BOOK NOOK BOOK: Love & Respect


We are back with the book nook books. Hurrah.

Today’s book was given to me by my oldest sister when I was about 18. We were walking in a christian book store getting a few things when she saw it and told me I had to read this book and that it will help my relationships/marriage if I did.

So I did, and I love it.

I even managed to get Seth to read it, and as someone who is not at all into self help/ devotional/ relationship books, that was a massive thing. Even more massive when he said he really liked it.

So the book is.. Drum Roll..

Love and Respect.

It’s a book about relationships between men and women, mainly in the context of marriage BUT please don’t think you HAVE to be married to read it.

We both read it when we were dating and I am SO glad we did because we went into our marriage with the tools and the knowledge that this book gives, which was awesome.

So many people have commented as to how they wish they would have read this sooner and saved themselves some very hard questions and times.

So if you are dating or engaged, still read it.

In it, the author Dr Emerson Eggerichs goes into the main things that men and women need, which is Love and Respect.

He talks about what happens when we don’t get those things, and then what happens when we do. He explains how marriages break down and how to rebuild them.

It is such an insight into how we think, and to be totally honest I was a little shocked at some of the things he had to say and how spot on they were. I would go to Seth and just say, This. This right here is what I mean. I don’t know how to say that but he does! Haha. 

It is one of the books we try to read every year or so, just to remind us and refresh us on what we should be doing and making sure we are loving and serving our spouse the way they NEED to be.

It is my most favorite and most recommend marriage book. We actually have more than two copies, cause ours are all highlighted and scribbled in! 

If you would like to buy this book, learn  more about it or read more reviews, head to  Amazon! There is more info and reviews about it there, plus they have it at a good price! 

Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs



Thanks for joining me for another book nook book!


New Little *Book-Nook* Wife

Have you ever read this book? What did you think? What’s YOUR most favourite marriage book?


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