Dang Pintrest. I waxed my eyebrow off.

I waxed my eyebrow off.

Im just going to come out and say it.

Half of it came clean off.

It was painful. Slightly alarming. Very un planned.

It all started with my skin..

You see, its very sensitive. I cant use alot of things and it breakout and goes red easy.

I found a recipe on pintrest of this face mask that is one that dries hard and you pull off. Like those strip ones.

It had two things in it.

It seemed simple.

The woman on the picture was happy and similing and stunning.


Let me just say. REALLY. Like REALLY.

WHO THE DANG looks like that doing a face mask. WHO.

Pintrest, youre killing me baby. Get real.

Any. I thought it was a splendid idea.

I made the mask and put in on…


And near burn my skin off!

I ran around fanning it for a few minutes until it cooled..

Here I am. Looking stunning and simply beautiful.

a while later It came to pulling it off..

Lets just say it didnt go so well..

HALF AN HOUR LATER, alot of tear and a good few yanks, most of it had come off.

See below. Take not of the massive amount near the left eyebrow.. Cause I did not.


In the last few minutes, I just went for it. pulling and yanking off any little bit I could.

Then, I must off yanked a little hard around the eye area… cause, next second..

half the brow was missing.


good look.

If you are wanting a picture of me half eye brow less I will NOT be indulging you. I am also happy to report it has grown back quite speedily. Praise hands.

Moral of the story;  never trust a  smiling face mask model.


New Little *Half-Browed* Wife


One thought on “Dang Pintrest. I waxed my eyebrow off.

  1. Sharnie. I e used the KISS method my whole life. So t buy any of the flashy and expensive beauty treatments. It’s all hype. My beauty tip is find a really nice soap…like an apricot oil one. Use that to remove make up. I exfolite every few days using a scour sponge ( yes….that’s right ..a dishwashing scour sponge ). Been doing this since I was about 22.
    See…what I learned when studying theatrical make up and when working for. Number of well know make up companies…that all that hype ….is just that and you can get the same effect using the KISS method. I have saved possibly well over $100,000 over my lifetime.
    My skin is in very good snap…according to my Doctor. I have minimal,sun damage because I didn’t over do exposure,,particularly In My early years.
    Another good trick is….skin brushing. It’s a Japanese method. Google it. The Japanese have really good skin…it does t wrinkle much and is soft and it’s also difficult to tell their age. That fascinated me. I didn’t have google back in the 70’s…..I read about skin brushing In a beauty magazine.
    I’ve not gone the whole salon treatments,eye creams or the latest beauty fads……I’ve just stuck to my KISS principals…and it’s worked. My skin still glows and is soft and smooth.


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