August Challenge; Thoughts on simple living.

August Challenge

So, it is august, and I have a new challenge I just started.

This one is a little bit bigger than most.

Recently, we (along with everyone else *Ha*) have been really getting into the whole de cluttering, minimal living thing.

It’s been great.

It’s lead me, AS ALWAYS, down a rabit hole which took me to the topic of Materialism.

And here we park for a while.

Guys, I am just done with STUFF.

I don’t want it, I don’t need it. I’m done trying to fill myself with it and trying to buy happiness.

I want to just live, and live well. To have experiences and freedom and simplicity.

I’m sick of being told I need the NEXT BIG THING.


That my life could look like hers, or his or theirs.

Cause here is the truth:

I don’t need it, I CANT get it all now and it wont look like theirs. And, more than that, I dont want it too.

What’s more, as a christian, I find Materialism something God isnt super happy with. He speaks a lot about wealth, greed, having to much and possessions. Jesus has a lot to say on this topic too. Matthew 6v19, Mark 8v36, Luke 12v15, Matthew 6v30 and the list goes on.

Now i’m not AT ALL saying we can’t have things, or that having money, possessions ect is bad. Just that we need to watch how we treat them, how much we have and if we really need it.

A few thoughts on these topics;

First, we can loose our focus on Him.
When we are so wrapped up in our possessions and this way of thinking, they can quickly become idols in our lives, and this is not a good thing.

Second: We take things for granted and look past our blessings.
We start thinking, if only we HAD more, without realizing that God gives us everything we really need. We start looking at our blessings as if we “deserve” them in some way. We loose our sense of gratitude.
If you are reading this, I can tell you are already richer than most people in the world, simply because you have some type of electronic device and internet. Food for thought.

Three; We are trying to fill a void that is for God and better things.
Often we buy and buy and buy to get a sense of peace, happiness and self worth. We buy more clothes to feel better about ourselves, more gadgets to prove we are “cool” a new car to look good and the like. If this is what we use to try and find answers to those questions, they will be very fleeting, if we find them at all.

Instead, lets focus on what GOD and our true friends say about us, get out peace and happiness from HIM, from our experiences and friendships and NOT from possessions, realizing that we are so SO much more than what we have.

Four *and this one is a big one*;
Many of the things we buy come from places, made by people and in conditions that should make us mad and sad.
There is SO much to be said on this topic, and I wont go into it here, but the more research I do in this area, the more madder and sadder I get. And I am convinced that God is just as mad and just as sad.

There is many many things I could say on this topic, and if you have questions comments and the like feel free to comment or email me (

But all this leads to this challenge, which I heard about somehow and loved.

Im not super sure what its actually called (maybe someone can come up with a name?!) but here is the idea.

Buy nothing.

And what that means is, apart from food and gas and paying your rent, you buy nothing.

You take a look at your bills, get rid of the ones you don’t need and cut down were you can and buy nothing extra.

Extras are things like clothes, shoes, things for the house, tea pots and furniture.
No new games, books or songs. No starting gym memberships or extra classes. No date nights to the movies or dinners out.

You buy ONLY what you need, and leave the rest.

We are on day five, and planning on doing it for *Hopefully* eight weeks. Eeek.

There are a few reasons we are doing this;

Obviously it’s cheaper and saves money, but as mentioned above we want to get out of the mindset of materialism and find value in other things, like being with friends, having experiences and simple living. We want to try and focus more on what IS important and spend our time more wisely.

So. Anyone want to join me? Ha. 

But really… having people doing it too makes it easier, so feel free to join the challenge. I would love others to talk to, walk with and lean on on this journey!

If you have ever done this, please be a doll and give advice or tips;)

As always, i’ll be updating you all as we go along on how we are doing, what our thoughts are and what we are getting out of it.

Here we go kids.


New Little *August-Challenge* Wife

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