“Mawage, that bwessed awangment”

There have, in recent weeks, been an amazing amount of guys who have listened to Beyonce and put a ring on it.

Which to us is super exciting, we have been bugging people to give us other married couples for ages and we are finally get some;)

As many of us know, being newly married or married at all, is awesome and exciting and fun and JUST THE BEST but it can also be kinda hard, especially when you are newly wed.

Lets make it easier for these kids, let’s make a Marriage Advice page.

I would love to hear YOUR advice for marriage, be it about date nights, house work, sex, raising kids, spiritual lives ect.. whatever it is, Bring it!

I love hearing new thoughts, new tips and date night ideas. It’s always so encouraging and fun, plus often on things I had never thought about.

So please, comment or email any advice you have about marriage & life, add your name and how long you have been married for  *if you want* and I will make a page for it so we can all grow together and have happier and funner marriages and lives.

Email me @ Newlittlewife@hotmail.com or comment below!


New Little *Mawage* Wife

P.S For those that don’t know why it’s called that, watch the Princess Bride.

Date night idea one;)

2 thoughts on ““Mawage, that bwessed awangment”

  1. I love that!! Its so true!! It really is “Living Life” with someone, in all its ups and downs!! Not comparing is so big too! Such a joy stealer when you do! Plus, I want to live MY life & fairytale, not anyone else’s!


  2. Don’t do it!!!! Just kidding 🙂 One of the best pieces of advice I received is don’t expect a fairy tale. There are amazing times when you both are so happy and all is well. Then there are times where it is the same old same old. There is no big fireworks of love and excitement. You love each other and everything is just copacetic. Enjoy this!!! This is the good stuff. You need pops of romance. For example flowers for no reason, take out when you just can’t cook ( this will be a favourite) . It ends up being the little things. Now there are the times when you have no idea what you ever liked about him. The what were you thinking moment. Hang in there it does not last forever. Let yourself remember there were times you hated your siblings, parents, friends, so why would this relationship be different. The good news is that it passes. There will be talking, crying and hurt feelings and that is ok. This will happen like the pips of good excitement ( not anywhere near as often I promise) so I guess enjoy the times when this are good when you are in a place of contentment and you are happy and live each other in an everyday kind of way. Marriage is work but it is better than every fairy tale, because is is real and it is yours. Oh I forgot don’t compare your relationship to another’s! You can’t you and your husband are building your own life not copying someone else’s. Well enough from me lol good luck ( not a new little wife)


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