Two Years Today.

Two years today since I got all pretty and ran down the isle and married this guy (Again!)



We were married six months before in our tiny little court house wedding..

IMG_2591 (1)

But today, two years ago we had another one.. Which my parents were actually at.. Always helpful.

IMG_9530 (1)

It was such a fun day.. (Although freezing!!) We had over 100 of our nearest & dearest plus this spiffy lot celebrate with us.


IMG_6253 (1)

IMG_9877 (1)


SO nice that both sides of our family could make it out for it. 


There was a fair few tears..

Seth & Sharnies Wedding 096

A LOT of laughing..


Seth & Sharnies Wedding 128

Seth & Sharnies Wedding 268

Plus a fair bit of smooching;)



Seth & Sharnies Wedding 147


Special thanks those who travelled insane lengths to be there.. And to Eric, who flew from the US to marry a couple that we actually already married;)

Seth & Sharnies Wedding 273 

SO glad I married ya boy, I would do it again in a heart beat.. Thanks for an awesome two years! Here is to the next 200. I love you millions.

IMG_9907 (1)



New Little *Two-Years* Wife

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