The real come back King.

I’m going to tell you a not so secret secret that I think we all too often forget.

God is the comeback King.


You think you’re just too far gone. Mentally. Physically. Spiritual.

Your pit is just huge.

The chasm impossible.

No one has noticed.

No one knows.

Or no one cares.

You have sunk deeper than the ocean.

Lucky for you, God knows… And HE made that ocean.

He knows every nook.

Every little grain of sand.

Every little hidey hole you could possibly hide. And He will Find you.

Even when you don’t want to be found.

And His arms are everlasting.

Ever reaching.

To the deepest pit. The darkest places.

He will pull you out. And your comeback will be bigger and better beyond your wildest dreams.

I read story after story in the bible of God as the comeback King.

It’s almost like we are being told something. Ha.

Think of Joseph. David. Tamar. Paul. Peter. Job.


All different. All thinking they are too far gone. At the very bottom of that pit.

And when things look to be at their lowest, they go lower still.

Until you’re in a jail cell.

Until you’re praying for the life of your child.

Until you’re covered in boils on top of a wreckage.

Until you’re blind.

Until you’re about to be stoned.

Until you’re hanging, guiltless, on a cross.

And just when you’re almost gone. When darkness covers your eyes, your jail, the world.

God sweeps in.

And he lifts you up higher.

And higher.

And higher.

And He forgives you.

And He gives you more than you ever dreamed.

And more still.

And He raises you from the dead.

And gives you the world.

Here is the deal though.

You have to hang on. Right about the time you want to give up, you want to let go.

About the time the darkness is ALL you can see.

And you just hit rock bottom.

Hang on.

God is working over time.

He has the greatest comeback. He has it all planned.

Your job is to just trust.

Even when you don’t want to.

Even when it feels like you have been abandoned.

You don’t think Joseph felt forgotten?

You think Tamar thought it was fair?

Job refusing to curse God and still having tragedy after tragedy?

They clung, clawed, struggled onto God.

Even when it was stupid. Illogical. Unreasonable. Blind.

There are four words I think of when I’m in my pit.

Hang on. He’s coming.

In the face of Fear. Doubt. Wrong.

Hang on. He’s coming.

In the face of pain. Sin. Guilt.

Hang on. He’s coming.

In the face of failed plans. Horrible choices. Crushed dreams.

Hang on. He’s coming.

In the face of death.

Hang on. He’s coming.

You do your job of trusting and clinging.

And God will do His.

And His job?  He’s the comeback King.

Because after that jail, there was honor.

After that shame, there was virtue.

After that guilt, there was joy and forgiveness.

After that denial, there was love, fellowship & good news.

After that death there was joy, everlasting life, Hope & the whole world.

God reaches into pit after pit. Saves person after person. Orchestrates comeback after comeback.

The best come back, well, that one’s still to come. I can’t wait to see it.

What a glorious day.

Even So Come.



New Little *Come-Back-King* Wife

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