Life; I’ve got a belly, a new nephew and 5 weeks to go *SAY WHAT*

I’m not even going to try and justify the excessively long time I’ve been gone, and instead apologize and try to win back your love with some photos of what we have been up too.. Mainly of the impressively big belly I’m sporting these days;)

Life has been life here as we prepare for Tiny Tunnell who is set to join us in about a month. *WAIT WHAT*

I have somehow gone from this…


to this


to this


And now this.


And I’m not even done;)

We have been doing up our little house, having some birthdays, a super lovely baby shower and fun things like fixing both the car that managed to break down. #Life

But the best thing by far.. I also got A NEW NEPHEW.

Meet Baby Amos;


He is so adorable! I just want to get on a plane, fly on over and squeeze him for days!

For those of you keeping track, this is the second little blessing to join our family this YEAR. With the third  coming *hopefully* sooner rather than later;)

So ss we start preparing for our little blessing, let me know of any good tips/must haves/ ect before we head into this crazy ride called parenthood!

Also, last chance to place your guesses about what we are having! We don’t know, so if ya have a feeling, comment below!

Hopefully I’ll check back in before Tiny T arrives!

In the mean time, hope you are all going just dandy.


New Little *Big-Belly* Wife 😉





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