Book Nook Book; Oh She Glows.


I realized I promised you all a book nook book and DID NOT DELIVER. Minus points for me.

So this week I am doing TWO. Lucky you.

The one i’m about to write about honestly saved my husband’s life. Really.

And it would be this book right here.


W don’t really like yo talk about the PRE Oh She Glows period of our marriage, because, to be honest, it was kinda miserable… Food wise that is;)

At the time I was a vegan, and cooking food for both of us.

My lovely husband didn’t really know a whole lot about other food apart from meat, potato, pasta and bread, so when I started cooking lentils, stir frys and mung beans, there were.. issues.. to say the least.

And, in his words., “not all of it was.. edible”.

Enter this book, which he gave me as a Birthday present. Ha.

Not only is it friendly for those who have allergies, it provides basic recipes you can edit, the food is easy and cheap to make, you usually have all the ingredients on hand, and it tastes AMAZING. Seth’s favorite meals come from this book.

And that’s saying something.

Now we have yummy, edible food, and everyone is happy.. and alive. 

So really, do yourself a Fav and get it.

It’s pretty much the only cook book I cook out of anymore, ever.


New Little *Book-Nook-Book* Wife

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