Dresser; Before & After.

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to paint an old dresser. I know I promised to show you the other two rooms we re did, but we have had a lot of people staying at our house this summer, and TBH they are still messy. Ha.

So Y’all can just get a dresser update today;)

It wasn’t as terrible as I thought. Hurrah.

So, without further ado, here it is!

It looked like this before.

And here it is now!

It’s actually more grey than this shows.


I looked high and low for dresser knobs, and I found some I loved but they were all like SIX DOLLARS PER KNOB.

Which, for 8 knobs, it would be… Expensive.

And I wasn’t up for that. So in the end I got these beauties for under $2 each from.. Home Depot;)

I like ’em.

I also had this mat (I brought with me all the way from Australia!) It’s my mediation mat, and I added it to the top of the dresser to give it more spunk and color. I kinda dig it.

And of course, I have started a little nursery library #BookWorm. See any of your favorites up there? Any good suggestions to add?

Next up on the painting list, we have this little lamp! Any ideas? I’m thinking coral?


New Little *Painting* Wife

The House Reveal; Living Room & Master Bedroom.

I am posting TWICE in one week.

Do you feel loved? You should.

Last post I made an exciting announcement and that was.. *Drum Roll*



We had been going on it since Nov. of last year. I know. That’s a shamefully long time.

In our rather weak defense, we had christmas, an over-seas trip, a baby announcement, a few other weekends away and dog thrown in. So we were busy, just maybe a little slow in the house department.

Anywhoo, here we are.

New carpet and all.

We had extra motivation cause my parents were coming over, and I’m not sure they would have slept on a concrete floor with no bed frame, closet or clean bathroom.
So, that gave us a little kick up the toosh.

I don’t have many (Or any?!) photos of the old rooms to show you *Rookie Error*

But i’ll show you some pictures of the new ones anyway, cause I want too.

Here is our Living Room;


Nice new carpet! YAY. And I LOVE the green/blue of the wall.
I dunno what to do with all those cords in the corner.
Ideas anyone?


And our little table. I know. I have a lot of teal-y colour in my house;)


Alfie wanted in a photo;) 

We are still de cluttering, un packing from the carpet installment and our little vacay and all the things, so it’s a little C R A Z Y and most the house it still a pit.  That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m keeping it. So Ha.

And our Master; 


Fairy lights though. ❤
And after ALL the 27 color swatches we tested, we both LOVE the grey.
Just as well;)

We need a new curtain color, WAY to much grey going on up in there girlfriend. Any suggestions? I was thinking a blue/green/teal.. incase I havent got enough already. Haha.


Some people are crazy cat ladies, I am a crazy scarf lady. They even have there own basket. I may need an intervention soon.


This week I’m working on the Nursery and Guest Room, so stay tuned for that;)

I have decided to paint this huge dresser and re vamp it for the baby. We have tons of paint left after all, and now I have the DIY bug.
Altho mine must have glitches, cause my DIYs rarely turn out. WHATEVZ. I going for it. I’ll update you, and you can all watch me fail. Lucky its going in the closet;)


If it works out half well, I’m going to tackle some other wooden piece that are kinda knock about and need a little TLC. I know. I’m channeling my inner Joanna Gaines;)

And then last week my lovely hubby announced that maybe we should move houses and buy a fixer upper.

Give me strength. 



August Challenge; Week Three.

Incase you didn’t know, we are doing an august challenge head here to read about it.

August Challenge

Before I jump, I want to stress again that there is NOTHING wrong with having things, having money or a big house. This is simply an exercise in evaluating the things we have & buy, what we do with our possessions and our wealth. 

So here we go!


It’s hard. Good and fun, but its been kinda hard. I can’t believe how many times I have to stop myself from buying things. Eekkk. I didn’t know I was THIS bad:/
Anyway, I am learning.

You don’t waste food. When you are trying to keep a low-budget and live simply, food waste isn’t an option. I have discovered new ways to minimize it.

Here are Six;
-Eating left overs for lunch.
-Having a pot luck style dinner
-Freeze fruit not being eaten for smoothies
-Make soup stock with bones and old veggies before they go bad
-Make easy fried rice for dinner to use up anything left over in the veggie bins
-Work out how much you actually really eat. This is key. Work out how much fresh food you ACTUALLY eat, and ONLY buy that much.

De cluttering becomes addictive, an addiction I have apparently picked up. It’s freeing up so much more space and I am becoming happier.

I have more time. Since saying no to things that would lead me to spend money like shopping or heading to coffee shops and being pretty organized in when, where and how often I go out to the store for food, I have more time!
Plus the less stuff you have, the less you clean! Hurrah for that.

I am learning to connect better. Since we aren’t going and doing date nights that involve money, like movies, we do things like beach picnics or walks together, and so, actually spend more time talking and connecting. Plus, having people come over for afternoon tea instead of meeting them out makes it really easy to connect better as there is less noises and business.

Possessions don’t matter; People do. As I was saying last week, it’s people that matter.  Putting time, money and energy into them instead of other things is what this is all about.

While some of you don’t need to do this whole huge challenge to see that, I know I did.

I could plan the best date night in the world, but if I don’t connect or talk to my husband, what good is it? I could have the cleanest house, but if I do it instead of having people over, what benefit?

Minimal doesn’t have to be or look a certain way. I see a lot of people who do this only have black and white. I don’t like that. So i’m not doing it that way. I thought at the start I did, now I realize that it’s about culling & correcting what I need to, rather than a one size fits all. Plus, I love color and brightness;)

Be real. Start slow and be real. Instead of throwing everything out, only have 10 things and moving into a 600 sqf house all in the same week, go slow and be realistic. Purge your closet, sure, but so you just go out and buy more. Have a look at your budget and think about your spending, but maybe not cut your grocery to $10. Ha.

Anyway, we are into the fourth week, and doing well!

If you are joining me in this challenge, how have YOU been doing? Any tips and tricks to share?


New Little *Simple-Living* Wife

Homemaking Fails…

So, I haven’t updated you all on my many homemaking fails.

So just incase you thought I had it all perfect already, here are a few from the last few weeks;

Last week, Seth came into the living room while I was making breakfast, and had some comments on my laundry skills:

“Ah, Sharniie… ”  He begins.. “I don’t mind if you don’t match the socks or even if my sock is matched with your sock.. Or even if you didn’t get all the stains out or whatever….”

Thinking surely there was NO other domestic crime I could have committed after those three..

He continued to say.. “But please make sure they are at least DRY!!

I had forgotten to put the last load of laundry INTO the dryer.. And he wore wet socks all day.. Oops. Dang.

Later, I cleaned our room and realized we have been sleeping without pillow slips on out pillows for the better part of the last six weeks. Niiceeee.

Seth came home and walked into our bedroom and got super excited.. OK.. Don’t worry.. Its all PG people..

The source of his excitement..

“YOU MADE THE BED. I LOVE days when you make the bed!!”

I know babe, such a treat;)

Last week, after my parents went, I looked in the fridge and realized I only had some off milk and two cucumbers left.

Im not even sure what seth had -or could have had!- for breakfast that morning..

Totally on top of the food situation guys. CLEARLY.

Trust me, there are many more I could post… But I do need to keep SOME dignity. Ha.

Anyone else got any fails they would like to share?!

I did something my mumma told me not too….

OK. So I got a little… Ahhhh.. Inspirated.. The other day..

I don’t know if it was the new hair, or the worship music I have been listening too, or even just a desire to be reminded daily..

But I drew on my walls.

In my bedroom.

In black marker.

I forgot to call my husband before it too.

Welcome to my Worship Wall..


Its a work in progress, and I know I’m not the best artist.. But I just LOVE it. I LOVE IT.

Its so nice to see it all the time.. And for God’s words to be there, right in front of me, when I wake up, or clean the room, or get ready for the day.

It reminds me daily of Who I am, and What I am meant to be doing.

And it’s such a good therapy! When Im feeling a bit overloaded or stressed. Sad or upset. Happy or joyful. I just grab the pen, put on some worship music or the bible and take it to God…

Just write and pray it out.

Its the way I refocus, reconnect and relight that little light.

The way this Martha stops and sits at the Feet of Her King.

And by the way, Seth came home and said he thought the wall looked too bare anyway;)


New Little *Wall-Writting* Wife





Dollar Deals.

The other night, after a lovely Thai dinner date, Seth & I went to the Dollar tree, which was just a few stores down from the Thai place. And I discovered something…


We went a little… crazy. Ha. Everything is ACTUALLY a dollar. And they have some of the most random stuff, which makes it super fun. We always see what the craziest thing we can find it. Anyway, we had fun. And got a fair few things;)

I did discover that dollar stores are really good for a few things though. And I totally didn’t expect it!! Next time your near a Dollar Tree, check it out for these things:

Wall Decal/ Decorations: We picked up these sticky wall decal things for only $1 each! And they are AWESOME! They add a little bit of something to the bare walls we have, without being to much or to big. And if we don’t like them, they way they look or want to move them, we can just simply pull them off. None of the paint comes off either! Yay!! Winning.

photo-23 copy 2
They also have a TON of bible verse ones that are really pretty! We now have about 10 round our house. Heehee. I might even go back for more.
I also got some Fall decorations from there too!! So nice to add some colour around, and get a little seasonal, without breaking the budget.

Notebooks/Planners: I got a super cute, nice little bound journal for my Thankful Thoughts Journal. And another one for my bible study for only a dollar. They are really nice, such a good size and super cute, which is, you know, super important;)
Sometimes journals can be really expensive, and hard to find! So I was so happy when I found these ones! Now I know were to look:)

PuzzlesWe got this super cute little 500 piece puzzle of a little french town. Its super cute, little, and SO relaxing to do.
photo-23 copy

We have been enjoying just sitting down after dinner and working on it together for half an hour, chatting away and having some tea. So nice to spend some quite relaxing time together. And even better when the puzzles are only $1! Its our new date night thing to do!

I think I’m addicted to dollar stores now. Oops. Ha.

What is your favourite thing from the Dollar Store?


New Little *Dollar-Store-Addict* Wife

Let there be light…

It all started with the light in our bathroom.

And six months, two weeks of paint, celling repairs, electrical work and one very messy bathroom later we have a new one. Let me tell you the story.

Way back in december my parents came out to visit. It was then, at one of our MANY trips to Home Depot that I decided we needed a new light in our bathroom. Our light didn’t work real well, the cover had come off and the fan didn’t work, which made it kinda.. muggy. So we picked out a new one, one with a nice fan and nice looking style. And it sat in our room for FIVE months. You don’t want to rush these things, you know 😉

Well, things happened, and we finally set to work on getting it installed. Only to find out it would be a little more.. intense than we had first thought. Side note: Isn’t it always like this! I mean, home repairs and upgrades are NEVER easy and straight forward are they!? IF you have had a success story of a simple repair, please share. But I highly anticipate that there have been zip.

Moving on.

Since it was 103 times more involved, we ended up recruiting more people.. In the form of my Father in Law and Seth’s uncle. There was a few hours of work put in by these lovely men * THANKS A TON* and several more trips to Home Depot. Lucky we can walk there, I tell you! We finally got to the last stage, Painting and setting the light cover.

*Enter wife bragging*
So, It had taken a fair fews weeks to get this all done, and I was relaying to Seth my thoughts on the topic. We had been busy the past few days, and the bathroom still sat messy with things everywhere. I mean. All over. Well. Let me just say this. He is the sweetest. Ever.

I went to bed monday night, exhausted. He stayed up after he came home from work (he comes home late anyway!) And did ALL the priming and painting left to do and fitted the light. AND THEN in the morning woke up early at 5:30 before I did to clean it all up so that I would wake up and could have my bathroom again! WHAT A BABE! Man. He’s the best! Love that guy!

So. I would now like to show you our new light/fan! HURRAH.

photo 2

Also, On one of our *many* trips to home depot I got some new hallway lights too! They are so pretty!

photo 1

A big hurrah for home renovations.. And having a clean bathroom again!


New Little *Light-Loving* Wife

Veggies: I wanna grow them.

Its been a busy week here. We have both been working tons, had a few family & friends over and a nasty cold thats been hanging around. Also, for those of you who are into the weather {mainly my Dad;)} Its ben raining! Which is SO rare, and SO nice. Thanking God of such blessings. Since its been raining, and I have been out in my little herb garden, which is going well! I have been thinking about planting some veggies in my little space. I read somewhere {prob. pintrest!} that you can plant little veggie patches in bug tubs, washing baskets and boxes! Which was super cool!! Im all for having some fresh, organic veggies from my little yard! Im thinking I’m going to plant lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes first, since * Apparently* they are easy! Since I haven’t completely killed the herbs, I figure ill give it a shot!

So, today, I wanna ask for advice! Has anyone ever done gardening like this, on a tiny scale?

And what tips can you give!!??

Ill update you all on how it goes!


New Little *Veggie-Growing* Wife

One year in our humble abode…

This week marks one whole year since we bought our little place. Crazy. Its flown.

In that year we have had over 25 people stay and celebrated our first anniversary, both our 21st and done a few things to it! Crazy. We love our little place.

Right now we are in the middle of putting up some things.. I was SO excited to put these up.. Guess what they are for?!


Also, we are putting up a photo frame collage in our room.. Currently we are half way through.. and staring at blank frames.. BUT we will get there;)

Anyone got any good ideas of what we can put in the middle of the wall? I was thinking a T? Or an S?


We have a lengthy list of what we want done.. And hopefully will get to a few more done this summer. We seem to get the most done when Dad comes {And helps 😉 Haha.

So, Happy anniversary to our little place! Cant wait for all the memories still to be made here:)


New Little *Happy-1st-Year-Home!*

Saving Jars.

A while ago we have months and weevils ravish our pantry. And it was so annoying. And terrible. Awful things. There are a few things I hoped would have missed the ark… Alas.

Since then we have tried to have our good in glass jar for higher seal and better protection. Which works well. But, they are ridiculously expensive. Since I love jars, but am poor, I wanted to find a better way.

So, I started saving the glass jars things came it! And its awesome! If you clean them out right and you only save good quality ones with good lids, it works super well. Its pretty easy to get the labels off and clean them up. Use a bit of hot water, vinegar and some eucalyptus oil and they just peel off. I tend to soak mine for a while to make it easier.

If we loose the lids or something we use the jars for drinking glasses and smoothies. {Plus I have saved one for a vase once;) It looks super cute!}

photo-19 copy

I did buy over a GALLON of pickles at costco for the glass jar.. It took us a while to eat that many pickles.. and I think Seth thought I was a little crazy:P Just gotta clean it out and I have a jar for my rice! Yay.

Anyone else got any do this also? Or got anything they save?


New Little *Jar-Saving* Wife