Long Distance; How to make it work.

Im over in OZ at the moment, and since being here for the last few weeks I have been reminiscing  of the days that my lovely man and I did the long distance thing. So today i’m going to share a little about our story and how to make it work!

I am in Aus, again, and the Hub is still in SoCal. Did someone take us back to 2012?!
It sure feels like it.

We are back at the beginning.

Back to getting frustrated at the time zones, quality of viber sound, the annoying ocean that is in-between Kirrawee and San Diego and not being able to smooch when we want too;)

So, some back story for those of you who don’t know us;

My hub & I were young when we met and though we were just friends for an insanely long time after we did, by the time we were actually dating, we were pretty annoyed at the whole “Oceans/countries/travel” thing…

It was a good three years until we fixed that, but in the mean time, we made it work.

For those three years we did an insane amount of plan trips, late night calls, Skype sessions and other insanity long distance people do.

Our dating years were fun, kinda hectic and very expensive. Please don’t ask us how much we have spent over the years on place flights… I might cry.

While it was all money & time well spent, its not easy to do long distance and it there are a lot of challenges that come with it.

So here are a few tips and tricks to hopefully help you;



Work out “times”.

First; time changes. Know one likes being woken up at 4am, even if it is bae calling. 
Then work out times in the day when you are both relatively free.

Know each other schools well and it will allow you to have conversations at what would seem like strange times of the day.

You don’t need to go so far as knowing there bathroom break times, but lunch times, class break times, times they stop work etc are always a plus.

Use what you have. 

We have a lot of things to use which can make long distance easier, like Skype, viber, Facebook calling, watsapp ect.

Use it. Never underestimate how much a Skype chat or little message can make. Whats more, use it to have dates!

Set up a “Dinner date” and Skype the other person in, watch the same movie via Skype and chat about it, vibe them in to big events so they feel like they are there.

Write Letters

Honestly. Write letters to each other. Make them fun and funky and all kinds of crazy. There is nothing like getting something in the mail to make you day a little brighter. Include photos or flowers.. Or weetbix, if you Babe lives in the USA;)

Talk. Talk. Talk.

You would think couples that do long distance are good at having a chat, and we are, mostly.

But its VERY easy to keep your other half out of some bits of you life or no tell them the whole story, or how you are REALLY feeling. So be honest.

Have fun.

When you with each other, have fun. Enjoy your time together. You don’t have to make it expensive, there are plenty of cheap dates and fun things to do!

When your not together, send little spunky messages or letters to each other. Make it fun, make it crazy, make it YOU. 

Like we always say, “You do YOU, Boo!”

So for anyone who is in Long Distance, You rock! I know it hard, kinda crazy and a little stressful, but its all worth it!

Anyone else have any good tips & tricks?!


New Little *Long-Distance* Wife

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