Trip Recap- NON medical.. with a million photos;)


I promised a trip recount NON medical related. And I’m gonna deliver.

So, whilst over there, I did manage to do some slightly funner things that treatment. Hurrah.

There were date days with my brother..


And we went to the movies to see Captain America v Ironman. The woman behind us was super skilled in the art of photo bombing…


We also came up with another series of Superheros. Stay tuned. It’s going to blow you away 😉

We even got in a body balance work out, and this stunner was our fantastic instructor!




I snuck a trip to Newcastle in there, and had coffee and beach times with these babes. Plus some WELL over due catch ups with a good friend!



Side note about this photo; it was taken by my little nephew who is 3!!! And it was his first time taking a photo on a phone. Ever. I think he did a pretty dang good job! What a champ!!


Then back down to watch this little girl kick it in swimming… Naturally we went for baby chinos after 😉


Plus a little bit of shopping too.. My sister and I ended up twinning and getting the same shirt.. Lucky we don’t look alike;)


Isn’t this little guy just delicious!? 


A trip home would not be a trip home without lunch with these darlings.


Plus a sneaky arvo tea with this girl who happened to be on my side of AUS!


And I finally got to see these ladies after TWO YEARS. Sob. Although one was traveling Europe for a year and the other is simply phenomenal at her job and just never free. So it wasn’t all my fault 😉


I also happened to smash out a fair few books whilst away, so stay tuned for more Book Nook Books!!

Plus, as always, some awesome chats, coffee dates and quality time in with these lovely babes!



I would like to give a shout out to this Hunk, who was has been a champ for the last month! It’s never easy doing long distance, but he’s amazing at it.

Plus when I came home he had it spotless with flowers and little presents everywhere and a few house renos I had been suggesting for a while done! Hurrah.

He’s smashing this husband thing!!


So, there ya have it! So nice to see all these people again! Sure do miss em tons! Hard to say goodbye to those little faces too… But it was oh so good to hug the hub.


New Little *Trip-Recap* Wife



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