Throw back; Five years ago this weekend.

I’m a reader. I love books. Like. A lot.

Ever since I was tiny, I have been reading avidly. I was the kind of child who snuck way too many torches under the blankets to read “just one more chapter” until way way too late.

In my many demolished books, I read a fair few American novels (The Princes Diaries anyone?!) and learned a little about this thing call Prom.

Well, 5 years ago on this weekend, the Hunk took me to it.


Let me give you the back story here.

I had met him the summer before, and we became friends.
After months of emails and letters, he was talking a little about his senior years and then I asked about this Prom thing.

Oh, I’m not going. He said causally.

To me, in my Meg Cabot based knowledge of prom, I was like… You’re insane. Why would you not go?! It sounds AH-MAZING.

I didn’t actually say that, but I was a little surprised.

The subject was dropped. And didn’t come back around for a few more weeks.

Well, apparently his mother had had the same idea, and told him he should be going.

His response. I’ll go, but only if Sharniie goes with me.

Ask her then.

So he did. 

He was cute, so I said yes.

It was all fun and games until I remembered the whole Pacific ocean thing. 

And felt a little insane going half way round the world to attend the prom of a boy who I had met for only 6 days over nine months ago.

But hey, what’s life without a little adventure and love.

So we booked the ticket and I got excited and more than a little nervous.

There was a conference weekend on the weekend before prom and Seth had a few free days, so I booked to go for two weeks.

Seth was still in school but his classes were pretty light since it was May of his senior year so I tagged along for a few days, and was even there for his track meet final.

He’s pretty impressive at sports. Me, on the other hand. Ha.

I tried to look cool and warm up with them in the group jog. I made it half a lap in my all star converse shoes before going to nap… sit down in the stands and take the cheering option, which requires no running.

We made it to the night.. We scrub up alright hey;)



It was superrrrr fun! We danced and laughed and froze our butts off!!

And the rest, as they say, is history.


It must have worked, cause we scrubbed up again 3 years later.

IMG_2591 (1)

Yep. That picture is from our first wedding:)

Then again six months after that.

IMG_9642IMG_6606 B&W

Glad I was slightly insane and adventurous when I was 17. 

Wouldn’t change it for the world.

New Little *Prom-Going* Wife

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