My sister told me a secret…

This is my oldest sister Miri.


She’s nice. We love her.

She’s married to her hub Mitch and they have a very cute little boy who is 3.. and who features a fair bit on this blog. He’s honestly the cutest.

Miri is a school teacher. She loves teaching and kids and spelling and grammar.

She let me in on a little secret the other day.

The spelling and grammar on this blog has been driving her crazy. She’s just so.. uncomfortable with it.

‘I need to fix it’, she states. ‘It would make me so happy to do it. Please?!’

I told her she needed to get out more. Ha.

But I relented.

We have the newest recruit to New Little Wife.

If you were wondering why the last few posts have actually made sense and seemed grammatically correct, this is why.

I did not suddenly learn new writing skills. Ha ha.

So if you, like Miri, were being driven insane by the dubious spelling and grammar on display here, you will be pleased to know that insanity shall plague you no longer, thanks to this lovely chick.

Welcome to the team Miri.

May you find much happiness correcting my many writing mistakes. 


New Little *Now-There-Is-Two!* Wife

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