Levi’s Birth Story; Part One.

I know y’all love a good birth story 😉

Never fear, I wont be getting super descriptive or anything.  Levi is down for a nap, and despite my mother telling me I should nap too, I’m writing out the crazy birth of our little man.

And crazy is not and understatement.

Before I begin though, I would just like to say that when I was doing all of this, I was under the care of an awesome midwife who was checking on me and giving advice. So we weren’t in any danger or anything!

We begin. I was a week overdue, looking huge and pretty done being pregnant. My midwife assured me that I was progressing in the right way, and that it was surely soon.

I had ALL the labour signs, (literally every one of them, apart from my water breaking!) yet the days crawled by.

Even my family were a little fed up waiting.

I had tried everything. Walking miles, spicy food, beach walks, pineapple, stairs, squats, other techniques;) – you name it, I tried it.

And still this little babe would not budge.

By the time 41.5 weeks rolled around, they started talking about a hospital induction. And I was less than thrilled.

Don’t get me wrong, if there was some problem or need, I for sure would. But I was doing great, despite the extra 50 (YES 50!) pounds I was dragging around.

So on thursday (Nov 30th) my lovely doula/midwife Kaydee called to check in and I told her we were on the clock, I was done, and this babe needed to come.

She said she knew a few ways, it wouldn’t be pleasant, but was pretty effective, and Lord Willing, would work.

And here is were we begin.

5 am Friday morning, I took my first milkshake made with milk, ice cream and…

Castor oil.

I was up, making this little beauty at the crack of dawn and chugging it down.

And then again at 6.

And the third time was meant to be 7, only we never got there.

Around 6;30 I started vomitting.

And not just like a small amount. I mean. Vomitting.

I texted my midwife and told her. So she said stop, get back in bed and sleep.

There were other things we could try, and we would, but sleep was needed.

After I took my nap, I ate something, showered and text her saying I was feeling good, a little more rested and…. was going to start it all again.


She said that was fine, if i felt up to it, but to take less and drink it over a longer period of time and relax.

Watch TV, read a book take another nap but just chill.

So around 10;30 I started again.

I made my shake and sat down to watch come TV.

A little after 11:30 I made the next lot drank it, and went back to laying on the couch.

Up til this point I hadn’t felt much in the way of contractions/labour ect (but plenty in the way of stomach and bowels.. ahem).

Around 12:30 I was relaxing on the couch when all of a sudden my water broke. I’m gonna be real and say at first i thought id just wet myself. #Truth

Since I was 42 weeks and huge and ALWAYS PEEING I was pretty chill about it.. till I realized this aint what I think it is;)

So I hobbled into the bathroom and rung Seth and told him what happened and that he needed to head my way pretty quick. He was excited of course, I on the other hand was a little nervous. #WorkTimeForMama.  And then it all happened.

My water broken, I was home alone and FINALLY gonna have this baby.

I had prepped a labour box full of food, water, heat pads, motivational verse cards, ect.

They told me I would likely have a “long hard labour”. He was posterior facing with his hand at a strange angle and my first baby.

Read Long, Literally back breaking labour

Boy were they wrong.

Around 1:15 pm I had a kinda contraction. And i was like, HURRAH. Progress.

And then after that they were.. Intense.

And close together. They felt more painful and closer together than I was expecting them to be, but then, first labour so #Newbie.

So I timed them, just to see.


I sent a jumbled text to Seth saying something about please hurry, these hurt.

By the time seth got home around 1;30, i couldn’t talk or walk thru them. They were long and strong and coming like mad. He got home, and set to work helping me through them. He was pretty surprised that they were so intense and started asking me questions, which i tried to answer between grunts and groans.

Around 2;30 He called our doula and explained that labour was in full swing, and my contractions were about three minutes apart and had been for a while.

She said it would probably still be a while, but she could head our way whenever we wanted.

Again, because #Newbie we had no idea how long it would be, so we told her we’d call later when we really needed her.

We lasted half and hour. Ha.

She came round about 3;30pm. And when she arrived, she got straight to work beating my lower back because posterior baby + big baby = wicked back labour.

And when I say beat, I mean beat, Capital B. Counter pressure, the shower and my lovely Birth ball were the only things that kinda eased it. Don’t even try to walk or move or nothing.

She later told us that she was pretty dang surprised at how far along I was when she pulled up. Cause when she got there, she started timing and I was at 2 minutes. We were only 4 fours along from my water breaking, and around three from my first real contraction.

Apparently when this boy decided to do something, aint no one gonna stop him.

At this point I was pretty much  groaning & yelling with each contraction, which now crazy long and made my back feel like it was about to snap. So we got into the bath.

And this is were I lost my ever loving mind and started saying things like “ Can we just stop for an hour so I can take a nap?” And “Is thing actually doing anything” And “This hurts. Like. Hurts. I don’t like it”

Around the time I started smacking my head against the shower wall, Kaydee calmly  announced that maybe we should check how far along I was.

After a fair bit of manervouring, and a whole lot more yelling, we realized that I was over 7.


Not really registering what she said, and apparently forgetting that I was only going to get to ten, and seven and ten are kinda close, I mumbled something about when do we go to the hopsital.  To which she said. Ah, now.

Like, NOW.

Anyway, this is getting lengthy and we have a lot more to cover so…




New Little *Labouring* Wife

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