A few months ago we were up in LA to see some good friends get hitched. We had a blast.

We did some last minute wedding “stuff”, caught up with a few people & went out for the receptive parties.

After one particular late night, I came out of the room Seth & I were in to see our lovely friend/ hostess Jess, looking every bit the domestic goddess as she pulled out freshly baked bread.

I dunno how in the world she managed to get up and look so put together, unlike myself who had naturally shoved on whatever I could and stumbled out, AND managed to bake fresh bread. Honestly.

Now, I have a bit of an issue to take up with Gary Chapman, the writer who is famous for the book “ the five love languages” .

Gary, old mate, I hate to break it to you, but you forgot some.

My husbands love language is food; more specifically BREAD.

He is a bread lover. I mean, in the extreme.

On AVERAGE we bought TWO loaves of sourdough a DAY whilst traveling around in Perth last December.

His eyes were betraying him as she pulled it out of the oven.

I looked at her. Wow. That smells amazing. How the dang did you have time to whip that up?!

She tells me it’s really quite simple, you just have to put it all together and let it rise in the oven and then bake it. It helps if you have a dutch oven. Fool proof.

I forget about this until Seth came home one night saying something about how fresh bread would go awesome with whatever we were eating that night. Which is a common occurrence.

I then remembered about what went down that morning.

The next day, in an effort to surprise him, I jump on pinterest and look at dutch oven bread recipes, find one and get to work.

After a few hours, I found out a few things.

It is not fool proof.

I have no idea what happened.

I am no domestic goddess.

It came out like this.


It was flat.

It was burnt but undercooked. How I managed to do that, I have NO idea. I really do have skills.

It tasted faintly of metal/chicken.

Needless to say, when Seth came home, he laughed.

We did try and eat it, but it eventually was tossed.

He was happy though.

Cause you know what else I managed to remember;

I may not bake an edible… good sourdough…

but Trader Joe’s can.


New Little *Non-Domestic-Godess* Wife


People who bake bread:

First off; I applaud you.

Secondly, what in the dang happened to mine?!

4 thoughts on “Bread.

  1. Oh Sharniie!!! Hehe…you are cracking me up here….trust me, I do not feel like I live up to your description of me as a domestic goddess but thank you very much for the compliment…;) Maybe your recipe is at fault, not you?! This is the one I use in case you feel like giving it another go. I believe in you girl!!!

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