Levi’s Birth Story; Part Two.

If you missed the first half, head here.

So, After about 15 minutes of frantic packing, we piled into the car.

Side note, on the way out to the car my lovely neighbor stopped us for a quick chat. Gotta love apartment living;)

Anyway so Kaydee’s in her car, Seth’s driving ours and I’m lying across the back seat, still groaning.

It was 4:45pm, on a friday afternoon.

And the hospital we were going to was downtown.

And I was pushing 8 CMs.

I just want to pause and have a brief minute of silence for all the mother who have had to transition in the back seat of a car. Especially a small Elantra like mine.

On my list of things I never want to do again, that one is for sure in the top ten. Maybe even 3.

Anyways, 5pm on friday. #NotIdeal.

We hit the freeway, get stuck in traffic straight away.

And then get a call from kaydee saying that she had called the hospital to tell them we were coming in and we were pretty far along, only to have them say they had no rooms avalible.

Fitting, around christmas time. Ha.

To be honest there was no way we were going to make it down there before this babe, so that really was a blessing in the long run. I don’t know, but I can imgaine having a baby on the side of the 15 is less than ideal. (Jason & Ruth, Did you wanna chime in about that;)

So, with a change of plans we headed to the local hospital and I continued transition in the back seat of a small hyundai while stuck in peak hour traffic.

I know, I know y’all are jealous. It’s fun;)

We pulled up to the hopsital, seth ran in, and a whole crew of people ran out. I crawled out of the back seat and in to a wheelchair, still yelling #OfCourse.

The next few minutes were a blur as the pushed me into emergency and into a room to “Asses” me. Though we all know everyone in that hospital new what was happening, not sure how much assessing was needed.

I got onto a bed and they started poking and talking and who know what cause all i kept saying, between yells, was SOMEONE give me SOMETHING for the PAIN. My back is going to BREAK. It was at this time that our sweet little guy flipped face down, which in the long run is awesome, but during the flipping mean agony. And I felt every single second. Add to that the only “Pain Relief” i’d had was a huff of peppermint oil, I wasnt super thrilled.

Then some male Dr in his 30s told me to just lie still, don’t move, stop yelling and answer the questions they were asking, which was some thing about my insurance and pain level.

If I was more with it I would have swung at him. Truth.

Seth just stared at him.

After apparently listing to my complaints about pain and getting annoyed that I wasnt “Lying still on my back being still” * UM HELLO SOMEONE’S HEAD IS TWISTING IN MY ACTUAL PELVIS* he yells, SOMEONE get this woman SOMETHING for pain.

They decide morphine is the drug of choice and are about to administer when a Labour nurse over hears and says that morphine actually cause babies to stop breathing.


So she kicks out the Dr, yells at everyone to stop and I get nothing. But I don’t even care at this point because A) Transition is done and B) I LIKE MY BABIES BREATHING THANKS.

She wheels me to Labour and Develiery.

Its around 6 pm. A full 5 hours after my first contractions.

Looking back Im glad I had nothing, (which is how I wanted it actually!) because once transition was done, I relaxed. Unlike the end of active labour, when contractions came one after the other with no break, post transition I started getting a break. Which was bliss.

Then the rest was pretty calm. I started pushing around 6;30, and he was here under an hour later.

I will say that during that hour I was pretty dang whooped. The Dr noticed I was having contractions but not pushing, to which I mumbled, I’m too tired, I’m just going to ignore them.

And I did. Ha.

Apparently that’s not recommended though.

I was reminded that the more I push the sooner it stops, so I got back to it 😉

He came out and the first thing that was said was look at his hair!!

And then, look how big his head is. (Both these he gets from his dad;)

He was alert from the start and took to feeding straight away. He was 8.3 pounds and around 22inches, which for someone who is 5.1ft and normaly 110, is pretty dang big.

We passed all our checks with flying colors, and I really felt amazing. We headed home the next day and our new life started.

Im not going to lie and say it was easy breezy but it was pretty incredible. Hard hard work, but amazing.

And as soon as i saw him I was all, who was 14 days late? What pain? What morning sickness?

Smitten from the start.

We are so thankful for this little guy.

Children really are a blessing!


New Little *Mama* Wife

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