The Easiest Fried Rice Ever. Full Stop.

I have been making a super easy meal of late, I’m almost ashamed at how easy it is. Ha ha. I feel like I’m not even cooking.

A while ago in my post about my favorite things from Trader Joes, I mentioned how I get a little bag of frozen veggies called Organic Foursome and I LOVE them.

I use it to make the worlds easiest fried rice. Ever.

No really. Watch.

You need:

Rice- Organic Foursome Veggies- Soy Sauce- Sesame seed oil- Half a brain.

So get some rice, I usually have some frozen.

Totally side note; Rice shouldn’t be kept for more than a day unless frozen. Apparently it breads pretty bad bacteria super super quick and is one of the worst foods for food poisoning. I tend to still cook up batches when I cook, and just freeze it in smaller amounts so I can pull it out and defrost whenever I need. Anyway, some good to know info!

So get ya rice. If it’s frozen, defrost it. Obvs.

While you’re doing that, dump in your organic veggie mix into some hot water in a sauce pan. Cook it for 5 and drain the water. Add your rice and mix it all up in there!

Depending on how much rice you have depends on your veggie amount. I guess with everything in this recipe. Honestly everything.

My motto; Do it til it looks right 😉

There is nothing wrong with a little taste taste either.

Keep it all in the saucepan and mix it over a low to medium heat until it’s all combined and hot. Add soy sauce and sesame seed oil. Again. I guess. I do about 1 tablespoons of soy to a teaspoon of sesame.

Heat it all up. Mix it all in. And you’re good to go.

No really, that’s it. 

Easy huh. It takes me like 10 mins.

You can add in other things too, this is just a super basic recipe. You can add eggs or meat or whatever your little heart wants… but it’s yummy, super easy and not that bad for you.

Good enough for me.

Anyone have any good things they like to add to their friend rice?

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