Miss To Mrs; Cleaning on the Go.

We are back with another post in the little Eseries, Miss to Mrs! If you haven’t read the other posts, head over here to catch up!

Today we are going to chat about cleaning. I hate it. Sometimes, rarely, will i get into a “cleaning” mood. The rest of the time it drives me mental. Its amazing how quick it gets messy too? How? How is it that it takes me almost half a day to clean everything, and about 30 mins for it to get messy?!? And I don’t even have kids!!
Anyway, today lets chat about how to keep the mess slightly at bay, so we all have more time to sit and read.. Because really, that’s what we would all rather be doing, right?!

Make your own cleaners. This may sounds counter productive, since you have another thing to do, but it take about 2 minutes, its cheaper, healthier and easier. Most everything can be cleaned with vinegar, Baking soda/Bi carb soda & lemon. Like honestly. Almost everything. I make my own cleaners, for the counter tops I use a little rubbing alcohol in the mix, as it helps to really clean, as well as essential oils, which are AMAZING. It helps to make them too, because you can make them in big batches, and should you run out, you have everything you need right there to quickly make more! Which, is kinda annoying, cause that takes away the excuse of having no cleaners. Haha.
(I also make my laundry soap, bathroom cleaner, shampoo etc. Maybe Ill post some recipes up if you like!)

Have a cleaning schedule. Ill be honest, this comes and goes in our house, I do TRY to stick to it. When I do, its all good and totally not overwhelming.. And the house is tidy. When I don’t, I spend my only day off in piles of laundry. And usually fall asleep of it all, and then NOTHING get done. Ha. So, the idea is simple, everyday pick ONE place you will clean for that day, like really give some attention. I like do bigger things on the days I have little/no work or shorter shifts. And things like tidying the living room to days that I work, since thats super speedy to do. So pick one thing a day, and just clean that. ALSO IMPORTANT: Do laundry EVERYDAY. Learn from me ladies, lest you find yourself SKY HIGH in 12 loads of clothes. Do a load every day and put it away that same day. Its makes like A WORLD of difference. A WORLD. Moving on.

Have less. If you have less, you clean less. So smplify. If you don’t use it, toss it. If you hate it, chuck it out. Be mean, Be ruthless. We don’t NEED so much. And the less we have, the happy we are *I think we are happier simply because we are all cleaning less! Ha* One thing I am in the middle of doing is going through our closet and tossing a ton of clothes. One we don’t wear, that are stained, and that one of us worn the day they won the seventh grade track meet back in 2002 which is faded and has no sleeves *Cough*
Another thing that I have been finding is that its better to save and buy better quality jeans and coats and shoes that last then spread “less” and have to buy three pairs in the same year. Thats something to keep in mind too.

Lastly, Ill Finnish with my lovely Mums motto, which she told me thrice a day.. Don’t put it down, Put it away! I did listen, and Mum, it works a charm;)
Well, I hope some of these have been helpful, please add your own to the list if you have any..

In the end of it all though, its not about our clean houses and our laundry routines, we don’t love and judge each other based off our shiny carpets, and Thank God that he doesn’t either! While we try our hardest, there are more important things in life than that, like the tending to our kids, and the loving of our husbands, and the serving of our Lord.


New Little *Cleaning* Wife

Miss to Mrs: Four tips to help you not go insane…

Welcome back to another post in this little series… If you missed the first few, head over here and catch up.

Today, we are going to have a chat about four little tips to help you not go insane. I dunno about you, but sometimes life gets crazy and we feel overwhelmed. And if your both working full time or studying or a bit of both, there never seems enough time to get everything done!
So here are four little tips to help you not go insane when you have one of “those” days or weeks.

Daily 15.
Set a timer, and clean for 15 mins everyday. Even if you don’t have time to fully clean, 15 mins is better than nothing, plus its amazing what you can get done in that time.

When you cook, cook.
Ha. This might seem a little strange, I’ll explain. Whenever you set about making dinner, make double. Some for the dinner & to freezer or for lunches. It cuts down your cooking time and nicer to just get it all done. I also like to prep. our lunches for the next day at the same time. We usually take leftovers or some kind of wrap/sandwich.

Keep a diary/to-do list
Write it down. All those appointments, dates, plans for the house, meal plans, to dos lists. Keep a diary or a place where you can scribble down numbers and shopping lists. So handy to get it all down, and it keeps you from going crazy trying to remember everything!

Do the daily three.
Even if you cant manage anything else. Do these three. Dishes, Dirty clothes & Bed. Make sure you dishes are away, you have a load of laundry going and the bed is made. Its amazing how much just that helps. Plus, some days even thats hard to get done. Haha.

Hope these help! If you have any other good tips, let me know!


New Little *Dont-Go-Insane* Wife

Miss To Mrs: Little Ways To Save Money.

Welcome back to this series, If you haven’t been following along, feel free to go and read the first few posts over here.

Today, we are jumping right in and chatting about little ways to save money. Sounds so cliche, but as newlyweds, you don’t have a ton of cash. And I totally believe its the little day to day things that can help you save. These are the top five ideas and tips that have helped me:

1. Shop at thrift stores & Craigslist. We have gotten most everything from thrift stores & online used sites like craigslist. And we have got awesome stuff. Make sure you take a good look at it to make sure you not getting trash, but if you look, you always find awesome stuff!

2. Line dry, Line Dry, Line dry. But seriously. Your energy bill will be cut, and the earth will thank you for it. I got little pop up clothes lines at Walmart for like $15. They most a load each, and are awesome.

3. Make your own. Jump on the DIY band wang and make you own. I make my own cleaners and laundry soap as well some food products. Its way cheaper and ways healthier.

4. Sale Days. Have a snoop and see what days you local grocery  stores have there sale days. Example, every Wednesday Sprouts has “double flyer day”. Which means for that day, both last weeks and the new weeks sales are valid. Its awesome. You can shop the sales or pretty much ALL your fresh food!

5. Buy in bulk. If you can, buy in bulk. Its way cheaper and saves you making little trips al the time. Plus, when you buy in bulk, you pretty much always have some type of meal you can make.

Miss To Mrs: Fridges & Freezers.

Welcome back to my little series! {If you missed the first one, check it out here!} Im having fun thinking about and writing these, so I hope you are enjoying them!

I thought we would have a chat about fridges & freezers food. I am by no means an expert on these things, In fact, I’m a little terrible at them! Ha! But they are little things that are SUPER helpful. And make life a little easier. Lets start of with a few tips about fridges!


Clean them. A lot. I dunno about you.. But I end up with all sorts in my fridge. And food from.. Like.. three weeks ago. Oops. Also, when you clean them more often, you can see what you do have still and what you need to use up!

Store things in clear container: If you have them, store things in clear containers. It makes it WAY easier to see what it is and to see up the back of you fridges, cause you can see through them 🙂 Its super handy!!

Have a specific stop for everything: I mean, you don’t have to label every little inch, but have an idea of were things go. We have a place for the condiments, the veggies on in the veggie bin, a “defrosting” bin and other little spots things go in. Its super useful! You’re able to see if you have it and you can get it super quick to just grab.


Stock them: OK. There is like 15739 posts and e books and tips around about freezer cooking and whatever, Im not even going to go there. What I am going to say it STOCK. If you make something, make extra and stick some in the freezer for another meal. If you make homemade broth. Stick some in for later. See a good sale on steak, whack that up in there too. Its so helpful. Like. SO helpful.

Keep and inventory: Im laughing as I say this, cause right now mine is a little scrap of paper stuck to the freezer door. But hey, I didn’t say it had to be fancy;) Just jot down what you have in there and when you put it in. Its awesome to reference and see what you have. I hate rooting through my freezer to find the half packet of peas that I POSSIBLY have. And Im annoyed when I don’t find them after all! Haha. Its easy; write it down.

Keep Flour in the freezer: I learnt this one from my mumma! We had an awful time with weevils the other month, and I was SO glad I had my flours in the freezer. Things like flour attract weevils and little bugs. Stick them in the freezer so they can’t get at ’em. It doesn’t change the flour at all. And then you don’t have any nasty little bits of.. extra protien.. In your cake! 😉

I know these are simple, but thats the best part ! {cause, quite frankly, who has time for ridiculously  complicated ad expensive things!} If anyone else has any good tips, comment below!

Next week we will be chatting about Food. Yum. See you then!

New Little *Miss-To-Mrs* Wife

Miss to Mrs— “Dont Stress About…”

Welcome to my new E series! This is the first post in this series, and I thought I would start with a post on what NOT to stress about. I know that sounds funny, but when you get married, and you start setting up a house, you start stressing about.. things. Just little things.

So, Here’s what to let go..

Setting up costs for your house – When you get your first little place, and start setting it up, it get expensive. You have to stock your pantry with staples, buy cleaning products and households things like a trash bin! Not to mention furniture! There are cheaper ways to do it, like thrift shopping {which I love!} but there really is no way around this one, its gonna be a bit of money. So don’t stress. Do what you can with what you have.

Things not going the way you want – Ha. Anyone who knows of, or has heard, of our several weddings and various living place, knows that things didn’t always go to plan for us! In fact, I’m not sure things ever really go to plan for anyone. And that’s more than ok. Don’t stress about everything being a certain way, because, chances are, it will end up nothing like what you thought! Just know that there is One person who has it all under control.

Differences – This seems funny to point out, but, people are different. And they like different things, or do things a different way. And that, too, is perfectly fine. Don’t stress that your spouse is different than  you.. Its a good thing!!

That the way your doing it is “different” – Your marriage and the way you do things, is going to be ridiculously different from the way others do theirs. Its because you have different people in it. {I know, Im smart!!} Work out what works for you guys, and do that. And sure, you get ideas off people, or read up on things, but at the end of the day, it had to work for you, and what you need. So. Don’t stress if its not entirely the same as others!

I hope these small things were helpful. Any others anyone else would add to this list?!


New Little *Dont-Stress* Wife

First E- Series!!

Since I posted about our date night ideas & new married bliss tips, I have been getting tons of comments about them!

SO I though I would put together a little “E Series” {which is just a fancy way of saying I’m going to have post more about it!!} on some more tips, hints & ideas about being young married! Its just going to be purely my own thoughts, and maybe some stories too! If your interested, about to be new married or wanna have a sticky beak, make sure you look out for them! The series is going to be called..

Miss to Mrs

The first one will be posted tomorrow! Hope you enjoy them!


New Little * Miss-To-Mrs* Wife