I get grumpy.


 I get grumpy.


So certain people tell me.

Actually. I know this full well. When I was younger, I did somehow earn the name cranky dolly.

Cough. Moving on.

In light of this new/not so new revelation. I have started to take note of when I’m grumpiest, and I have found a few discoveries.

Some that I’m not super proud of.

Sometimes i’m grumpy when i’m tired or in pain.

Sometimes when things have gone crazy or I’m kinda stressed.
I’m very grumpy when I haven’t eaten.

But mainly..

I’m grumpiest when I haven’t been praying.

When I haven’t say down with my journal and spent time with God, I’m grumpy.

And I’m not talking about the cute kinda grumpy. I’m all out. I’m snappy and overwhelmed and just annoyed. I’m picky about others and quick to jump.

It’s kinda like a garden of Eden things I guess. Somewhat Similar to Adam and Eve.

I’m standing behind the tree with my palm fron, trying to work it all out.
I’m really not sure why, since this is not a swell thing to do, and we all know how it turned out for Adam and Eve.

However, this is what happens. 

And sometimes I’m not even hiding because of sin or out of some kind of fear. Sometimes i’m just running round the garden tending plants, making food, tilling the ground, or building a shelter, stressed out and simply “too busy” for God. Telling him that “I have got it all under control..”

Again. We all know how well it goes when WE decide WE have got it ALL A OKAY. 

I’d bet my life that I if I just asked God for help and guidance, life would be a ton easier.

He seems to know a fair bit about how this world works.

Creators tend to know that stuff..

I’m thankful He calls out to find me, and that when I turn back around, He hasn’t moved an inch.

Cause after a while I come running down the halls to that throne.

Heart heavy. Overwhelmed.

Once I have dropped my palm fron and dropped to my knees. I’m revived.

It’s not like I become the sweetest ever full stop. But I’m nicer, quicker to love, and just more at peace.

I’m reminded that he’s still there, he loves me and he listens. 
Whatever happens, there ain’t nothing and no one that can take him from me or off His throne. And that gives me peace, even in the hardest of hard.

Nothing can beat God.

And NO ONE but HIM gets the final say.

In anything. 

So, if you have this same problem, i’d encourage you to stop and drop.

Stop whatever you’re doing and drop to your knees.

If you see me grumpy, remind me to do the same. I may make a face, (and  ran to grab a snack first;) but I’m learning to hit my knees quicker.

And the best thing?

You are praying to the only person that can actually do the impossible.. 

Get I get an Amen?




New Little *Grumpy* Wife

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