Introducing; Levi Honour.

He is here!

We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy on Dec 1st. For those of you who know me, you would know that I was around 2 weeks overdue and looking HUGE #NotTheFunnest.


This was a WEEK before he came, i only got bigger too! #NotABasketball 

Finally he made an appearance, not without a little coaxing, but all was forgotten when we saw this sweet little face!

First photo taken about 10 minutes after he was born, and second one about 20 🙂

Levi Honour was born around 7;24 pm and weighing in at a decent 8.3lbs. He has his dad’s full and crazy hair and my little elf ears.

We are absolutely smitten.

Seth got to take two weeks off, which was bliss, and we have just spent the last 10 weeks getting to know this little guy. Although life has keep on too! Seth quit his job and He started a new one the next week. We had my lovely parents over for a while helping with house work and getting their cuddles in, and a few others things like leaking roofs and dryer problems. #Life

He has been an amazing baby, so far and it is all just going way way to quick.

Thank you all for all your thoughts, prayers and love. We feel beyond blessed.

*Cue the onslaught of photos;)*





House Hints; Plastic Sleeves & House Schedules

I meal plan.

It saves my butt EVERY DANG DAY cause you can be SURE that if I didn’t I would get to five pm and we would end up eating cold potatoes.

There was a struggle at the beginning though.

I didn’t want to keep writing and using a sheet of paper each week, or print out the pretty ones you can find online every five seconds. Seems like a waste of paper/ink

Plus, I change my mind *often* during the week of what we are having.

Enter, the plastic sheet.

Y’all know those plastic sleeve things you can get for like 2 cents. Here is what I did.

I Wrote out all the days of the week SUPER FANCY and shoved it into the plastic thing.


Then stuck a dry easer marker next to it.

Thank you thank you, I know, I’m a genius. 

Now, I just scribble whatever we are having down for the week after I shop, and rub it out each week.  Magic.

I do the same thing with my cleaning plan.

If you are anything like me, you might end up washing the towels three times a week and leaving your kitchen floor for three months. Ahem.


So, I found this pretty one online *I think its from* and printed it out.
Wrote down all the BASIC things I USALLY need to in a week; Think bathrooms, laundry, dishes, vacuum ect, gave each day a few of them, and STUCK IT IN OTHER PLASTIC SLEEVE.

When I’ve done them for the day I cross ’em of. If I decide to play with the dog or go for coffee and slack off instead of do my house work, then i just leave it uncrossed and do it the next day.

And it literally takes me TEN minutes to get all the work done AND the bathroom gets cleaned more then twice a year cause I actually REMEMBER  #Winning


And maybe, if ya lucky, I might make you a pretty meal plan/ cleaning sheet for them;)


New Little *House-Hints* Wife.


A few months ago we had some of our friends got hitched. Hurrah.

We had some other friends stay the night.

Yeah I know, we have more than two friends #Winning.

They meant to only stay one, but hot days and bad burgers and beers along with other things made for two nights.

All this meant we trotted off to the store to buy dinner. And we decided on salmon.


My lovely friend showed me a new way to cook a fillet of salmon. Heat up the oven hot for 25 mins, put it straight on a baking tray, pop it in and turn the oven off. It slow cooks.

We did that. And well, Didn’t it turn out just fab.

It was so simple and so amazing I had actual tears. We ate and laughed and chatted and cleaned up..

Well. Mostly.

They left, we rushed on and a few 90+ days later I started smelling something not swell.

Our trash tends to be of the putrid variety after a day or two.

We eat so much fresh stuff it starts fester in the bottom… Yum 😉

I tossed it, cleaned the can. Done.

Two more days, and it was getting worse. So I turned to the fridge, got that cleaned. Ran the disposal.

Sparkling. Swell.


Five 95+ days.

It was utterly filthy.

And as soon as I opened the oven door I nearly died. #TRUTH.

It was dry heave worthy.

I had to air the house for hours.

There was not an oil in the world could cover that stank.

And I didn’t even try to clean it up.

I took one look at the baking tray and deemed it irredeemable.

I haven’t cooked salmon since.



New Little *Salmon-Stinks* Wife

10 Things I am crushing on right now.

Relac y’all. The hub still is number one on the crush list.

But lately there have been a few things I have just been loving and  I though I might share them, cause spread the love.

Lets kick it off with……

Spagehtti Squash; Please everyone give me all the spagehtti squah ever. I am obessed.  Really.

The cards from Trader Joe’s; These babies have been just stunning. Sometimes they can be hit or miss, but latley they have been oh so pretty. And 99c. Come. On.

Vegan Lasagna; This thing has rocked my world. I am making it weekly. No really. Its amazing, and even SETH loves it. YES. FACT.

Flowers; I have just been picking wild flowers and having them around our house and its been making me so happy.
Truth be told; we are attempting to grow some this summer. I KNOW I KNOW we have a TERRIBLE track record with growing things. #PrayForTheFlowers

BUT I think we got this thing down. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Toby Mac; Move. I love this song. I just love it. It just reminds me to keep moving on, He’s just not done yet.

Almond Butter: There is this little stall at our farmers markets that sells the most AMAZING almond butter.. It’s a mexcian chocolate one. It is DIVINE.

Summer; It’s my favourite season. I just love it.

Our Local Library; Aren’t they just AMAZING. Just when I thought a place of books couldn’t get any better, I found out they offer Free wifi, cheap printing, a christian book section and more. Ten thousand praise Hands.

De cluttering; I am throwing so much out of my house right now and it feels amazing. I don’t know about you but I am done with having SO.MUCH.STUFF.

David Crowder Band; My victory. I am a david crowder fan and this new song of his is on repeat.

What are you guys just loving at the moment? I would LOVE to know.


New Little *Crushing* Wife

August Challenge; Thoughts on simple living.

August Challenge

So, it is august, and I have a new challenge I just started.

This one is a little bit bigger than most.

Recently, we (along with everyone else *Ha*) have been really getting into the whole de cluttering, minimal living thing.

It’s been great.

It’s lead me, AS ALWAYS, down a rabit hole which took me to the topic of Materialism.

And here we park for a while.

Guys, I am just done with STUFF.

I don’t want it, I don’t need it. I’m done trying to fill myself with it and trying to buy happiness.

I want to just live, and live well. To have experiences and freedom and simplicity.

I’m sick of being told I need the NEXT BIG THING.


That my life could look like hers, or his or theirs.

Cause here is the truth:

I don’t need it, I CANT get it all now and it wont look like theirs. And, more than that, I dont want it too.

What’s more, as a christian, I find Materialism something God isnt super happy with. He speaks a lot about wealth, greed, having to much and possessions. Jesus has a lot to say on this topic too. Matthew 6v19, Mark 8v36, Luke 12v15, Matthew 6v30 and the list goes on.

Now i’m not AT ALL saying we can’t have things, or that having money, possessions ect is bad. Just that we need to watch how we treat them, how much we have and if we really need it.

A few thoughts on these topics;

First, we can loose our focus on Him.
When we are so wrapped up in our possessions and this way of thinking, they can quickly become idols in our lives, and this is not a good thing.

Second: We take things for granted and look past our blessings.
We start thinking, if only we HAD more, without realizing that God gives us everything we really need. We start looking at our blessings as if we “deserve” them in some way. We loose our sense of gratitude.
If you are reading this, I can tell you are already richer than most people in the world, simply because you have some type of electronic device and internet. Food for thought.

Three; We are trying to fill a void that is for God and better things.
Often we buy and buy and buy to get a sense of peace, happiness and self worth. We buy more clothes to feel better about ourselves, more gadgets to prove we are “cool” a new car to look good and the like. If this is what we use to try and find answers to those questions, they will be very fleeting, if we find them at all.

Instead, lets focus on what GOD and our true friends say about us, get out peace and happiness from HIM, from our experiences and friendships and NOT from possessions, realizing that we are so SO much more than what we have.

Four *and this one is a big one*;
Many of the things we buy come from places, made by people and in conditions that should make us mad and sad.
There is SO much to be said on this topic, and I wont go into it here, but the more research I do in this area, the more madder and sadder I get. And I am convinced that God is just as mad and just as sad.

There is many many things I could say on this topic, and if you have questions comments and the like feel free to comment or email me (

But all this leads to this challenge, which I heard about somehow and loved.

Im not super sure what its actually called (maybe someone can come up with a name?!) but here is the idea.

Buy nothing.

And what that means is, apart from food and gas and paying your rent, you buy nothing.

You take a look at your bills, get rid of the ones you don’t need and cut down were you can and buy nothing extra.

Extras are things like clothes, shoes, things for the house, tea pots and furniture.
No new games, books or songs. No starting gym memberships or extra classes. No date nights to the movies or dinners out.

You buy ONLY what you need, and leave the rest.

We are on day five, and planning on doing it for *Hopefully* eight weeks. Eeek.

There are a few reasons we are doing this;

Obviously it’s cheaper and saves money, but as mentioned above we want to get out of the mindset of materialism and find value in other things, like being with friends, having experiences and simple living. We want to try and focus more on what IS important and spend our time more wisely.

So. Anyone want to join me? Ha. 

But really… having people doing it too makes it easier, so feel free to join the challenge. I would love others to talk to, walk with and lean on on this journey!

If you have ever done this, please be a doll and give advice or tips;)

As always, i’ll be updating you all as we go along on how we are doing, what our thoughts are and what we are getting out of it.

Here we go kids.


New Little *August-Challenge* Wife

The Door Incident.

There has been an “incident”

As y’all know I was away recently, and when I came home Seth had been a STUD and cleaned the house and fixed things etc.

He also wrote in “Liquid glass chalk” on the door…

This was the message.



Bless his heart, it was cute.

It’s been there for a while, and we decided it was time to take it down.

People. I scrubbed that thing for a long long time.

Despite the instruction saying “easily removed, simply wipe wet cloth in circles until gone” it was not.


So. Now we are left with some words gone, some paint peeled off from scrubbing and a very purple LOVE word center stage.

Seth tried. I tried. We all tried. The door was hosed. All to no avail.

We have to paint the door.

Now would be a swell time to offer up nice, bright and “homey” front door colors.

Please and thank you.

I’ll let you all know what happens.


New Little *The-Door-Incident* Wife

Staycation. YAY.

We are fans of staycation weekends, big ones.

And the other weekend we had one. 

We started using up some gift cards at cold stone, which was delicious & then headed back for a movie night.

Saturday we had a big breakfast and then headed out for a picnic at one of our favorite places, after we went to a little coffee shop that just opened up, and headed home for a quiet night.

It was awesome! If you haven’t tried one, DO. Before you do though, read through some tips and ideas before planning!

These are our top tips for having a fun STAYCATION weekend. 

Make it simple. Don’t be running around doing a ton of things. Pick three or four small things for the weekend, and just do them. And pick things you both love, so that one person isn’t hating it the whole time! HAHA.

It dosent have to be fancy. Don’t think that you have to go out for dinner both nights and take a day trip to the city. You for sure can do that, but you can also just go for a nice coffee date and relax with some board games too!

Both of you Clear your WHOLE weekend. Make sure that both of you have cleared your whole weekend so that one of you dosent have to rush off to a meeting or work commitment during the weekend.

Its about quality time. So make sure you don’t take your work laptop along! Just relax and enjoying being together, however that looks!

Fun, cheap and different ideas for a staycation weekend;

*Have a Picnic

*Go for a bike ride around your city.

*Do a progressive lunch in your favorite part of town

*Have a board game night 

*Play the dollar store game and do some fun house decorating;)

*Camp out in you living room/backyard

*Use up some spare gift card/ loose change and have a treat day!

Has anyone had a staycation weekend before?! Got any more tips?!


New Little *Staycation* Wife

Everyday Favorites from Trader Joe’s for UNDER $7.

I am a Trader Joe’s fan.

Honestly, I have yet to meet someone who isnt.

I love SO many of there products and especially the prices they have going.

So today I wrote a list of my everyday favorites, things I love and buy pretty much every time I go.

It was a bit like picking a favorite book… Which is honestly impossible.. But here are the top..

Everyday Seasoning. 

I am honestly OBSESSED with this stuff. I smother it on everything. I have even been know to pack it for weekends away at conferences, in my back bag for the day, and even home to Aus. The love is big. Plus. Its $2. And makes everything taste divine. If you have never had it,Please, fix that this second.

Rice Pasta.

This pasta is awesome. It’s JUST rice and water. Nothing else. So its GF DF Vegan all the above. Its tastes good, easy to cook and like everything, ridiculously cheap. $1.99

Frozen Turkey Burgers. 

This is more of a new favourite, but Seth and I are big fans. They come for in a box, its just ground turkey, salt and rosemary. They are so SO handy.
The amount of times we have had homemade turkey burgers for dinner or seth has taken one last minute to work for lunch is.. defiantly pushing the high double digits. $2.99


They have such handy size bottles, from 300mls to 1.5 lts. And its .49c for the BIG one. No more $3 bottles for me.

Organic Blue Corn Chips.

We got these cause they sounded cool. And they are. They are delicious and fun. Seth a Mexican fan, and they make the best bottom for Mexican “hay stacks”.
Plus, we love color. $3.59

Organic Foursome Frozen Veggies.

This little bag of beauty is sanity saving.
Its there for you in the 6pm uninspired dinner quest and then 7 people that just showed up at your house.
Throw this little thing into some rice for a quick and yummy veggie fried rice, or into a little water and boil for five.
They are oragnic, fresh & is is literally 1.99 for a bag. Life complete.

Sunflower Seed butter.

Now, if you know our past issues with sunflower seed products,  You might be surprised that this is on the list. But it is. Because its good. Like SO good.

It tastes so so yummy, is an awesome source of protein, good fats and has low sugar. As someone who is not meant to eat peanut butter, this satisfies my cravings. That’s saying something. $4.99

The entire wine section.

Enough said.

Just The Cluster Granola.

This little box is Seth’s heaven. His eyes light up with I tell him I’m going to Trader Joes because he knows that I’m coming home with this…
Then I snack on it before he gets home. Ha. Kidding.
We buy multiples, so its all good;)

Harvest Blend Tea/Black Vanilla Cinnamon Tea

I am a tea hoarder. One day I may post a photo of my collection, but for now, ill just say it takes up more than a decent amount of space in my pantry.
These two, and a few others, and among the favs. And, unlike some teas, they are under $3 a box. Hurrah.
Thanks Joe for making my addiction affordable.

The Sauce section. 

I was going to name the sauces I love there, but there ended up being more than I thought. So the entire section it is!
They carry some every day ones like soy sauce and rice wine vinegar as well as the odder ones you need for THAT specific sin stir fry. All the ones I have got, and its been a few, I have loved.
These range, but most are about $3

Fresh Frozen Fish.

Trader Joes has a pretty decent range of fresh wild caught frozen fish. Plus, your can find smaller portions!
So many times I’m able to pick up a wild caught Cod fish fillet for the both of us for $4! It’s great. Plus they are SO handy to have stashed in your freezer.

Pound Plus Dark Chocolate.

Its a pound of heaven. For $5. What



My next list is going to be my favorite  Off Beat Trader Joes Items! So keep an eye our for it!

Are you a Trader Joe’s Lover? What are YOUR favorite things at Trader Joes?!

Waiting for your mother?

It was a good day. Sunny. Bright.

I felt like I was doing well in my day, but one task loomed ahead.


Now, I love shopping there. But oh my stars its a workout for me.

I’m small…. and the carts & boxes are big.

And I live in an apartment.

Which means that after I have done several laps around the ware house, hauling the massive bags of rice and the box of 102 rolls of TP into my cart, I have to load it into my tiny Honda, and then, once home, haul it from my trunk to my house.. which is conveniently located at the BACK of the complex.

Im sweaty and tired and it takes me a while. 

I was pondering all this as I walked into the store. Forgetting to look for my card to show the lovely lady at the front.

So I pause.

She begins.

“Waiting for your mother?”

I look up, unsure if she was talking to the small child next to me.

She is starring straight at me.

“No”. I pause, a little surprised. “Sorry. Im just looking for my card.”

“Oh”. She is shocked. “You look so young”

She looks at my hands, as I hand her the card, which I have now found.

“Those are pretty rings. Are they special?”

She is staring at the three rings with diamonds in them, on my left hand, fourth finger. 

I look up. I little confused.

“I’m married”. I say, as I smile.

“Married! You look like your 12!”

I look at her. Not sure weather to take it as a compliment, or be offended that she clearly thinks that I haven’t even gone through puberty.


I smile. “Im 22.”

She makes a face like I have just told her she’s going to die.

“22. Really. Gosh. Well congratulations! How exciting for you!”

She makes a little comment about being newly wed.

“Oh,” I say… trying to not let my sass show. “I have been married over two years.”

She lifts her head with amazing speed to re asses me, looking at me as if surely this is impossible.

Then she looks around me.. Puzzled.

“Where are your children?”

I try to smile, smally annoyed at what she has implied. And confused at the fact that she gone from me being 12, to now meant to be having a plethora of children.

“Oh I don’t have any yet..” I say.

As I do my best good bye smile and walk into the store.

She watches me leave, still unsure, and shaking her head.

And I think to myself that I really need to stop wearing my hair in pigtails.


For those of you thinking about asking me when we plan to populate the earth with Tiny Tunnells, Here are my top responses:

*When people stop giving me the children’s menu. With crayons.

*Maybe one day I will, When I finally look like I have graduated from Elementary school.

*When people no longer comment on wether I “have my parents permission” to attend the activity.

*When people stop asking me if Im waiting for my mother. 


New Little *Young* Wife

I know so may other women who have/ have had this problem! Comment below with your funniest story!!


Me at a ridiculously young age.. and the face I still make when people ask if I’m in the fifth grade.. 

Book Nook Book; Debt Proof Living



My mother in law stumbled upon this book a while ago and loved it so much she gave it to me to read! I love it too!

It is about getting out a debt, but it’s also focused on staying out of debt and living in a way so that you wont go into debt in the first place! 
She is super simple with her ideas, easy to follow & gives a lot of examples from her own life.

photo-24 copy 2

She managed to pay her way out of over $100,000 of unsecured debt.

Which seems insane.. but also means she knows exactly what she’s talking about!! Haha.

I LOVE that she is a christian and has a Godly view toward money, looking at it not as hers, but as God’s.

Her tips are easy and you can adjust them if you need to, but she is also very realistic about life and the “things” that happen or come up.

So, if you are in need of a good book about budgets, savings and living well while not going broke, check it out!


New Little *Book Nook* Wife