Goings on + I’m Leaving.

Hello Kiddos!

Sorry I have kinda not been all here lately, this month has been stupidly busy and we are not even done yet. We have had weddings and friends stay and crazy work schedules and sickness and all.

This summer is looking to be pretty busy. I know, i’m meant to be relaxing, and I really am, just in-between the crazy. Ha.

This week we have had super hot weather, more on that later (I have a funny story about some fish) but we are busy packing up for a trip to…..


We are having a big family vacay to Hawaii this week, and I am SO excited.

It’s going to be SO SO nice.

However, I have decided that I am going to spend the whole time off line. No posting or writing or anything.

So for the new two weeks i’m going to be MIA…

Well, not really, I’ll be on the beach reading.

I did snag some good book deals so I have *8* to take with me. Seth thinks I am insane.

I will be back at it with a bunch of good stuff for you guys including a wrap up of June ( It’s been a super fun, crazy month!) & a cool post I ( AND SETH!) have been working on.

But for now, bring on the leis and Pina Coladas.

See ya in two weeks!


Us on the last Family Hawaii Vacay… When we were young and un married;)



New Little *Hawaii-Going* Wife


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