2017 Goals; Check in.

So it’s November. This year has FLOWN, and at some point this month we will go from a family of two to one of three. Hurrah. Since this year is speeding by, I thought Id check in and see how I’m doing on the goals for this year. And remind myself what I set out to do. Haha.

So here they are, and here is how I’m doing;)

Write letters and cards; I have been doing this one recently and been loving it!
If you would like a little card in your letterbox, let me know! I need to get back at this, I have been slack of late. 

Pray in the “Spare Minutes”; Which means when I’m washing dishes, driving, walking, showering ect. Using these minutes that I’m already doing things to start connecting with God. This is needs improvement too, although I think there is always room for improvement in this area. Can you pray too much??!!

Read more non fiction; I tend to go towards certain book genres, which is fine, but apart from the bible I don’t really read any non fiction.
So I want to try to change that, I have a Brene brown on my night stand waiting to be devoured. I have!! And Im proud of this!! While the brine brown still is unread, I have made an effort to read more non fiction and have been SUPER enjoying it. So any good recommendations, let me know!

De-Clutter the house; I have been smashing this out thanks to our house remodleing. *YES THEY ARE STILL GOING. DONT ASK*.I’ll post after pictures when they are finished, *unless we pass away before that happens which is looking INCREASINGLY likely*.
However, We have thrown out a huge amout of stuff and about 50% of our clothes. It has been AMAZING. This has been happening too. Hurrah! AND THE HOUSE GOT FINISHED!

Workout regularly; If you wanted to come and watch someone pant, limp and die around a soccer field, come to Poway on thursday nights.
We have started to play indoor soccer  and it has shown me JUST how unfit I am.. For the viewers at home That would be VERY.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Create Something; I don’t know what this one is going to look like, but I want to create something this year. It could be a career, eBook, house, some kind of arty thing (NOT LIKELY BUT I’LL ADD IT IN HOPE) or whatever. Comment and give me some suggestions if you have them!
Imma claim the baby as my creative endeavor;)

Say YES to more good things; I have gotten out of the habit of saying yes to the little, spontaneous things, and I’m not loving it.
So it’s back to the Girl who said yes to 10pm beach swims,random summer road trips and lazy saturday drives JUST CAUSE.  I’ve tried! Although truth be told I could have been trying harder. 

Re Read childhood Favorites; I am thinking Anne of Green Gables, Little house and The royal diaries. What are some of your childhood favourites? No. Sadly. I still have 2 months though:)

Learn a new skill; I’m thinking SEWING, which would have made my lovely Grandma proud, but will come as a surprise and concern to those who have seen/heard of my sewing skills up to this point.
I did not gain the sewing skills in the family. Infact there is a 90% chance of bodily harm when I get behind a machine. I will update you on this, when I’m in hospital with two casts and missing an eye. GUYS I GOT A SEWING MACHINE. It’s a mini one, but its pretty cute, and I’m just starting out. So excited to actually be doing this! 

Get a dog; this was NOT on there, but since we got one, let’s add it so I can cross something off! HURRAH! He’s pretty dang cute, and has fast become a favorite with all. 

It’s fun to look back at what I wanted out of this year and see how I’m doing. While it hasn’t gone to plan (When does it ever!) surprisingly I done a lot of them! Im going to try and finish the year strong and get back on track. Maybe not with the exercise one though;)

It’s funny that my theme was trust, cause God sure has given me PLENTY of opportunity to practice this. Like, more than feels comfortable. I guess thats the point though huh:)

So, How are you guys doing? Any one kept track!? Haha. Any new ideas for 2018??


New Little *Goals* Wife


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