November 8th.

It’s November 8th here today.

I am pretty sure most people in the world are aware if what that means.

It’s election day in the USA.

And while I am not voting (I am not a citizen of this country- or even one that is here yet!) I did have a few thoughts to share quickly.

Whatever happens, let’s focus on loving each other. All this craziness and all this to and fro just confirmed in my mind how HUGE kindness, love and compassion really are. We have all seen some stellar interviews, remarks and the like which is exactly OPPOSITE to this, from both sides.  On every level, let’s focus on loving and caring for “our neighbor as ourselves”. Let’s us, the people, treat others “how we want to be treated'”.
It’s really in the everyday that lives are changed.

God’s not going to fall off His throne. He’s got a plan and a bigger voice than us all y’all. Nothing is going to come as a surprise to Him. He get’s the final say. And while it might be scary, we need to remember this. Everyday, not just on the big days.

And so, I’m excited for a King who will judge kindly.
Who will look after the poor and oppressed.
Who will defend women and children.
Who will look after the stranger and pilgrim and welcome them into the family.
Who will be honest, upright and true.
Who will end all wars.
A King who will ring forever and ever.

Jesus for King.


New Little *Nov-8th* Wife







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