Hello. It’s Me. I was wondering if after all these *weeks* you’d like to read.

I have been disgustingly lax about posting these last few weeks, and they, as they tend to do, have turned into months. Dang it.

And I verhemantley apologize.

Thanks to my brother who wrote a random and totally unplanned post about how much I love him, I hope that kept you all amused. I do love ya Bro.


I could tell you how busy we have been, and how crazy the last few weeks were, and ALL THE THINGS, but let me just show you some pictures, so you understand.

This is my house.

Yes. We are sleeping in that small corner over there.

And yes, all of our worldly possessions seem to be in our living room.


I was thinking that it would only take us a week.


We started out just wanting to paint the walls. Which turned into scraping and redoing the ceilings, which turned into redoing the closet doors, and pulling up the carpet and everything else.

Hence, we are still here, half way done.

The smell of paint now is normal and having you laundry in your pantry seems sane, at this point.

However, there has also been a ton of fun times these past few months including thanksgiving!

Some things I was thankful this year include;

Seth’s new job -which is going super well!

My health – SO THANKFUL for the medical treatment I got earlier this year, it has worked wonders!

Our Friends and family all around the world.

A new baby on the way – MY SISTER’S NOT MINE CALM DOWN Y’ALL

Our little home, which has seen many friends & family the past few years. Even though its torn up right now, we still love it 🙂

There is also another cool thing I am doing this month, which Ill explain in a later post more, but briefly, here are some facts.

It is called DRESSEMBER and I am wearing dresses all month to raise awareness and money for Anti Human Trafficking Charities who rescue these poor women and children.

I’ll post some of my dress outfits in the next post, but so far so good!

The only times I haven’t been able to do it is the few few days of painting, and a hike I did!

It such a good cause. As I was reading up on this crime I was so shocked to see that it s one of the largest international crimes today, and has been RISING. More on that later, but look it up here.

We have a busy month this month with our anniversary, my birthday, christmas and planning for our TRIP HOME IN JAN! HURRAH.

I’ll be back with more, but right now I have to go and scrap my roof.


People who have done DIY home work, please leave me sweet little comments about how it’s all worth it;)


New Little *House-Hurry-Up* Wife.

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