My sister AGAIN with secrets.

A while ago I did a post on the secret my sister confessed to me, which apparently a fair few of you had been keeping… and feeling the same way. Ha.
Since then many have expressed thanks to Miri for stepping up to the battle lines to conquer the atrocity which is my spelling and grammar.

So far there have been tears of joy and many thanks. One person has wanted to send Miri a gift for her labours, which are many, as we ALL know.

If you see her, I’m sure hugs will suffice.

However, in all this secret revealing she did, she neglected to mention another little one she had been hiding up her sleeve… or rather… elsewhere in her body.

Yes, ladies and gents. The tribe is being added to! HURRAH!!

The next little blessing is due to arrive early January. And we could not be more excited!!

Apparently she was going to mention it a while ago, but chose to refrain.

And to tell me instead of her pain at my literacy skills.

Out of the two though. Really? You picked THAT one to tell me first.


ALL the praise hands for this newest secret. Which is by FAR the best.

God bless ya, little sprout.

Keep on growing. We will see you soon.



P.S. Yes. This means another trip. *Dancing around*

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