Ahhh, I dunno, I’m Alive? Life for the past 6 Months ;)

So Levi is napping *although from the sounds of it thats not quite happening* and I thought i’d steal a few moments to explain WHERE THE HECK I’VE BEEN.

So, let’s take it back a few…. ah… months.. and start from there.

We had our adorable little boy. Hurrah.

My parents came over, which was swell.

Then Hot Hubs quit his job and started a new one, which all worked out well and he loves it – so yay for that too.

My parents left, seth settled into his new job and Levi grew.

Then we made an offer on a house. It got accepted.

So we put ours up for sale, and prepared have people through, pack up and move.

I won’t go into the whole story, cause it’s long, but the moving/selling/packing process was not without hick ups, as always.

Somewhere in there Levi cut his first two teeth and my lovely sister in law was preparing to get married. So we had showers and parties and all the things.

We sold, settled escrow, moved and started unpacking for two days before we had visitors stay, and then the wedding.

Three days later we packed up and flew out to Australia for three weeks.

The trip was awesome, as always. I couldn’t possibly write it all out so I’ll put up a few favorite photos. Levi did great on the plane for the most part, and it was so nice for all my family to met him!



We landed home, and began unpacking.. again. Ha.

And then a week after that we flew up to Northern California for my Sister- in- laws Sister-in-laws wedding. Say that ten times fast 😉

We landed home from that late last Sunday night, and Tuesday Levi came down with bad croup. So that week was spent relaxing, giving cuddles, doing laundry and slowly settling into this new place.

He’s doing better now, Praise the Lord, and we are FINALLY unpacked, settled and looking at plans for doing up the house. Haha. Never ends I guess.

We are hoping for a slower paced summer/fall.. Although I say that ALL.THE.TIME and it never happens.

So, There is a quick update/explanation. I’m really hoping to get back into writing on this little blog again. One, because I miss it, and two, because it’s nice to document these crazy days and thoughts.

I’ll post some pictures of our house later. It’s a fixer upper house and needs a little TLC, but we are excited to work on it over the next while. If you have an experience with that, or any tips, let me know!

And follow along on this crazy journey!



New Little *Ah-Busy* Wife

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