16 Weeks PT; An update.


I know I have been SO slack on this and since everyone back home is asking, I finally sat down and to update you all on how i’m doing.

Today is 16 weeks post treatment. Hurrah. Who would have thought! It’s flown by!

So, I’m doing pretty dang good.

I feel like i’m slowly getting more energy, not getting sick nearly as much, and *sorry  TMI* but have only been vomiting once a MONTH, if that.

And for someone who was doing that daily, that’s a HUGE success.

Since we have been so busy, I feel like it’s made recovery take a bit of a back seat and go a little more slowly. We did a LOT of travel over the summer, so that surely hasn’t helped, but #YOLO. Ha.

I was getting a little upset because I had been wanting to be further along than I am and begin eating things I haven’t been able to eat *without crazy pains and sickness* but i’m sure that will come in time, and I have to learn to be patient.

Something that is NOT my forte.

I just need to keep reminding myself that my body is doing a swell job at fixing itself and doing what it needs to, I just gotta listen a little better, and wait.

I do still get pretty tired when I have been doing a lot, read the whole summer. Ha.

So i’m looking forward to the next few months, because they should be winding down. It will be so nice to have a warm, relaxing fall.

My diet still drives me a little crazy, although I have been a little more relaxed with it lately! :/

If you have any good gut healing recipes that are easy and yummy let me know, I would LOVE to try them.

I have also given up weighing myself, which I should have done ages ago. I was doing this at the start, and would get excited when I gained a few pounds, only to lose them a few weeks later when I was sick again.

So I started going on how I am feeling, how my clothes fit and how I actually LOOK.

People, take note, chuck the scales out. It really really tells you nothing.

There are, of course, days that aren’t so swell and I wind up on the couch again, but they are *thankfully* becoming less and less, and every time I have one I think, I can’t believe I used to live like this every day!!  So that has me SO excited!

People have been commenting to me that I am starting to look better and brighter, which is nice! I was looking at pictures of myself from late last year and comparing them to now and was a little shocked *In a good way* at the difference!! It feels good to be able to SEE some progress!

I have a few appointments coming up over the next few weeks and start blood testing to see if we are on track and how much it has been helping, which is exciting.. I am a little nervous though!

Whatever they say, I can tell i’m slowly going forward, and i’m excited and so thankful. 

I’ll promise ill update you all, and sooner than this. Sorry.

It feels so good to start feeling like me again. It’s crazy to think most people here in the US have never known me well and pre exhausted/death looking. Ha ha.

They may get a shock when the see what i’m really like;)
They might not be ready for it.

Whatever. They’ll have to deal with it, cause I SO am.

So, there ya have it. Sharniie 2.0 is well underway, just a few little *Bug* fixes and soon ill be good to go.

See what I did there, Huh?! I know, Pretty funny;)

Thanks to all those who have been sending thoughts and prayers and all. It means a lot.

Special thanks to the ‘Rents, the Sibs and the Hunk for being the bestest ever, celebrating the good days and coaching me through the bad ones.

Y’all are the best.


New Little *Sharniie-2.0* Wife.

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