend to go towards certain book genres, which is fine, but apart from the bible I don’t really read any non fiction.
So I want to try to change that, I have a Brene brown on my night stand waiting to be devoured.

De-Clutter the house; I have been smashing this out thanks to our house remodleing. *YES THEY ARE STILL GOING. DONT ASK*.I’ll post after pictures when they are finished, *unless we pass away before that happens which is looking INCREASINGLY likely*.
However, We have thrown out a huge amout of stuff and about 50% of our clothes. It has been AMAZING.

Workout regularly; If you wanted to come and watch someone pant, limp and die around a soccer field, come to Poway on thursday nights.
We have started to play indoor soccer  and it has shown me JUST how unfit I am.. For the viewers at home That would be VERY. 

Create Something; I don’t know what this one is going to look like, but I want to create something this year. It could be a career, eBook, house, some kind of arty thing (NOT LIKELY BUT I’LL ADD IT IN HOPE) or whatever. Comment and give me some suggestions if you have them!

Say YES to more good things; I have gotten out of the habit of saying yes to the little, spontaneous things, and I’m not loving it.
So it’s back to the Girl who said yes to 10pm beach swims,random summer road trips and lazy saturday drives JUST CAUSE.

Re Read childhood Favorites; I am thinking Anne of Green Gables, Little house and The royal diaries. What are some of your childhood favourites?

Learn a new skill; I’m thinking SEWING, which would have made my lovely Grandma proud, but will come as a surprise and concern to those who have seen/heard of my sewing skills up to this point.
I did not gain the sewing skills in the family. Infact there is a 90% chance of bodily harm when I get behind a machine. I will update you on this, when I’m in hospital with two casts and missing an eye.

Get a dog; this was NOT on there, but since we got one, let’s add it so I can cross something off! HURRAH!

My overarching theme of this year would be trust.

Trusting in Gods plan and that HIS timing is right! rRemembering HE knows me SO well and He loves me like no one else.

Trusting in my husband, trusting other people and trying to see the BEST in them.

So if you see a lot about trust, or my lack thereof, this is why.

SO, anyone else have any goals for this year they would like to share? Or any comments on mine?



New Little *2017-Goals* Wife


I am so nervous about posting this. I have never been so scared or worried about posting anything in my life. But I’m going to, because I think I need to.
These thoughts have been running around my head for weeks and weeks. They haven’t relented. And I need to say them. I have written and re written this so many times.
This is by no means an attack, a judgement of anyone. And I am mainly writing this for myself, because I know this is something I struggle with. And maybe you do too.. Please read to the very very end before commenting. Thank you. 

I like tea. A lot. Give me black tea, ice tea, hot tea, green tea, strong tea, herbal tea. I’ll take it.

Just don’t ever give me lukewarm.

I hate lukewarm.

Jesus feels the same way.

Maybe not about tea, I don’t actually know about that.

He feels that way about His friends, His followers, His body.

There is a passage in scripture that makes me sit up. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

It’s in Revelation.

I know, Revelation is full of demons and vials and plagues and beasts. There is a lot of stuff to be kinda worried about in there, but it’s not one of those.

It’s chapters 2 & 3. Maybe another day I’ll talk about the whole of those chapters and what goes on in them, but today we are just talking about one bit.

Chapter 3 from v 15.

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. 

This passage scares me. More than anything else in this book.

Jesus is speaking to the church at Laodecia and he has something to say.

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Let’s just stop there.

Stop and read that. Just actually think about what is being said here.

Now think about this.

Is this, right here, talking about you?

Are you a lukewarm christian?

Would you want Jesus to say that verse to you?

If I am honest, truly deep down honest..

I am so very often lukewarm.

I’ll get hot sometimes, when I’m feeling close to God, when I feel like I’m walking well with Jesus, after a conference or a study weekend.

But I spend a lot of time in the lukewarm zone. Somewhere in the middle.

That is the very very worst place to be.

And that’s not something I said.

That’s what Jesus tells us.

He hates us being in that place. So much so he spits us out.

So much so that he says it’s better to be cold.

It’s better to be stone cold than be lukewarm.

Better that we didn’t claim to be christians.

That we didn’t give a half hearted attempt.

You see, he wants all of us. Every bit.

Not just our minds, our Sundays, $100 or a spare hour on Wednesday. He isn’t after half hearted, half baked followers.

He wants all in. He wants crazy about him, willing to leave all, staying til the last breathe people.


Here’s the thing though, we are talking about lukewarm people. 

Not cold ones, not hot ones, lukewarm.

And this is where it gets tricky because we have gone beyond simply knowing.

Beyond the basics.

Its not “ have we heard about or read the bible” anymore.

It’s how often do you read it? And do you read because you LOVE to… or to check it off?

We aren’t at the stage where we are being introduced to the idea of praying. We are christians. We KNOW how to pray.

But do we?

Something I am always thinking about is this:

Am I truly giving him my all or just my leftovers?

There are so many areas of my life that I claim to be hot in that Jesus begs to differ on. 

If you continue to read down that chapter, Jesus goes on.

Do you see what is happening that Jesus is trying to tell them, and us, about?

We think we are good, I mean look at us!

We are rich, we have friends, we have security, we have everything we need.  We ‘know’ Jesus, we have all we need.

Not knowing that we are actually horrible, poor, naked and lukewarm.

We think we have all the good stuff. Life is going well. Blessing upon blessing. Possession upon possession.

And we have become more pitiable. More tepid. More blind to our temperature.

And Jesus has slipped further and further down our priority list.

And he tries, oh how he tries, to tell us.

He counsels us to change. To head his voice, to choose a side.

To buy clothes of white.

To make us clean and whole and on fire for Him.

And yet…

How happy we are in our little lukewarm life. 

To me, it’s not worth it. It’s simply not worth losing eternity for something as small as this.

When I picture myself there, face to face with him. I would be devastated.. actually no.. there is not a single word I could use to describe the feeling I would have if He said something like that to me.

“Oh Sharniie. How I tried. How I called you and begged you to change.

To become hot.

To see what I was trying to do.

I tried to clothe you, to heal you.

But you just didn’t listen. And you just sat in your lukewarm water with your lukewarm ways.

You just let me slip so so far down your list of things to do.”

Now, I pray I never have to ever hear those words, and that you would never have to hear them either.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way suggesting we should be motivated by fear to do the right thing, or that we simply become robots and check every box.
Because fear is the worst motivator ever.
And that is NOT what he wants. 

What makes us hot is our love.

Our absolute love and joy for our God, and our striving to be like His son.

It’s our pure and childlike faith and our wanting to obey.

And we show love to God & His Son by loving each other. 

It’s simple really.

He tells us so. It comes down to this…

Love God. Love People.

Cultivate that love, grow that fire. Swim out of the lukewarm zone.

You know your life, your struggles and your lukewarm areas.

Take some time to asses them, to see them, to repair them.

Make sure that you’re not just talking, walking and preaching Jesus, but that you are hot, on fire for him.

Because he stands at the door, and he knocks.

He knocks hard.

This passage has a happy ending. Praise Him!

There is grace. There is love. There is mercy.

We need not be afraid or fear. He shows us what to do and gives us hope.

If we hear, and repent, and open up to him…

He WILL come to us and eat with us.

He WILL grant us to sit with HIM on HIS throne, just as he sat down at HIS FATHER’S throne.


What a beautiful picture. What a sure promise.

I have ears Lord, so I WILL listen.




 New Little *Luke-warm-but-trying-to-be-hot* Wife

That Little Commandment..

I’m going to be honest here.

There is a commandment, one of the ten, that a break.

Almost daily.

I know you probably racing through your head reciting them, trying to pick which one.

Relax. I’m not killing people daily.

Its number 10.

Thou Shalt Not Covert. 

Or, in other words, Thou shalt not Crave.




Ouch. I do that.

And Man, it kinda sneaks up huh. You just catch yourself thinking..

If only I had what SHE HAS.

If I was only pretty/sporty/smart/more Godly/made more money then life would be better.

If only I had a partner that did THAT. Like Hers does.

If only I had his job. His house.

If only I had made other choices. I could be living THAT life.

Its hard, isn’t it?

Why? Why do we do that that? Cause we think it’s better. We think that what someone else has is/would be better than what GOD has given us.

What a slap in the face to God. No really.

How rude are we. How rude am I.

God blesses me so SO much, with everything I ACTUALLY need. And I have the HIDE to turn around and tell HIM I want something else.

I don’t think what HE has given me is good enough. Man. I gotta work on that. Anyone else?!

So, Why did He put it in there? I think its because He knows.

He knows when we compare, we lose Joy.

And we do, don’t we? We crave and desire away.

And then we lose joy in whats been give us.

Instead of being amazed at what blessings we have, instead of finding JOY and happiness is OUR lives that God has planned for US. We turn to our neighbors. And we WANT.

Lets not. Lets not compare. Lets not try and compete with others, or make life into a competition. Just stop.

Lets look at OUR lives. OUR blessings. OUR happiness. And see that we are blessed beyond measure.

Have JOY in what God has given us. And praise Him for it.

And then lets look at our neighbors lives and be HAPPY for them, and their blessings, Realizing that God blesses us ALL, in the ways we each need.


Every day. In every way.






New Little *No-To-Coveting* Wife



New Year; New Goals


WOW. 2016 already. Were did 215 go?! Insane! We are in for a crazy, exciting and busy year this year. I can’t wait.

Like I did last year, this year I am also doing a theme. Last year I did fears. Overcoming them, facing them and just generally giving them up! It went well. I face porta-loos and caves and health problems and some other big ones;) This year, though, I hope to do WAY better!
My theme this year is Health. Here is the catch though. It’s health in ALL forms. What’s that mean?

Instead of just focusing on Physical health, which is important, I want to focus on health as a whole.
So I have written down all goals and ideas for each category of health. Here are a few:

Physical Actually sticking to my diet would be a good start. Ha. I do try and do pretty well, but when its holiday season I struggle.. So getting back on the band wagon with that will be awesome.
A close second would just be doing some kinda exercise or workout regularly. I do try, but I am pretty pathetic about making it a daily thing.
Lastly. Sleep & rest. Days and nights are busy, and I’m the person who does NOT do well with no sleep. So I need to make sure I get plenty.

Mental/ Emotional. This is a big one, and I feel like its often forgotten when talking about “Health”. Your mind is powerful and it effects your body and life in a HUGE way. So take care of yourself mentally.
This year I’m going to just take 30 mins every day to relax & destress. It doesn’t have to take a particular form, or be the same thing everyday, it may be reading or baking or walking or just listening to some music, but its for important, and I feel WAY better when I do it!
I need also to say No to the things I really CAN’T do and making sure I do a daily “brain dump” and get rid of all the days craziness. Shake it off Girl!

Spiritual. This year in my spiritual health I have some big goals. And I’m sure, only with God’s help, I can do them! Im going to make sure I do the “Daily Duo” which is read & pray.
No excuses & no skimping.
The other thing we are doing this year, hopefully together more than apart, is a set weekly bible study night. We do this often, need to make it more of a habit. So we picked a day, and thats that.

I think looking at Health as a whole is so important. It might be great to get physically healthy, but if your in a bad place, it won’t stick. So make sure, this year, you look after your WHOLE self. Not just the bits people can see.

If you would like to join me on my Whole Healthy Challenge, please do! I would love it! Make your own goals and your own categories & we can all do it together!

Here is to a happy & healthy new year!


New Little *New-Year-Goals* Wife

Trash: Update One

Welcome to our first update for our trash mission. *If you have no idea what Im talking about, head over here and see!*

Well, we have been trying to live trash-less for just over a week now, and its been.. hard. It takes a lot of thought at the moment. Im hoping that it as it become a habit, it gets easier! Haha. But we are still trying, and see how we go! Right now, I have found four easy things we are working on. Rather than just getting rid or every single, we have been focusing on these four.

This first is FOOD. America wastes 40% of the food it produces. FOURTY PERCENT goes unit, un cooked and in the trash. Really?!? Gosh. So. We are trying to cut back on our food waste.  Trying to use every last leftover and vegetable. There are a heap of meals you can make with leftovers, some of my favourites are soups, fried rice and even pasta with veggie thrown in. Its seems to be crazy one country can throw so much away while another staves. Its seems so insane. And I’m looking forward to a time when that will be fixed. But for now, lets cut back on this throw away culture and use only what we need, and use it all.

The next thing is simply getting rid of plastics. We have almost entirely got rid of all our plastic conatiners and switched to glass ones. The same with ziplock bags, I still have some for my freezer meals, but apart from that, we try to use glass. Glass water bottles, containers and cups. No only is it better for you and the world, its cheaper in the long run! Win Win.

We are also working on taking bags. Every where. So instead of using plastic ones, we take reusable one. And put or produce in them. I forget the semi regularly, and I get annoyed when I do, but I’m working on it! I did find a design for some material bags to put fresh produce in, which Im hoping to make! Ill let you know if I do. They will be very… basic.. My sewing skills are some what limited. Haha.

Lastly, Just doing the three R’s. Channeling Jack Johnson here. Ha. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Before I throw it away, thinking of these three things. Can I reuse it? Can I recycle it? Or even, do I need it/to buy it again? I feel like if we did this, we all would drastically reduce our waste.

So far, these are only small steps, but I’m hoping it gets easier, simpler and healthier. Gotta start somewhere huh?!

Anyone else got any other tips or ideas? And if you wanna take this challenge with me, its not to late! Comment below and we can go trash-less together!


New Little *Trash-Free* Wife

Mission: Trash.

Trash. We seem to have tons of it. Like. Tons. More than I think two people should have. And I just don’t even know where it even comes from!?

Anyway, at our front door we have a “spot” where we put the trash to sit before someone takes it to the dumpster. It has been known to sit there for a while. Ha.

The other day, I had had it. I was just done with the massive pile of trash by the door.

All. The. Time.

And, I got to thinking. I started thinking about how much trash and rubbish and just “stuff” we throw away, every year, every month, every day.
And I was shocked, when for one day, I actually took notice. I noticed how quick the bin filled with papers, plastics and scraps, I noticed all the “packaging” of products and all the other “bits and pieces”. Its crazy. And its just not good. Not good for the earth, for animals, for us and for out minds to get into the habits of just using things and chucking them away.

So, I declared, to Seth, that we were going to go trash free. It sounds ridiculous. But, really, its not.
I did a little research and found a website of a woman who has actually done it. She went trash free!

Anyway, our new mission is to try an limit our trash, I don’t think we can quite get as little as she can, but we are going to try and reduce it, significantly.

We are going to try and recycle more, compose and buy reusable type things like glass jars, wooden or metal kitchenware, and make some of our own products. *I actually already do the last one, but sometimes I get lazy, and buy them. Ha.*

I will try and keep you updated along the way as we seek to slim down our trash.
Were going to just take it slow and make little changes, but hopefully, we will get there. We are excited to try it, and to see how it works. Im hoping to helps simplify our house a little too!

If anyone would like to take this challenge with me, let me know! Id love to have ideas and tips!


New Little *Trash-Free* Wife

April Attitude.

So, This month I’m going to have a mission. And its going to be about changing my attitude. And Ill tell ya why.

Know, I don’t know about you but the other day I was taking stock of my thoughts, and my life { sounds all very deep doesn’t it.. Ha!} and I realised, I was mostly thinking about negative things. This kinda surprised me. And I thought to myself, Well thats stupid! Why should I be so negative! {And don’t get me wrong, its not like I was moping around and crying, or even being sad all the time!}

But I caught myself a few times thinking things about me, or people, places or life in a negative way.. And that kinda surprised.. well me! And I realised that when Seth came home, often I was start with the BAD things about my day rather than the BRILLIANT. And that when someone asked me how I was, It was always, “well, we have been crazy. Half a million things to do, theres not enough time, so & so did this, and forgot that, blah blah blah.”

So I thought, Hold on a sec here. I have GOT to change that.  And so Im going to try. No. I am GOING to change it.

Enter: April Attitudes.

For the month of april, I have set myself a little challenge. Im going to become more positive. Im going to start with the brilliant and maybe say two of the bad. Im going to tell people I’m doing awesome, because I’m alive and well and its been amazing weather, altho we have been busy, but thats ok. Im going to seek to find the beautiful, not the boring. See the Good, not the bad, See the glorious, not the glum.

And that doesn’t mean if I have had a bad day, I can’t tell somebody. It just means I have to do it in a way that’s not so negative. And if I am mad, or annoyed, to think about if its really important. Because often the things we get hung up about, are, in the end, so ridiculous.

So. Here I go, On this journey, trying to be brighter, happier and way more positive. I totally invite you to join me if you would like! Lets help each other out!

There is a beautiful verse i’m going to share, because, on this first day of april { & of my mission!} I think its going to be so encouraging.

Finally, Brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, is there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.                                                                                                      Philippians 4V8


New Little *Attitude-Changing* Wife

If you would like to take the challenge with me, comment below and we can do it together! Plus, offer up thoughts, advice, suggestions or help. I would love to hear it all!