5 am Festivities.

I am, somewhat begrudgingly, a member of the 5 am club.

I get up with Seth at 5 am.

Actually, let me more accurately rephrase that.

I sit up & stare, then shuffle and grunt down the hallway at this outrageously inappropriate hour.

By the time I drag myself into the kitchen, bleary eyed, disheveled and all, three things will happen as I look at Seth;

  1. I will slowly warm up into a functioning state, and actually help him get ready for work. The reason I am vertical at this ridiculous hour.
  2. I will grunt and stare at him. There will then be a look that passes between us, which is an understanding that I will pause my day here, shuffle back down the hallway and resume it at a more seemly hour.
  3. I will continue with my bleary eyed, half dazed stupor insisting I am fine and can help, while trying to put salt in his coffee.

Some days we get 1.

When I’m sick we get a revised version on 2, in which I shuffle nowhere and grunt the understanding from the bed.

Most days it’s 3.

There are a few things that happen when my brain selects number three in the morning.

I call this 5am festivities.

You never know what you’re going to get.

There was the day I waved my arms around in an effort to describe what I was referring to as “ your sippy cup”. AKA his thermos.

The day I decided we should just sit down and eat berries out of the fridge. At 5am. And make them kiss. Cause we are toddlers. And kissing strawberries are hilarious.


Or the morning I decided talking was simply too much and could we please communicate via interpretive dance?  Lets just talk about that for a second.  Since when is dance less strenuous than talking?!?! In my 5am brain, this all made sense.

I have done laundry with no washing powder, left several teas all half brewing and sat and stared at my pantry from 15 mins all in the name of 5 am festivities.

Anyway, needless to say it’s a lottery. Everyone has made it out alive.

So far.

And by 7:30 I’m usually up, awake and in a more put together state.

I’m trying to become more of a morning person… but it’s taking its time.

I see all these people taking selfies at 5am and writing beneath them how they have already done their devotions, had their coffee, done their workout and are half way finished with their chore list..

Meanwhile I’m here… Looking like this..


Cheering I managed to be somewhat clothed and staring at my kettle in the hopes someone will make me something caffeinated.

I do love getting up early to get ahead of the day and try and be somewhat together come lunchtime…

But you know what else I love?


*Can I get an amen?*

Moving on.

The whole point of this is to see whether others suffer from the same condition. 

Are you a morning person? A night owl? Share your tips, tricks and funniest stories with us. 

Some of us *cough* need it.



New Little *5-am-Festivities* Wife

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