Treatment up dates + I broke a record.. Kinda..

Again I apologies for being a bit MIA.

This week had been crazy busy and I have been still in treatment.. Up until yesterday!



Happy dances all around.


This exciting moment warranted a ginger tea at a little cafe near the hospital.

This last week was better than the first few, I had more energy and a little more pep but i did manage to start getting sick.. which is terrible timing. Im hoping to kick it before i fly out, but seeings as thats in two days *eeeekkkkkk* I’m not sure whats going to happen.

Oh well. Im just excited not to be in this little bed filling out those forms any more. IMG_0691.JPG


I also broke a record, kinda.

My laptop started acting up at the start of this trip. I got my brother to have a look at it, but it got worse. Until it wouldn’t turn on or even respond to touch.

I took it down to the apple store. And explained to them what had happened.

Once the guy did his magic thing with all the cords and extra stuff and he got up and running…

His eyes went huge.

And he made a noise that made me laugh. Then cry.

“You just broke our record for the most number of things WRONG with a laptop.”

He turns to his co worker and points to the screen, his eyes also go like saucers.

“See all those little red flashing icons… Its not good”

Half an hour later, and crying inside. I left. With a my little laptop and having been told all my data lost.

Let me repeat that. All data lost.

Please lets all take a moment silence. 

It did teach me a little lesson on the value of “things” and make me realise that possessions are just that.. possessions. There are FAR more important things is the world, and far WORSE things to happen than to have a problems with your laptop .

It was a good reality check and made me re asses just how much time, value and importance I give to the “things” that I have. We are going to have to leave it all one day hey.

However, six years of photos and documents and work and all that jazz gone. Thats not a happy feeling.

I should mention my brother more on this blog. He’s great.

I came home, Mac in hand. And told him the verdict. And whined about my lost everything.

Long story short, 2 laptops hacked open, parts and screws everywhere, cables yanked,  much insides re arranging, a back up drive & 20 hours later, he manages to recover everything.


If you have a tech nerd in your house, hug them. They really do save the day.

Hurrah for brothers that can fix electronics!

The rest of this trip, which is fast coming to a close, will be resting, packing, and squeezing little ones.

I’ll up date you on the more *non health related* side of things later.

But for now, I’m just going to be enjoying my last few days here with my lovely family.



New Little *Record-Breaking* Wife

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