Veggies: I wanna grow them.

Its been a busy week here. We have both been working tons, had a few family & friends over and a nasty cold thats been hanging around. Also, for those of you who are into the weather {mainly my Dad;)} Its ben raining! Which is SO rare, and SO nice. Thanking God of such blessings. Since its been raining, and I have been out in my little herb garden, which is going well! I have been thinking about planting some veggies in my little space. I read somewhere {prob. pintrest!} that you can plant little veggie patches in bug tubs, washing baskets and boxes! Which was super cool!! Im all for having some fresh, organic veggies from my little yard! Im thinking I’m going to plant lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes first, since * Apparently* they are easy! Since I haven’t completely killed the herbs, I figure ill give it a shot!

So, today, I wanna ask for advice! Has anyone ever done gardening like this, on a tiny scale?

And what tips can you give!!??

Ill update you all on how it goes!


New Little *Veggie-Growing* Wife

One year in our humble abode…

This week marks one whole year since we bought our little place. Crazy. Its flown.

In that year we have had over 25 people stay and celebrated our first anniversary, both our 21st and done a few things to it! Crazy. We love our little place.

Right now we are in the middle of putting up some things.. I was SO excited to put these up.. Guess what they are for?!


Also, we are putting up a photo frame collage in our room.. Currently we are half way through.. and staring at blank frames.. BUT we will get there;)

Anyone got any good ideas of what we can put in the middle of the wall? I was thinking a T? Or an S?


We have a lengthy list of what we want done.. And hopefully will get to a few more done this summer. We seem to get the most done when Dad comes {And helps 😉 Haha.

So, Happy anniversary to our little place! Cant wait for all the memories still to be made here:)


New Little *Happy-1st-Year-Home!*

Saving Jars.

A while ago we have months and weevils ravish our pantry. And it was so annoying. And terrible. Awful things. There are a few things I hoped would have missed the ark… Alas.

Since then we have tried to have our good in glass jar for higher seal and better protection. Which works well. But, they are ridiculously expensive. Since I love jars, but am poor, I wanted to find a better way.

So, I started saving the glass jars things came it! And its awesome! If you clean them out right and you only save good quality ones with good lids, it works super well. Its pretty easy to get the labels off and clean them up. Use a bit of hot water, vinegar and some eucalyptus oil and they just peel off. I tend to soak mine for a while to make it easier.

If we loose the lids or something we use the jars for drinking glasses and smoothies. {Plus I have saved one for a vase once;) It looks super cute!}

photo-19 copy

I did buy over a GALLON of pickles at costco for the glass jar.. It took us a while to eat that many pickles.. and I think Seth thought I was a little crazy:P Just gotta clean it out and I have a jar for my rice! Yay.

Anyone else got any do this also? Or got anything they save?


New Little *Jar-Saving* Wife

Dishwasher Discoveries…


Flamin’ brilliant when they work. Stupidly annoying when they don’t.

And mine, unfortunately has been the latter. Its never worked amazingly, to see its worked alright would also be an overstatement. And it was too the point were I would have to wash the dishes and then put them in the dishwasher and then rinse them when they came out.And that totally defeats the purpose of a dishwasher!

It went through a stage were it would actually make things dirty, instead of clean. I would put them in rinsed and clean, and they would come out with stains and food. Ew. Nice one, DW.  Like this lid,which was placed in relatively clean. photo-19 So. Annoyed. I tried new things. Changed washing detergent. Added rise add. Ran a few cycles with nothing. Got Dad to check the traps. Still. It was winning.

Then, frustrated, one morning, I tried the winning thing. Those with dishwasher that as just as irritating, take note.

In the little flap next to the main detergent, there is a spot for a pre wash thing. {While, thats what mine looks like!}

In that, add..


Seriously. I should have thought of it sooner. But it honestly make the world of difference. They come out nice and clean and shinny! YAY!

My DW has been upgraded. Its now flaming’ brilliant.


New Little *Vinegar-Is-Awesome* Wife

House Updates.

Over christmas while my parents were here, we ( and when I say we, I really mean Dad;)  did some things on our little house. So its about time I update you all!

Things One: We put in a little book shelf in the corner hall way, which we absolutely love. So handy. And such a good use of the copy 3Thing Two: Dad put in a a shelf above the sink.. For my jars of nuts and lentils and seeds. Which is super cute.. And While he was at it he put in a water filter 😉


Thing Three: You know how a few weeks  months ago I got the creative spirit and started painting the door of our room, well I finally got round to finishing it.


Its all coming along! Anyone have any tips or ideas for what we could do next?!


New Little *House* Wife

Water, roofs and precious gifts.

So, this week has been a tad insane.. Its started off like this..

Roof 1

And then we had a little bit of this..

Roof 2

And it ended like that..

Roof 3

Needless to say. Roof leaks suck. Esp when you have a massive week planned, lovely visitors ( who were champs!) and not a ton of money! Oh well. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Kinda threw me off tho. And its been a bit of a messy the last few days! Had to call a million people and re shuffle everything. Guess thats the way it goes hey.

Altho, I must say, I feel like It was a good thing. And ill tell ya why. Wednesday morning when our leak was found, after they called the plumbers to come out, they turned off the water to our building. And all our 7 neighbours, and our house, had no water. For EIGHT hours.

I had a million things planned for that day. Starting with doing the laundry and the dishes. Watering the plants and making some tea. And then maybe a nice hot shower! And as I set about trying to do them, I found I couldn’t. Cause they all had something to do with water! Its was crazy. And I kinda felt lost for a while. I didn’t know what to do about it and what to even do with myself, since I couldn’t do anything. It was so strange. And I was getting grumpy.. when all of a sudden this little voice in my head came. “Sharniie, this is how MOST of the world live. Every. Day”

Here am I stressing and annoying about not being able to clean my dirty towels, when most of the world can’t even get clean water to wash themselves! And here I am annoyed I can’t water my herbs, when most of the world can’t even get clean water to drink themselves!

Its crazy how much we take things like this for granted. And how easy it is to get caught up in our lives. In what we are doing and how annoyed we are. Without even realising what awesome blessings we have. Its crazy how little things make us see things from a different perspective. And how sometimes bad things can work out to be good things.

So, this Thanksgiving, and this Christmas, instead of giving someone else ( or even yourself!) a present they don’t want, or need. Maybe we should all donate money to charities that are trying to get fresh, clean water to people without this basic gift. And give thanks for all the gifts you do have, however small they may seem.


New Little *Water* Wife

If you would like to donate to a charity, Agape In Action is an awesome! It runs a clean water program for those in less fortunate countries. Check it out at 


I love our house. As soon as we walked in.. I loved it. The purple walls. And the funky kitchen.. the massive walk in closet was also a plus;)

However, its very white.. And Im kinda a “colourful” person.. So I’m trying to set about changing that! We do have grand plans to paint the rooms, however right now I’m doing little things. Like these hallway cupboard doors.

I looked at them one day and decided.. Its kinda lame looking. So out came some paint. And I painted it. Black. Now, I know I said I was colourful.. But its kinda cool black. Cause its one of those chalkboard black paints. (Its also the only paint I had when I felt this inspiration to paint 😉

It turned out pretty cool..


I love being able to write quotes and things on it.. And it looks way better.. Plus, Its super fun to draw on. Since this was an awesome success  I then took to the back of our bedroom door to convert it to another chalkboard door.. That one was less great.. I ran out of paint and it ended like this..


Seth came home. And laughed.


New Little *Painting* Wife