Dresser; Before & After.

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to paint an old dresser. I know I promised to show you the other two rooms we re did, but we have had a lot of people staying at our house this summer, and TBH they are still messy. Ha.

So Y’all can just get a dresser update today;)

It wasn’t as terrible as I thought. Hurrah.

So, without further ado, here it is!

It looked like this before.

And here it is now!

It’s actually more grey than this shows.


I looked high and low for dresser knobs, and I found some I loved but they were all like SIX DOLLARS PER KNOB.

Which, for 8 knobs, it would be… Expensive.

And I wasn’t up for that. So in the end I got these beauties for under $2 each from.. Home Depot;)

I like ’em.

I also had this mat (I brought with me all the way from Australia!) It’s my mediation mat, and I added it to the top of the dresser to give it more spunk and color. I kinda dig it.

And of course, I have started a little nursery library #BookWorm. See any of your favorites up there? Any good suggestions to add?

Next up on the painting list, we have this little lamp! Any ideas? I’m thinking coral?


New Little *Painting* Wife

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