Baby Baby; FAQ.

There has been a lot going on these last six weeks!

*We finally finished house *ALL THE PARISE HANDS*
*My parents came to visit and we took a trip to Tahoe, which was splendid.
*Summer hit with all it’s crazy andddddddd I managed to get fat. Ha.

Today, we will chat about the latter. I hope to fill you in about the rest later, although knowing my track record, it might be a while. Promise i’ll try tho.

M’kay, let’s get into it!

So I’m gonna do a little Q&A thing about the babe; Here goes!

When are we due? 

Well TBH babes come with they want, haha, but the dates say late November, so right around thanksgiving. Yes,  the joke about me going into labour at thanksgiving dinner has been said.. maybe more than once;)

How far along are we?

At the moment we are right around 18 weeks.
The last six have FLOWN by and I can’t believe we are almost half way. SO EXCITED to be out of the first trimester. Cause, let’s be real, it is horrible. I’m now enjoying being pregnant a lot more, which is nice. Don’t get me wrong, we were always excited, but when you literally CANT.STOP.VOMITTING some times is hard to enjoy it.

Any cravings?

Here is were I announce that the baby is ALL Seth. Like, it is not even funny.

Anyone that knows him would know of his incredible love for meat, ice cream and long showers.

I, on the other hand, am a lover of fresh salads, plenty of veggies and tea. But do ya think the babe wants any of that. NOT A CHANCE.

A few weeks ago, This child rejected four dinners before it got icecream. *And my hub fist bumped my tummy and said “atta boy”.*

So I’m eating steak like a caveman and have given in *for now* to it’s demands.

I did manage to drink a half gallon of OJ in two days, which I tend not to drink, plus, if I feel like something suppppperrr strong, nothing else will do. And I mean nothing. Picky thing.

How did we find out? 

This one is a little funny. For those who don’t know, my sister Kez is also expecting! She’s about 6 weeks ahead of me, and when she told us we were all excited! I planned on taking a trip out to see the babe on Nov after it was born (HAHA).

The next morning Seth and I were chatting about the newest babe on the way. Then Seth made a comment which got me thinking and*long story short* an hour (and a lot of surprise later) we were talking about OUR OWN babe on the way! Crazy!!
So fun to have SO many babies so close together!

Any morning sickness?

I don’t even want to talk about this. Haha. See previous post. Also, That name is a lie.
All day, all night.
Thankfully, we are slowly down in that regard.. which has us all excited and me eating like a demon to make up for the 14 weeks of nothing but toast! Around week 16 it started letting off, altho don’t ask my parents about how it went in Tahoe… Haha.

Do we want a boy or girl?

We don’t care. We are going for a happy healthy baby! Seth family is pretty much boys and mine is pretty much girls, so the battle is on;)

But that leads us to then next question which is…..

Are we finding out what it it?

We are… NOT. I know. Bold move.

It’s gonna be a surprise til the very end. Extra motivation to push. Ha. Really tho, my sisters both don’t ever find out, and there was veiled threats made about what would happen should I choose to break that tradition;)

Do I have a belly?

I have legit had one since 7 weeks *Thanks Bloating!* Around 13 weeks it came out, and now there is no looking back. I forget sometimes and smack it into things. Haha. Poor bebe. See below for a few belly shots:)

These are around 12-14 weeks 


16 weeks at Tahoe. Ignore the strange face, was probably about to be sick. Haha.

And lastly..

Any plans to head home? 

We are planning on *hopefully* earlier next year! Gonna head back and show Tiny T off:)

Also, Apparently, these are things I now say;

“I’m only vomitting cause I skipped third breakfast.”

“Babe.. I spent $45 on dried beef sticks from Trader Joes.”

*At MacDonalds* Seth; Sharnz, Did you wan- Me; Large Oreo Mcflurry.

“Doing well, I only threw up four times today. So I’m calling it a win.”

“Can I have another beef stick please..?* five minutes later… “And another one.. ”.. “and maybe one more?”

Haha, Gee the things we do for our kiddos. Parenting start from day one, thats for sure! But so does the love. And we sure love ya tiny sprout, vomit, beef sticks and all:)

So, there is a little update for ya!

Any gender guesses?! 


New Little *Mama-To-Be* Wife

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